Talking about Sperm Motility, Have you ever been in a race of 100m or watched a marathon on television? You must have noticed that athletes have varying degree of energy and speed at which they move. Sperm may not have the legs and arms like athletes, but they are motile.

This means they have mechanisms that enable them to swim towards the ovum. This process is important in getting your wife pregnant. Like athletes, sperms also have varying amount of energy and speed that enables them to move from the cervical canal, through the uterus and ultimately into the fallopian where the egg is waiting to be fertilized. Weaker cells are trapped while some die of exhaustion when their energy store depletes.

It is therefore important that you nourish your cells ahead for the process of sperm production which is called spermatogenesis. The things you do with your health and lifestyle will affect your sperm motility.

On the other hands, a poor lifestyle can lead to a medical term called athenozoospermia which describes poor sperm motility. While it is known for certain that alcohol, smoking, drugs, infections, and exposure to chemicals affect sperm motility; others may include low sperm count, varicocele, and sperm morphology.

There are easy ways to avoid non-motile weak sperms and increase motility if you practice these healthy lifestyles I am about to show you.

How To Increase Sperm Motility

1. Work those unused muscles through exercise

Exercise has a lot of advantages in helping you stay physically and mentally sharp. It boosts blood flow and make you excrete waste faster and better. Having a sedentary lifestyle will slowly make you obese and clog your blood vessels which may lead to high blood pressure. Obesity lowers sperm health so you should engage in aerobic and anaerobic exercises more often to maintain healthy sperms.

2. Take a long break from stress

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Stress may be psychological or physical. Psychological stress is detrimental to sperm quality which affects its ability to fertilize an egg. This is because it can stimulate the release of cortisol that antagonizes the effect of testosterone in sperm production. This hormonal imbalance that it creates affects your reproductive health. Take a walk, clear your mind or go for a swim, you will be alright.

3. Don’t neglect sleep

Sleep is very vital if you need to maintain a very healthy reproductive system. Conventional wisdom suggests that you sleep for 6-8hrs a day with a few minutes of naps in between. It will not only help your body to combat stress but also help you to save energy for an optimal life. When you are not well rested, it can greatly increase your stress level, and you can’t expect a healthy sperm count and motility.

4. Cut down on parties

Parties are avenues to engage in excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking and abuse of recreational drugs. These are things that can ultimately affect your body system in general. Some late-night parties reduce your sleep time, leave you with poor judgement and finally makes you exhausted. Before you think about getting wasted or popping some drinks in that club or meeting, you should know that the euphoria it generates last only a few minutes and the effects on your sperm is progressive.

5. Eat fruits


You may not fully understand the roles good food, fruits and vegetable play to the body; however, it is one of the ways to stay active, healthy and strong. They are crucial in maintaining body pH (acidity and alkalinity concentration). Nourish yourself with proteins, vitamins, and minerals that help you to expel environmental pollutants you may have been exposed to. The semen is alkaline in nature, so having an acidic pH can kill your sperm. Staying away from sugary substance and sticking to natural sugars found in fruits (fructose) is utilized by your sperm as a vital source of energy. Sugar in high amount is toxic for your sperm’s health. Take enough fruits and your sperm will be glad you did. Spermboost also contains vital nutrients for your sperm.

6. Dump that tight-fitting underwear

The scrotum maintains temperature by shrinking in the cold and relaxing when the temperature is normal. You need to allow it to function properly by giving it enough space for ventilation. This allows heat to be given off in hot periods. Wearing tight underwear will push your testicles too close to the body causing heat to be trapped which negatively affects sperm quality.

7. Practice sleeping naked

It doesn’t hurt to do this as a single person or as a couple. It will not only let you loosen up and give your genitals the needed space but will also help you sleep conveniently. You should try to sleep naked at night and wear boxers during the day. This will help your testes to produce quality sperm because you are aiding it to maintain optimal temperature.

8. Do not self-medicate

We have the habit of running to a nearby store when we are down with a cold or fever. This is bad because you cannot know what your immune system is reacting to without a test. Hence, it is necessary to always go for a medical examination. Commonly abused drugs are antibiotics and pain killers which can affect your sperm motility over time. You should always follow a doctor’s prescription and find out how it is going to affect you.

9. Give your sperm a boost with Spermboost

SpermBoostSpermboost is not just like any other nutritional and dietary supplement. It is made from scientifically and carefully researched traditional herbs. It is also designed to treat other associated conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure with no side effects or complications.

Spermboost is very effective in treating conditions that are associated with sperm motility such as oligospermia. It will you boost blood flow in your body while preventing you from developing the risk of varicocele. This product isn’t just about talking and results, testimonies from our customers always speak for us. Give your testes spermboost and get the nutrient it needs to boost your sperm motility.

Review On Spermboost

My sperm count as at June was 2 million, the motility was 5% and the morphology 25%. I searched online for low sperm count treatment and purchased this Spermboost supplement around August ending. The supplement comes in two but in my desperation, i went for a test after finishing the first cup which lasted for two weeks thereabout.
The results was incredibly shocking. My count has moved to 21 million, motility 30%, and morphology 60%.
The lab tech was shocked at the rate of increase because he conducted the last test. He collected the marketer’s numbers, said he wants to be their agent and selling to his patients.
I am wondering what the count will be after completing the second cup

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