Do you know that you can eat some foods for healthy sperm? These foods, when you eat them, will help your body produce more healthy sperm. 

There are a few micro and macronutrients present in our food that is basic for solid sperm creation. Sufficient admission of micronutrients, for example, zinc, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E appear to highly affect increasing fertility status. Various healthy fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are likewise essential to keep up a healthy sperm.

Following healthy eating, the routine is the way into a balanced reproductive system. We advise that a healthy diet ought to be the main goal in each fertility plan. You can discover more data about a solid eating regimen approach in the blog article “8 foods that make a man last longer in bed“.

A Food For Healthy Sperm: Spermboost

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SpermBoost is a formulation of traditional herbs with empirical evidence for centuries but now scientifically proven. The formulation is known to improve several parameters of sperm count, sperm viability and motility by 300%; these herbs also reduce morphological damage.

Benefits of taking Spermboost

  • It increases the motility of your sperm
  • Helps boost your sperm production
  • Makes you fertile if you have a low sperm count.
  • Reduces morphological damage – making your sperm maintain their shape
  • And many more…

Testimonials On Spermboost

Testimonies about the rapid improvement of  sperm level after taking SpermBoost abound.

After 2 years of trying to conceive, we had pretty much given up. My husband sperm was watery, I found this and had thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. After 2 1/2 months of my husband using this, I am 4.5 weeks pregnant! Wonderful supplement. My husband said he felt very healthy taking it and it didn’t upset his stomach. Thanks SpermBoost!!


Using SpermBoost, I have found that I don’t need any other supplements. This product works great, even if you are not using it for boosting motility, the ingredients are very beneficial.


I went for a test some days back and got the result today. I have been dancing all evening, the test came out great. All the parameters have risen to normal. Every single parameter is well within healthy range. I couldn’t believe it. I really thank God and i testify that your product worked for me


I was diagnosed with low motility, the doctors gave us several very expensive options on how to help us conceive. I couldn’t go through that route because of the expenses involved. So I did what I always do! Find a low cost solution. I did online research to find natural products that boost sperm. I saw so many options but my mind was fixed on this, i guess the reviews helped too. I was diligent in my usage and i was patient, Now what I need everyone who has watery semen, low sperm count or low motility to know is that technically it takes some days for healthy sperm to be created. So it won’t happen overnight but at the end, it worked!


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Foods for healthy sperm

Along these lines, to assist you with beginning your fertility venture, we have created a list with the top foods for healthy sperm, which are valuable to remember for your day by day meal plan: 


Asparagus is a plant that is packed with nutrients and a decent backup for your food. By including 3-4 spears of asparagus on your plate you can guarantee that you are getting a decent measure of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B9, copper, iron, and selenium. 


Avocado is a natural product known for its rich flavor and high nutrient value. It is an incredible wellspring of sound unsaturated fats, vitamin K, B6, B9, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium. 

Bell peppers

Bell peppers come in an assortment of glossy colors and are a top wellspring of vitamin C and carotenoids. It is best when used raw. You can likewise remember them for an assortment of cooking plans to get some nourishing advantages. 


Beef refers to cow’s meat. Lean beef is an extraordinary wellspring of supplements and particularly of zinc, selenium, vitamin B12, and B3. Generally, a limited quantity of beef (120-150 g) can convey the Recommended Daily Amounts (RDA) of these supplements.  


There are different types of berries, for example, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries. Every one of them is a rich wellspring of cancer prevention agents, vitamin C, folate, vitamin K, magnesium, iron, and potassium. Berries are organic products with the most reduced sugar content, which makes them a healthy alternative. 

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are stuffed with selenium and are additionally plentiful in zinc and vitamin E. Only 3-4 nuts can cover your everyday need of selenium. You can devour them as a snack or include them in a smoothie. So you will get the advantages whichever way. 


This is a nutritious vegetable and a great wellspring of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, and different minerals. Broccoli contains other bioactive compounds that have cell reinforcement and mitigating properties. 

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate that contains over 70% cocoa can convey a great measure of minerals including zinc and selenium. It likewise contains a high measure of cell reinforcement polyphenols and flavonoids. 

You can consume these chocolates as a snack and one a day it is great to give you the necessary nutrients and vitamins for healthy sperm.


Flaxseeds are a superb wellspring of healthy unsaturated fats, minerals, and vitamin B1. It is best when used in a ground structure in light of the fact that their fortifying segments are better retained. Flaxseeds will likewise give a velvety surface to your food or smoothies. 


