Would you like to know how to become more sexually active? This post will show you how to do that. And do it in the most natural way possible.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult for some people to be sexually active. This is either due to the fact that they live unhealthy lifestyles or they have some health issues. And over fifty percent of couples have problems with their sex lives.

Not being intimate with your spouse can be a reason you are having these sexual problems, and which may eventually lead to a breakup. The suspect can be the gap in sexual desire that exists between the two people in the relationship. Sometimes, it means that one spouse has more sexual desire and more sexually active than the other partner.

If you are not having regular sex, it may have some implications on your physical, emotional, or mental health. Make sure that your sex life gets back on track and that you are more sexually active. To do this you will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and talk more with your partner. Also, you can make it a lot more fun by doing some things in the bedroom.


How to become more sexually active

In order to learn how to become more sexually active, here are some things you can do.

Be aware of the health benefits of sex

If you are finding it hard to have sex, or initiate sex with your partner, you should take a look at the health benefits having regular sex. Especially for the both of you. Studies have found that engaging in regular sex can help you lower the incidence of having a fatal heart attack. Regular sex can likewise help you burn calories and also, it can reduce your chances of developing any form of heart illness.

Ejaculating frequently can prevent you from having prostate cancer when you are old. Also, if you are sexually active, you will respond better to stress and you will have lower blood pressure.

Sex is the key to helping people avoid some illnesses. This is because of the improvement in your immune system due to exposure to lots of infectious agents. This is of course compared to those who are not sexually active. Sex has also been seen to stimulate the part of immunity that fights against the flu and colds.

Do you have flaws? Do it still

There are many people who are not happy with what they see when they look at a mirror. Even though you may have some fats in some areas of your body, it does not change who you are. You may not look as attractive, but you should not take that to mind.

If you are not able to exercise to keep in shape, you can cover your flaws by wearing clothes that shapen you up. The thing is, both partners in a relationship have issues with how they look. Don’t feel like you are going through this alone. Instead of worrying yourself about how you look, try to make your partner feel better about themselves. If you do this, after some time you will find that you are becoming more active, sexually.

Try out new things

If you have tried so many things and you still are not sexually active as you should be, introduce some new things in your relationship as a method to spice things up. This can be as simple as using foreplay, whispering nasty things in your partners’ ears, giving a sensual kiss, or even using toys in the bedroom. Not to mention doing some role play. There are many things you can do to spice things up and have a more sexually active life.

You can also use touch because touch is very powerful when it comes to drawing your partner closer together. Consider giving your partner a regular massage.

If you can, try to shower at the same time. Cuddling is also a great new thing you can try out. You can cuddle on the couch with romantic music playing in the background. Also, try out some new positions in bed. There is a book for that, it is called the Kamasutra. Get it and experiment with some of the sexual positions in that book.

All these things you can do but you should start slowly and build it up from there. Then you will notice that you are becoming more sexually active.

Do not be in a hurry to have a child

Children can interfere immensely with your intimacy. When you have a child, or children, your focus shifts from your partner to the child. This may go on for years on end without anyone of you realizing what had happened. And by the time you know it, you realize that you have not had any intimate moment with your spouse in over two years.

Women who just gave birth usually complain about soft vaginal tissues and hormones gone rogue. And at this time, to them having sex is not even up for consideration. Some of them can take months to even one year before they become sexually active again. This has caused so many men to feel depressed because they feel neglected.

Set aside a time that will be exclusively for you two. Get a babysitter. Go out. Have a date night that is for you two and nothing should change that. This will be a special day for just the two of you. Use this night to do something about your sex life that will bring it back to life. 

Maintain an active life

If you really want to learn how to become more sexually active, you should start becoming more active physically, and make sure you maintain it. Becoming more active physically is not just for your sexual life, it can also be a major way you keep healthy. 

Do some cardio exercises to help you rave up your heart. When you have a healthy heart, it will be able to pump more blood to your penis. This then results in a better sexual performance in men and increased sensation in women.

Try to exercise for thirty minutes every day to reap this benefit. Plus it doesn’t have to anything rigorous or stressful.

Start eating a healthy diet

There are so many great foods that you can start eating now to make you more sexually active. Also, there are a number of foods that increase the flow of blood to your penis. They include foods like onions, garlic, etc. These foods help in blood circulation and they also help you last longer in bed.

You can try eating bananas also because they are rich in potassium which helps lower blood pressure. When you eat foods like this, you should expect that your sex life will greatly improve and you will learn how to become more active sexually.

This is not all though, you can also consume omega-3 fatty acids because they improve blood flow. Also, get tuna, olive oil, avocados, and salmon. This way, it will be easier for your brain to send signals to your brain easily.

Try consuming foods like eggs, pork, kidney beans, and peanuts also. Eggs have a very high amount of vitamin B which regulates the hormones in your body. When you are less stressed, there is no reason why your erections should be inhibited.

Be more charming

Bring the charm back to your life if you want to know how to become more sexually active. Be thoughtful in the small things. Things that are as little as being playful with your partner goes a long way in revamping your sexual life.

Nothing makes your partner want you more than being enthusiastic and making sure you look your best. Get some clothes that make you look more gorgeous. Smile more and make sure you adopt a sharper posture if you really want to be sexually active.

Be sensitive to the needs of your partner

One of the major killers of your sexual life, especially with your partner is if you are not sensitive enough to what your partner needs. Now, this could be that your partner is insensitive to your needs or that you are insensitive to your partner’s needs. Either way, this is a major reason there is not enough sex in the relationship.

Both of you should try to be more sensitive to each other’s needs and once this need is met, there will be more sex happening.


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These tips above are how to become more sexually active. There is no secret to it. Practice these tips daily and you will notice that you are becoming more active sexually. You should also use Randyfoods so you can see the major difference it will have on your sex life.


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