The size and shape of sperm released into a woman’s ovary during ejaculation is a serious factor to be considered when discussing infertility in men. When the shape and size of a man’s sperm when checked with the use of microscope appears not normal, the man is said to be suffering from abnormal sperm morphology which might hinder partners from bearing offspring for a long time or delayed pregnancy. This abnormal sperm morphology in most cases hinders the partner conception .

Sperm Morphology

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The head of the sperm is normal when the head is oval with a long tail, and it is said to be abnormal when the head or tail has defects such as misshapen head or the tail is double. No man wants to be told he has one health defect or the other, it is important to treat this problem cautiously. A supplement that has stood out in reducing abnormal morphology is SpermBoost which will be discussed in this write up after proper examination of abnormal sperm morphology. It is extremely important to understand causes of abnormal sperm formation in men so as educate them on how to prevent it and lead healthy sex life.

Causes Of Abnormal Sperm Morphology

Genetic Traits

Your gene could be a major hindrance to normal sperm formation in your body and could serve to be the hardest factor for abnormal sperm morphology treatment. Men whose gene affect their sperm growth should not loose hope. It is necessary to emphasize the fact that because your sperm growth is abnormal does not make you infertile as a man. Rather, you should seek solution from SpermBoost. However, it is needful to note that treating abnormal sperm shape which is gene-related requires a great deal of discipline, you should always keep up to the doctor’s prescription on how to take your drugs, never give yourself excuses as to why you should not take your medication for a day because that is a leap towards carelessness. Once you take the first day off your medication, you are poised to take another, then another and it goes on until it gets to a level of non-stop, make sure you keep to your medication, it is very important.

Exposure To Toxic Chemicals

Industrialization has without argument taken over the global economy but the effect of industrial wastes or chemicals exposed to our environment is of major concern when discussing the numerous factors associated with abnormality in sperm shape. Men who work in these industries inhale chemicals used for manufacturing and producing goods, these chemicals are very harmful to the formation of sperm in a man’s organ. It reduces a man’s sperm count and, in some cases, it equally affects sperm motility during ejaculation.

Also, people that work [n industries are not the only ones exposed to the risk of abnormal sperm morphology. Unfortunately, certain industries are located in residential areas, people especially men that reside in these areas are exposed to toxic chemicals. Among the numerous dangers attached to the intake of these chemicals, having poor sperm formation is one. As an individual that cares about your personal health especially pertaining your sex life, you have to switch to a harmless environment rather than stay in an industrialized area and expose your body to toxic chemicals which will do your body no good at all.

High Testicular Temperature

Men most times fail to keep it cool down there, you never know the sort of danger you are exposing your testicle to until you are made aware of the fact that overheating that region of the body greatly affects the formation of your sperm. Clothes you put on should be ones that allow your organs some fresh air so that you do not end up suffering from morphological damages. Part of the numerous reasons your organs are positioned outside your body is because of the need to always maintain a cool atmosphere for it, but sadly, most men do not understand this until they start suffering the effects.

Also, keeping your laptop off your laps is another major way to escape abnormal sperm shape during formation. The heat that comes out your laptop during use is very harmful to your organs, exposing your organs to such heat while working with your system is discouraged as it equally contributes to overheating the region. Men that cannot afford to work without the use of their PC (personal computer) are more likely to suffer morphological damages unless they place their laptops on the table during use or try to avoid contact with their lower region while working with the technological device.


Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are great example of infections that affect a man’s sperm morphology. For instance, a man diagnosed of suffering from gonorrhea stands a great risk of loosing his life to the ailment, aside that, the formation of sperm in your organs become very difficult for you as you will even find it extremely difficult to excrete. Other examples include staphylococcus. It is best advised that you lead a healthy life and avoid all these infections so you will have no worries concerning your sperm morphology. Always do your medical check and try to protect yourself if you keep multiple partners.



Formed from traditional herbs whose empirical evidences have lived over centuries, SpermBoost is a great relief to men facing abnormal sperm morphology. Without doubt, it is a 100% solution to your morphological problem as it has been thoroughly researched scientifically and proven to be effective as cure to not just morphological damage but equally all men fertility related challenges. The supplement is specifically designed to help men whose positions at home or in the society have been threatened due to their inability to impregnate their partners or sexually satisfy their partners. With prescribed consumption duly followed, you are certain of positive outcome within a month. Evidence or proof of SpermBoost’s efficiency lies below:

Reviews On Spermboost

I had a bad morphology (17%), took these SpermBoost and my wife is 4 months pregnant now. Don’t know if it is thanks to them or to the various fruits taken then.


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