How Many Times Can A Man Ejaculate In A Day?

An ejaculate is when a male ejects semen from his body at the moment of sexual climax. How many times can a  man ejaculate in a day?

 Ejaculating could be equivalent with having an orgasm for some men but some men can have an orgasm without ejaculating.

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How Many Times Can A Man Ejaculate In A Day?

The question ‘how many times can a man ejaculate in a day’ is a tricky one because each man differs but a man should be able to ejaculate (come) between one to six times in a session or day. There is no limited or dwindling supply of semen, so you won’t run out.

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Is There A Link Between Ejaculate And Cancer?

Did you know that men who ejaculate(come) frequently may have a lower risk of prostate cancer? From a 2016 study that followed men for nearly 2 decades, it was found that men between the ages of  40–49 that ejaculated more frequently had a lower risk of prostate cancer. Men with the lowest risk ejaculated at least 21 times per month.

Although the  study did not state that ejaculation could prevent cancer in younger men, the researchers remain unsure whether frequent ejaculation fights prostate or any other cancer in men under 40. Also, there is no evidence that constant ejaculation from younger men is  harmful.

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5 Benefits of Ejaculating 

i) When you ejaculate, it offers pain relief for severe pain and the pain associated with several conditions.

ii)It relieves stress and improve moods

iii)Ejaculating whether through masturbation or with a partner helps your sleep.

iv)It increases immunity

v) It lowers blood pressure.

Is There A Link Between Frequent Ejaculation And Low Sperm Count?

A male that goes several days without ejaculating will have his sperm count rise slightly.  Frequent ejaculation lowers sperm count but is unlikely to affect fertility in healthy males.

A 2016 study examined the sperm counts of three males who abstained from ejaculating for several days before ejaculating four times at 2-hour intervals.

It was found that their sperm counts dropped with frequent ejaculation but remained within World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for healthy sperm counts.

When the  study  assessed the effects of frequent ejaculation on sperm quality and count. Males who ejaculated daily saw declines in sperm count. Other measures of sperm quality — such as shape, ability to swim, and concentration — remained about the same, even with frequent ejaculation.

Altogether, these studies suggest that in males with reduced fertility, frequent ejaculation might lower the chances of conception by lowering sperm count slightly.

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How many times can a man ejaculate in a day? A man can ejaculate as many times as he can, Ejaculation comes with its benefits and if you are healthy and take the supplements, you shouldn’t bother about having infertility issues.

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