By | August 22, 2020

Are you suffering from a low sperm count and volume? Would you like to know how you can increase sperm count and volume? 

This post will show you how you can increase sperm count and volume in safe ways.

First of all, 

What is sperm count?

Sperm count is the number of sperm found in your semen when you ejaculate. The normal sperm count for every man should be from 15 million sperm to more than 200 million sperm per milliliter (mL) of semen. This is a normal sperm count.

If your sperm count goes below 15 million sperm per milliliter, this is considered a low sperm count.

What is sperm volume?

Sperm volume is the amount of semen you produce during ejaculation. It is the amount of semen your body produces. 

If your body cannot produce a decent volume of semen, it can be said that you have a low sperm volume.

The consequence of having a low sperm volume is that you will not have enough sperm in the race to fertilize an egg.

This can make it a little bit more difficult to impregnate your woman.

What are the causes of low sperm count and volume?

There are many reasons you may be suffering from low sperm count and volume. These reasons range from your lifestyle choice to a more psychological reason.

Some of the lifestyle habits that make you suffer from low sperm count and volume are smoking, drinking alcohol, taking some medications, using hard drugs like cocaine and meth. Other illnesses include long term illness (like kidney failure), infections you got from your childhood (such as mumps), and chromosome or hormone problems (such as low testosterone).

Some psychological reasons for low sperm count and volume can include stress, depression, and other related problems.

But you don’t have to worry because I am about to show you how to increase sperm count and volume in this post.


How do you know if your sperm count and volume are low?

What are the signs of a low sperm count and a low sperm volume?

You may not be able to count your semen one by one without the help of some industrial high powered microscope, and even then it would not be accurate.

The first way to check if your sperm count is low is to check with a doctor.

If you don’t want to go to the doctor, there are other ways you can notice that you may have a low sperm count and volume.

  • Pain, swelling or a lump in the testicular area
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Watery semen

If you notice any of these symptoms, start doing some of the things I will suggest below to increase your sperm count and volume fast.

How to increase sperm count and volume

Below are some of the ways you can increase your sperm count and sperm volume. Use them from today and start incorporating some of these lifestyle habits into your life and you will soon start seeing the results.

1. Change your diet

What goes into your body is exactly what you will bring out of it. Garbage in garbage out is the slogan.

This means that if you put foods that don’t help your body and make you produce low quality sperm, then this can be a major reason you have a low sperm count and volume.

Begin eating more healthy fruits that are rich in fruits and vegetables.

You can also start taking in more vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

2. Use Spermboost 

Talking about supplements, this is a supplement that helps men increase their sperm count and sperm volume by 300%.

This means that whatever is wrong with your sperm, be it low sperm count, low sperm volume, poor sperm motility, bad sperm morphology, and the rest, this supplement will cure it.

Spermboost is also known for permanently curing impotence. So if you think you may be impotent, this supplement will help you out a lot.

Below are some of the benefits Spermboost gives you

  • Improve your sperm count
  • Increase the viability of your sperm viability 
  • Improve the motility by 300% by making them swim faster to fertilize the egg.
  • Reduce morphological damage to your semen
  • Give your spouse the fruit of the womb
  • Increase your odds of your sperm fertilizing your partner’s egg
  • And many more…

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Below are some of the testimonials of people who have used Spermboost before:

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Anyways, let’s continue

  1. Reduce the temperature of your testicles

You should try to look for ways in reducing the temperature of your testicles if you are already suffering from a low sperm count and sperm volume.

You must have heard about not putting a laptop on your lap so that you can give birth, well it’s true. Keeping your boys cool all day long is a sure way to increase your sperm count and sperm volume.

High temperatures can damage your sperm. 

Some of the things you must do to keep your boys cool are; avoid hot tubs, avoid sitting for long periods of time, keep your car seat heater off, don’t sit with a laptop on your lap, and wear breathable underwear.

4. Exercise more

Exercise can help you to increase your sperm count and sperm volume. 

Try doing a little bit of exercise every day to help you increase both your sperm count and sperm volume.

A little thirty minute jog or run every day can do wonders for your sperm count and sperm volume.

5. Quit your intake of alcohol

If you really want to see how to increase sperm count and volume, you should quit alcohol for about a month. You will notice the difference.

The difference you will notice will not only be in your sperm count and volume, you will also notice how healthy and virile you will be in bed.

I normally don’t advocate quitting cold turkey, but in this case, I will recommend you quit cold turkey for about a month and notice the difference.

When you notice how better you get in your sex life, you will not want to go back to drinking too much alcohol.

6. Quit smoking

This is one of the more difficult habits to quit because of the changes already made to your brain chemistry.

But smoking cigarettes is one of the major reasons you have a low sperm count and low sperm volume.

Since it is difficult to completely quit smoking in an instant, I recommend you wean yourself gradually off this.

This means that if you normally smoke a pack a day, reduce the number you smoke every day or every week until you reduce it to one stick a day.

This way you will give your brain time to adjust instead of fighting you mercilessly when you quit cold turkey.

This is a better way to quit smoking.

Other ways to quit smoking is by hypnosis and seeing a therapist help you out.

Whichever one you choose, you will notice the difference in the volume of semen your body produces and this will increase your sperm count too.

7. Get more vitamins

You should double up on vitamins like vitamin C and D. 

Also, you should take more zinc because it helps you a lot in increasing the volume of your semen, and also increases your sperm count.

  You can buy foods that are rich in these vitamins or you can just buy the supplements in the form of tablets from a pharmacist.

8. Reduce your weight

Obesity and being overweight can cause you to have a low sperm count and a low sperm volume.

Losing weight is one of the most effective things you can do to increase your sperm count and volume, especially if you are suffering from a low sperm quality.

The changes in sperm count are found to be most vital in men who have a better body mass index, so if you’ve got an excessive amount of weight to lose, even losing a little amount of weight can help you.

9. Reduce your exposure to pollutants

This is probably another reason you may have a low sperm count and volume, and you may not know.

How can you make sure you are not exposed to pollutants?

Keep your environment clean.

10. Stop taking foods that are rich in estrogen

Some foods are high in estrogen, and when a man consumes them, it reduces the amount of sperm they produce, and this leads to a low sperm count.

Many canned and plastic products are high in synthetic sorts of estrogen. Bisphenol A may be a compound that binds to estrogen receptors within the body and should also impact male fertility after exposure.



These are the ways you can go about it if you want to know how to increase sperm count and volume.

Practice them diligently and see how your sperm quality will drastically improve.

Also, get yourself one Spermboost supplement and begin your journey to becoming a more virile man with more healthy sperm.