Effect Of Salt And Water On Sperm

What is the effect of salt and water on sperm? What is the use of salt and water on sperm, does salt and water has any effects on sperm, is salt and water solution effective?

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Salt And Water Solution

Salt and water solution is an unproven method used to make ‘kill’ sperm in the female body after having an unprotected sex. It is seen as a faster and cheaper means of preventing sperm from fertilizing the female egg.

Two Ways Salt And Water Solution Is Used

a)Drinking Salt And Water Solution

When this solution is taken orally, it goes through esophagus and into the stomach, it then gets to the intestines where it is absorbed and filtered into the bloodstream, final absorption is carried out by the kidney, the essential nutrients move to the necessary organs, the non essentials move to the urethral. The urethral even though is close to the female reproductive tracts, have no link together, they are different. When the non essentials get to the urethral it is passed out of the body.
This process takes time, even if it can wash sperm from the body (which it doesn’t) the sperm would have fertilized the egg before it gets there.

b) Douching With Salt And Water Solution

This method can be wrongly based on the fact that salt kills microbes, so it should kill sperm but sperm when released outside the  moist vagina or exposed to air dry up within some moments. Semen swims up immediately when it is deposited into the vagina. It is nearly impossible to wash out after a few minutes, even if the sperm is still around, the solution will not work. Reason being that Semen contains salt and salt can not harm sperm. This study shows that sperm of marine animals can live up to seventy two hours in salt water

Does Salt And Water Have Any Effect On Sperm?

The simple answer is NO! Salt and water solution does not have any effect on sperm. It doesn’t prevent sperm from fertilizing the egg. Do you know any one it has worked for? It’s basically because the person is not ovulating


If you want to prevent pregnancy so you wouldn’t have to worry about the effect of salt and water on sperm, use Contraceptives. It prevents pregnancy by

  • keeping the egg and sperm apart
  • stopping egg production
  • stopping the combined sperm and egg (fertilized egg) attaching to the lining of the womb

Types Of Contraceptives

The different types of contraceptives are

  • Cap.
  • Combined pill.
  • Condoms.
  • Contraceptive implant.
  • Contraceptive injection.
  • Contraceptive patch.
  • Diaphragm.
  • Female condoms.

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What the effect of salt and water solution on sperm? None, it has no impact. To prevent pregnancy, use contraceptive

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