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What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? Why does erectile dysfunction affect men? How can you treat erectile dysfunction?  These are the things we are going to talk about in this post.

Erectile dysfunction is a process whereby you are unable to get an erection and if you manage to get one, you are not able to keep if firm enough for sex or even maintain it. 

ED can be an indication of a physical or mental condition. It can cause stress, relationship strain, and low self-esteem. 

The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sex. 

Patients experiencing erectile dysfunction should initially be checked for any hidden physical and mental conditions. 

In the event that treatment of the hidden conditions doesn’t help, medicine and assistive gadgets, for example, pumps, can be recommended.

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Causes of erectile dysfunction

Below are some of the causes of erectile dysfunction and at the end, I will show you how you can treat it completely.

Drinking too much alcohol

Excess consumption of alcohol can lead you to experience erectile dysfunction. 

Alcohol is a depressant, and when you consume an unhealthy amount of it, it can heavily dampen your mood, decrease sexual desire, and make it difficult for you to achieve erections or reach an orgasm while under the influence. 

In fact, overdoing it on alcohol is one of the common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Stress and anxiety

When you are stressed out, the probability that you will be in the mood for sex will be extremely low. This is another reason you may experience erectile dysfunction.

In the case of an erection, stress and anxiety can interrupt how your brain sends messages to the penis to allow extra blood flow. Stress and anxiety about erectile dysfunction can also contribute to a cycle of ongoing erectile dysfunction. Experiencing erectile dysfunction can lead to behavioral changes that contribute to anxiety and incidences of erectile dysfunction. (1)

Performance anxiety

From the above, stress, and anxiety, you can start experiencing performance anxiety. 

Performance anxiety can mean that you are unable to get your penis to stand erect, not because you actually have erectile dysfunction, but that you are worried you might not be able to perform at your optimal, or even moderate level to please your lady.

Relationship problems

If you are having problems in your relationship, you will be less than enthusiastic to have sex with that woman. Unless you are the type who happens to like angry sex.

But on the normal level, fighting with your lady will make you not able to perform with her, because in the meantime, she will not look as attractive to you as usual.

High blood pressure

This normally means that blood does not flow well to your penis and this decreased blood flow to the penis makes it extra difficult for some men to get erect. High blood pressure can also interfere with ejaculation and reduce sexual desire. (2)


Obesity can cause you to start experiencing erectile dysfunction because it damages your blood vessels thereby decreasing your testosterone levels and causing an overall inflammation in your body. (3)


Diabetes causes erectile dysfunction and it can stem from damage to nerves and blood vessels caused by poor long-term blood sugar control. (4)

Men who suffer from diabetes, type 2 diabetes especially, are the ones who suffer the most from erectile dysfunction.

Heart disease

Since your heart is the organ that pumps blood into every part of your body, it makes sense that any form of illness that occurs to your heart will definitely cause insufficient blood flow to every part of your body, including the penis, therefore causing erectile dysfunction.


Yes, erectile dysfunction can be caused by depression. And depression makes you less interested in any form of activity, which includes sex.

Some medications

The side effects of some of the medications you take can include erectile dysfunction, which may be the reason you are currently experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Next time before you get any medications, make sure one of the side effects does not include erectile dysfunction. Ask your pharmacist or doctor to make sure they don’t prescribe something that will cause you to have erectile dysfunction, especially if you are trying to conceive.


If you think you are not good enough to be with a woman, then you will be so self-conscious during your activity that you will not be able to perform adequately.

Begin to see yourself as someone who deserves to be with a beautiful lady and also, start looking at yourself as the prize. 

This will get your self-image up where it is supposed to be.


A physical injury to the nerves, arteries, or veins of the pelvis can possibly cause sexual issues. 

Men with spinal cord injuries have increased rates of erectile and ejaculatory issues, for instance. 

Notwithstanding, spinal cord injury doesn’t really prohibit sexual function. A few people with complete spinal cord injury despite everything experience excitement and climax from non-genital stimulation.

While sexual desire can still be present, it can frequently be affected by the trauma of the injury.

Drug abuse

Consuming drugs like cocaine, meth, and other hard drugs will most definitely cause you to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

I would say take it moderately but since these are hard drugs, I will strongly recommend you quit completely.


Spending a long time cycling can cause damage to your prostate and testicles, thereby causing erectile dysfunction.

Sleep disorders

If you are not getting the recommended amount of sleep you need, this may be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

You should at least get 7 hours of sleep. This is especially if you are trying to conceive.

Sedentary lifestyle

An inactive way of life is a significant hazard factor for erectile dysfunction. As per an examination distributed in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who were inactive or moderately active (30 to 149 minutes of physical movement in seven days) had 40–60% higher chances of erectile dysfunction compared with active men who got at least 150 minutes of physical action week after week (Janiszewski, 2009).

Poor diet

An eating routine that is useful for your heart is also useful for your erection. 

Greasy, singed, prepared, and low-fiber foods lead to heart illness since they cause high blood cholesterol levels. 

After some time, that can harm and restrict the veins, diminishing bloodstream all through the body. 

This creates problems both north and south: The penis depends on the bloodstream to get erect. 

Perhaps the best eating routine for heart and erection health is the Mediterranean eating regimen, which emphasizes eating vegetables, fish, and other lean protein, whole grains, and olive oil.


If you get any form of surgery in your testicular area or surgery from prostate cancer, then you will have some form of erectile dysfunction, until the area heals completely.


Studies show that men experience more sexual issues as they age. The 1994 Massachusetts Male Aging Study, for instance, found that the commonness of impotence increases from 5% to 15% as age increases from 40 to 70 years. 

Fortunately, erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues don’t seem, by all accounts, to be inescapable as men age. 

Frequently the reason an older man starts having these issues is that he is also dealing with a chronic condition that increases the danger of erection dysfunction or because he takes part in the controllable way of life propensities that put him at higher risk. 

As it were, it’s completely workable for a man to evade a lot of the expected reasons for impotence by dealing with his physical wellbeing and his psychological wellbeing as he gets older. 

Low testosterone

If you have a low testosterone level, the likelihood that you will suffer from erectile dysfunction is high. 

But if you are deficient in testosterone, you will most definitely get erectile dysfunction. 

If you feel like you have a low testosterone level, there are many things you can do to make sure you don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction again.


If you are tired, you may not be in the mood to perform and therefore you may experience erectile dysfunction for the time being.

The good news is that this reason for erectile dysfunction is not permanent. All you need is a good rest and you are good to go.


Stroke can cause erectile dysfunction, no matter how minor the stroke is.

That is why you should take good care of yourself and eat good food, and live a life that is stress-free because that’s the major reason for a stroke.

How to treat erectile dysfunction

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These are the causes of erectile dysfunction and the cure for erectile dysfunction also. Take this supplement and see the improvement in your performance.

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