How Long Before Gonorrhea Causes Infertility?

There are many causes of infertility in both male and females, picking Gonorrhea as one of the causes of infertility. Let’s find out how long before gonorrhea causes infertility.

What Is Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea known as clap is one of the oldest known sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It targets warm, moist areas of the body, like the:





female reproductive tract (the fallopian tubes, cervix, and uterus)

-urethra (the tube that drains urine from the bladder)

Gonorrhea is passed from person to person through oral, anal, or vaginal sex without protection like condom.

Symptoms Of Gonorrhea in Male

Some men may not notice any symptoms of Gonorrhea for weeks while some may never show any symptoms.

On a normal basis, symptoms of Gonorrhea start showing a week after transmission.  The symptoms of Gonorrhea in male are:

*the first symptom of gonorrhea  is a painful or burning sensation when peeing

*yellowish discharge in the penis

*pain and/or swelling in the testicles

swelling or redness at the opening of the penis
consistent sore throat

Symptoms Of Gonorrhea in Females

Females rarely develop symptoms of gonorrhea and when they do, it’s usually mild and it is similar to other diagnoses which makes them more difficult to identify.
Some of the symptoms females with gonorrhea can exhibit include:

* watery, creamy discharge from the vagina

*heavier periods

*sore throat

*burning or painful sensation when urinating

*an urge to urinate frequently

How Long Before Gonorrhea Causes Infertility In Male

Some infections like Gonorrhea can interfere with sperm production or sperm health, Gonorrhea when left untreated in male can cause Low sperm count, low motility, bad morphology  

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How Long Before Gonorrhea Causes Infertility In Female

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Gonorrhea in females has a greater risk a long-term complications from an untreated transmission. When Gonorrhea is left untreated in females, the bacteria may spread to the reproductive tract and involve the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.
This condition of spreading to the reproductive tract is known as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and can cause severe, chronic pain and damage to the reproductive organs. PID can be caused by other STIs as well.

Some More Facts On Gonorrhea

-it could be passed from mother to child during birth

-it can cause eye infections on babies with infected mother

-It can be treated with antibiotics

-If left untreated it can lead to other health issues

-the safest way to prevent gonorrhea or other STIs is abstinence.

-you are at greater risk of recurrence if you had it or any other STIs in the past

-Gonorrhea and chlamydia are both bacteria that cause STIs. The risk factors for both are the same, and both cause similar symptom


Gonorrhea is a silent killer even though it rarely shows symptoms, it is better to prevent it, get tested when necessary because in a short period of time, if gonorrhea is left untreated, it causes infertility in both male and females.

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