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Testicle pain has a cause and definitely a solution. Testicle pain is related to male infertility. Male infertility is largely associated and attached to low sperm count. A lot of people neglect factors that could lead to infertility among males and reduce the volume of sperm count in a man’s genitals. Before giving the causes of testicle pain, the good news is that the supplement called Spermboost gives a hundred percent cure to testicle pain.

Spermboost: A Cure To Testicle Pain

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Testimonials On Spermboost

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Testicle Pain

Pain in the testicle which is in most cases is caused by what is known as varicoceles leads to poor or low sperm volume in a man which in turn affects productivity. Most men assume that pain in the testicle is just temporary, they fail to consult a doctor for proper medical check and when the pain becomes severe and probably late, they run to a hospital. People equally make a great mistake of assuming that pain in the scrotum cannot render them infertile. It is imperative to understand factors responsible for pain in the testicle and equally become aware of the fact that SpermBoost offers a unique solution to the problem.

Causes Of Testicle Pain


Notable as enlarged veins in the scrotum, Varicoceles are abnormally large and twisted veins in a man’s testicles which causes great pain and equally affect fertility. In some cases, Varicoceles fail to show any symptoms but when they do, it could come heavy. The person affected might notice testicular pain which eventually gets worse while carrying out physical activities associated with the day. A man’s fertility at this point suffers from this pain which do not even permit some men to enjoy sex because they find it hard owing to the pain they are facing. Doctors have no knowledge of how varicoceles develop but treat them with surgery. You stand a great chance of avoiding surgery through the use of SpermBoost.

Testicular Torsion

This is a serious health challenge that occurs when a man’s testicle twist in the scrotum or spermatic cord. Needlass to  say, the spermatic cord has the role of transporting sperm from the testicles to the urethra. Whether spontaneously or less commonly, testicular twist inside the scrotum could be the resultant effect of trauma. Once the testicle is twisted, it comes with a huge problem because the blood vessels contained in the spermatic cord also twist which leads to interruption or obstruction of the blood flow to the affected testicle.

This problem is common in young men especially those under the age of 25. Hence, the youth population are at a great risk of witnessing such health challenge which can make them infertile as young men and affect their reproductive activities in the future. This is no good in every sense.

There are numerous symptoms attached with testicular torsion. They include, redness or darkening of the scrotum, nausea, swelling in the scrotum, vomiting, and sudden severe pain that occur on one side of the scrotum. Imperative to note is the fact that testicular torsion does not just come sudden, a lot of people with this pain start experiencing it gradually and when they fail to act as fast as possible, the pain slowly worsen as days pass by and get to a level that it becomes really unbearable to the person affected. In most cases, testicular torsion occurs more on the left side of the testicle when compared to the right. To correct the twisting inside the scrotum, surgeries are carried out to effectively treat the problem. However, when the surgeon finds it difficult or fails to repair the torsion, removing the testicle becomes the best option.


The pain associated with trauma to the testes is extremely severe. A man’s testicle suffers trauma most time as a result of direct blow or punch to the testes. No doubt, it causes temporary pain but it is needful to note that many cases of testicular injuries about 85% are caused by trauma. Athletes stand a big risk of facing such problem which causes sports injuries. It may result to swelling of the scrotal area and testes. A big injury which might end up requiring emergency surgery could be caused by trauma.

Also, a man’s testicle can rupture or could even develop a hematocele. This occurs when blood gathers around the testicle and pressurizes it which affect the flow of blood in the testicle. A lot of people after being hit in the testicle fail to consult a doctor even when it is clear that they are feeling severe pain in the testicle region. When you are experiencing pain and swellings, it is best for you to seek quick medical attention to avoid it becoming worse.

Testicular Tumor

Another problem capable of causing pain and swelling in the testicle is the testicular tumor. Part of the symptoms include, lump in the testicular area, swelling in the testicle, and ache in the groin. The signals associated with testicular tumor has resemblance to other factors and health conditions that affect men such as epididymitis and inguinal hernias. This ailment can be diagnosed by a doctor.

Other causes of pain in the testicular area include:

  • Orchitis

  • Kidney stones

  • Hernia

  • Epididymitis

  • Prostatitis

  • Hydrocele

  • Testicular cancer

  • Mumps


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Listed above are causes of Testicular pain and the solution: Spermboost