Psychological Stress And Male Infertility

Is there a link between
Psychological Stress And Male Infertility, Exercise And Male Infertility, Sleep Deprivation And Male Infertility? Spermboost? READ ON

Is There A Cure For Male Infertility?

YES! There is a cure for male infertility caused by Lack Of Exercise, Psychological Stress And Poor Sleep.

A low sperm count also called oligospermia, It is a major cause of male infertility. This makes it difficult for the man to impregnate a female naturally.

When this occurs, you will need a sperm booster like SpermBoost dietary supplement.

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SpermBoost is a formulation of traditional herbs with empirical evidence for centuries but is now scientifically proven. The formulation is known to improve several parameters of sperm count, sperm viability, and motility by 300%; these herbs also reduce morphological damage.

Benefits of taking Spermboost

  • It increases the motility of your sperm
  • Helps boost your sperm production
  • Makes you fertile if you have a low sperm count.
  • Reduces morphological damage – making your sperm maintain their shape
  • And many more…

Testimonials On Spermboost

I was diagnosed with low motility, the doctors gave us several very expensive options on how to help us conceive. I couldn’t go through that route because of the expenses involved. So I did what I always do! Find a low cost solution. I did online research to find natural products that boost sperm. I saw so many options but my mind was fixed on this, i guess the reviews helped too. I was diligent in my usage and i was patient, Now what I need everyone who has watery semen, low sperm count, or low motility to know is that technically it takes some days for healthy sperm to be created. So it won’t happen overnight but in the end, it worked!


I went for a test some days back and got the result today. I have been dancing all evening, the test came out great. All the parameters have risen to normal. Every single parameter is well within a healthy range. I couldn’t believe it. I really thank God and I testify that your product worked for me



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Stress And Female Infertility

Is stress and female infertility interwoven? Infertility is a condition that affects approximately 1 out of every 6 couples. Female infertility factors contribute to approximately 50% of all infertility cases.

There is evidence to suggest that stress may contribute to female infertility, but it is important to note that it is only one of many possible factors. Stress can affect the hormonal balance in the body and disrupt the menstrual cycle, which can make it more difficult to conceive. Chronic stress can also lead to inflammation, which has been linked to infertility.

However, it is important to note that stress is just one factor among many that can contribute to infertility. Other factors, such as age, underlying medical conditions, and lifestyle factors, also play a role. Additionally, stress affects different people in different ways, and some women may be more susceptible to its effects than others.

Cure For Female Infertility

Infertility in females can be cured through the use of OVUL8PLUS.  It contains just the right formulation of herbal extracts to support your body’s natural hormone levels and also improve egg health.

Ovul8 Plus
  • regulates menstrual cycle
  • treats hormonal imbalance
  • corrects polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS)
  • restores and normalize ovulation(anovulation)
  • enhanced fertility
  • eliminates the effects of anti-sperm antibodies
  • relieves menopausal symptoms

Reviews On Ovul8Plus

‘This product solved my anovulation. I noticed that I ovulated when I used it according to the prescription and i conceived in the third month’ Tiffany

‘I did not experience any side effects but when I was sick a couple of months after taking the product, the doctor said it was because I was pregnant Itunu

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 Exercise And Male Infertility 

Lack of exercise and male infertility. Exercise and a moderate degree of intense exercise can boost a male’s sperm count and fertility. Scientifically, at least half an hour of exercise 3 times a week may boost men’s sperm count.

According to a 2016 study, the review of the literature supports the evidence that sports practice affects semen quality. In recreational athletes, exercise seems to be mainly associated with positive or neutral effects, while professionals should be aware of potential risks. The parameters that are most often reduced by intense training are sperm concentration, percentage of motile spermatozoa, and percentage of morphologically normal spermatozoa. The impacts of these factors on fecundity are unknown. 

Future studies should clarify the direction and magnitude of the effects on semen in men participating in the most popular sports disciplines.