Kale is a profoundly nutritious leafy green vegetable and an incredible source of cell reinforcement compounds. One serving of kale (85g) contains a lot of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, and numerous minerals, for example, copper, calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. Subsequent to eliminating the thick fibrous stalk, you can add it raw to a serving of mixed greens or marginally cook it as per your inclination. 


Kiwi is a popular food grown from the ground and known for its remarkable taste and texture. It has a high substance in vitamin C. Additionally, it is a decent source of vitamin K, vitamin E, and folate. 

Olive oil

Olive oil originates from squashing olives and is one of the most nutritious oils. Also, it is fundamentally made of oleic acid (an omega-9 unsaturated fat) and its utilization has demonstrated numerous medical advantages. It is a decent source of vitamin E. Likewise, it contains cell reinforcement and calming compounds. The best kind is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) which is the unrefined oil drawn from the first squeezing of olives and has the most sensitive flavor and most prominent medical advantages. 


Pomegranate is known for its extraordinary taste as well as for its healthful profile. It is stacked with vitamin C and a few minerals. What is unique about this organic product, however, is its substance of phytochemicals called punicalagin, which have demonstrated exceptionally strong cell reinforcement properties. 


Quinoa is a curled oat grain with a nutty flavor. It contains 9 basic amino acids, which make it a magnificent protein source. It is additionally plentiful in vitamin E and minerals, for example, iron, zinc, potassium, and calcium. 


Salmon is a group of fish most popular for their rich taste and a high measure of healthy unsaturated fats (omega-3 unsaturated fats). Wild salmon is richer in omega-3 unsaturated fats and carotenoids contrasted with farmed salmon. Salmon is likewise an amazing source of vitamin B3, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium. 


Spinach is a dark leafy green vegetable that is packed with different vitamins and supplements. A serving of 100g is sufficient to cover your everyday needs in vitamin A and vitamin K. It is likewise plentiful in vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate, and vitamin E. Spinach can be added as a fixing to numerous dishes and either served raw or cooked. 


Being one of the foods for healthy sperm, tomatoes are a decent source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A. In any case, the reason tomatoes are so popular for fertility is that they contain lycopene, an exceptionally incredible cancer prevention agent that has been connected to numerous healthy favorable circumstances. The amount of lycopene doesn’t change whether you consume it raw or cooked.


Shrimps or prawns have a place with a family with an enormous assortment of animal groups. They are high in protein and significant micronutrients, for example, vitamin B12, B6 and B3, vitamin E, vitamin D, and selenium. 


Clams are known for their beefy surface and maritime flavor and are viewed as one of the foods for healthy sperm. They are particularly high in zinc and selenium and are additionally stacked with vitamin B12, iron, and copper. Shellfish are a genuine fertility superfood and can be discovered raw, frozen, or smoked in your neighborhood store. 


Walnuts are the nuts with the most elevated substance of healthy unsaturated fats. They are likewise plentiful in protein, strands, vitamin B6, folate, and minerals including copper, zinc, and magnesium. A small bunch of pecans is a fantastic alternative for a healthy snack. They are one of the foods that have indicated useful impacts on fertility in an examination of solely nut supplementation. 



Spermboost is a dietary supplement that can help you have healthy sperm. It can also increase the quality of your sperm by over 300 percent.

Another advantage you get from Spermboost, aside from the way that it will help increase the nature of your sperm by 300% is that It builds your sex drive. This makes you need to have intercourse all the more frequently and when you do, the nature of sperm your body produces increases as has been referenced previously.


Read some of the testimonials by people who have used this supplement before and who are still using it;

“I got your products some months back, my wife, unfortunately, had a miscarriage which was her doing. She drank alcohol when we went to a party. Gratefully, we confirmed another pregnancy just last week. This is definitely here to stay(Amen)”OGBONNA

“I had a child before I got married, so when we didn’t conceive after 2 years in marriage, I allegedly nursed the feeling it was my wife that had issues. This innocent lady went all out to make herself fit. The last medical practitioner she met insisted I must come for a test too. It was preposterous to me, I have proof already. With her constant pleading, I went for a test and I had a low sperm count. I had to conduct a personal test that confirmed it. To cut the story short, I used Spermboost and we have a child now. My advice to men out there never thinks you are okay until you conduct a test.”EMMA

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The measure of vitamins and minerals originating from our foods for healthy sperm is pivotal for sperm creation and a healthy reproductive system. A reasonable eating regimen can guarantee that you are getting everything the vital supplements you require to stay healthy. We accumulated the best foods for healthy sperm in an exhaustive list. You would now be able to begin executing them in your everyday meal design and get all the advantages.

Also, use Spermboost to make sure you cover all your bases and have a solid healthy sperm.

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