Which Of The Following Is Not True About Male Infertility

There are many facts  about male infertility, some are true and some are myths, which of the following (highlighted below) is not true about male infertility?

What is Male infertility? Male Infertility is a health issue that lowers the standard of a man impregnating his female partner. About 13 out of 100 men cannot impregnate their wife despite without protection

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Some Facts And Myths About Male Infertility

  1.  A Laptop on your lap is a sperm killer
  2. Masturbation causes low sperm count
  3. Hurt tubs are Harmful
  4. A Man’s Age doesn’t Affect His Ability to Father a Child, only female age does
  5. Premature Ejaculation causes infertility
  6. Smoking and alcohol affects infertility, Yes it does!
  7. Male infertility is genetic
  8. Soy could cause low sperm count.
  9. Having Gonorrhea does not affect infertility
  10. Wearing briefs does not have any link with infertility

Which of the following is not true about male infertility?

Which of the following facts highlighted above is not true about male infertility?

  • Masturbation if done moderately does not cause low sperm count,  Read Masturbation and low sperm count
  • A man’s age does affect his ability to father a child
    The quality and quantity of a man’s sperm does decrease with age. While women’s age is very important for fertility and is talked about the most, men’s age also matters. The average time to pregnancy if a man is under 25 is just over four and a half months but nearly two years if a man is over 40. There is a five-fold increase in the time it takes to get pregnant if the man is over 45.
  • Premature ejaculation might not cause infertility.   Premature ejaculation is erupting before the desired time. The simple way to cure premature ejaculation is the usage of Randyfoods.


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-Male infertility is not genetic

Male infertility is not passed down genetically. However, there can be some hereditary conditions that may cause infertility. These conditions are chromosomal conditions that may affect sperm production like Klinefelter’s syndrome, Y chromosome deletions and other genetic problems, such as Down syndrome.

-Gonorrhea when not treated early could cause infertility in men. 

Some infections like Gonorrhea can interfere with sperm production or sperm health, Gonorrhea when left untreated in male can cause low sperm count, low motility and bad morphology,  

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We have highlighted which of the following is not true about infertility and a simple way infertility can be treated. In all, take your health seriously, some ailments when not treated early could cause male infertility.

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