 Psychological Stress And Male Infertility

There has been a link between psychological stress and male Infertility. Researchers found that men with higher levels of both short- and long-term stress and anxiety ejaculated less semen and had lower sperm concentration and counts. Men with the highest anxiety levels were also more likely to have sperm that were deformed or less mobile.

It is evident that infertility patients experience distress, depression, anxiety, and decreased quality of life. It is important for infertility providers and counselors to offer assistance to these patients by way of psychological interventions and emotional support.

 Sleep Deprivation And Male Infertility

Lack of sleep has been associated with lower fertility for a long time. Studies have shown that men who sleep for less than six hours a night are 31% less likely to get their partner pregnant than those who get between seven and eight hours. Men produce testosterone (the prominent hormone in sperm production) while they sleep, so sleeping too little reduces the release of testosterone.

A study in the journal Fertility & Sterility suggests that sleep’s connection to fertility is like a U-curve, centered around 8 hours per night: both short and long durations have been associated with reduced male fertility. The data revealed that the number of sperm cells in the semen was much lower in all short sleepers (less than six hours per night) and most of the long sleepers ( hours or more per night). This finding indicates that sperm count may partly depend on the length of sleep time. A both short and long time has also been associated with other, more serious conditions including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. Sleep deprivation and male infertility are interwoven.

Stress And Erectile Dysfunction

Can stress and erectile dysfunction be linked? Stress can contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED) by causing physical and psychological changes in the body. Stress activates the body’s “fight or flight” response, which can increase heart rate, constrict blood vessels, and limit blood flow to the penis, making it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection. Additionally, stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and other psychological conditions that can contribute to ED. Addressing stress through techniques such as relaxation, exercise, and therapy may be helpful in managing ED. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare provider if you are experiencing persistent ED, as there may be underlying medical conditions that require treatment.

Sleep Deprivation And Erectile Dysfunction

There is a link between Sleep deprivation and erectile dysfunction (ED), likely due to the effects on the body’s hormonal balance and circadian rhythms. Lack of sleep can cause a decrease in testosterone levels, which is a hormone essential for sexual function. It can also affect the body’s ability to regulate blood flow, which is important for achieving and maintaining an erection. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to physical and psychological changes, such as anxiety and depression, which can also contribute to ED. Prioritizing sleep hygiene, such as getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night, may be helpful in improving sexual function.

A Cure For Erectile Dysfunction

Lack Of Exercise, Psychological Stress, And Poor Sleep has an impact To Male Infertility and also on sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction can be treated with Randyfoods

Randy Foods

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Reviews On Randyfoods

“I am a very pleased and satisfied customer. Your product is very good. Forget the blue and beige pills and all their counterparts. They are all stimulants and not great for health. Spend your hard-earned money to correct this problem instead. I’ll also be placing an order to try your Spermboost product in a short while, as funds become available. Thank you.” – AHMADU D.

“This is a good product I used some time ago. My libido was quite low then as nothing turns me on again. My wife felt resented as she didn’t turn me on. I know she’s not the problem because it’s the same scenario with my lady friend. It was randy foods that increased my libido. What I love most is the intensity of my ejaculation. So good.”  Tom

“A great product that saved my marriage. I suffered from ED for close to a year. I could not be with my wife during that period. I should quickly state here that people know that money alone doesn’t make women happy. My wife was not happy and also frustrated and at a time moved to another room. Whenever I thought I had used something to help me go to her, I always felt disappointed because it was either it will be very difficult to raise an erection or just ejaculate within seconds after insertion. I simply lost hope. Then I stumbled upon this randy foods on Google. Gave it a trial and then tried me with an old friend. I was happy with my performance. My relationship with my wife has greatly improved. I have finished my dosage but I still keep a pack at home. Just in case.”


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Psychological Stress and male infertility are linked

Sleep deprivation and male infertility could be interlinked

Lack of exercise and male infertility

Stress and female infertility are linked

Stress and erectile dysfunction

 They play a part in  Fertility and sexual dysfunction. Most importantly, exercise done in moderation will lead to a healthy lifestyle and good sleep will reduce the chances of any fertility-related issues.

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