In our African culture, it is expected that after 6 months of marriage, the bride should display some signs of pregnancy. When this does not happen, couples might begin to worry. Families might be sensitive enough to give the couple a breathing space but when months turn to years, concerns of infertility might be raised. We are going to discuss causes and remedy of Oligospermia in this article.


As a couple, the first step you should take towards your plan for conception is a fertility test. If the test results reveal that the problem is oligospermia, do not fret.  Oligospermia is a medical term used to describe low sperm count; that is within 0 – 5 million sperm/ml of semen with a normal ranging from above 15million sperm/ml.

A healthy sperm count is very vital for fertility as most sperm cells will die or be killed by the female’s immune system before they get to fertilize the egg. It is a race of millions of strong and healthy sperm cells, and only the strongest get to penetrate the ovum.

Asides low sperm count, sperm shape, size and motility can be inadequate such that there’s not enough strong sperm to overcome the numerous traps of the female reproductive system and ultimately reach the egg for fertilization.

A lot of men in our society are walking around with oligospermia without knowing until they begin to face difficulties in conceiving a child. And the few that gets diagnosed for this condition are the ones that get the required help. The solution to that deficiency is found in a dietary supplement called Spermboost.

Causes Of Oligospermia

There are several conditions and lifestyles that can increase the risk of having low sperm count some of which you know but choose to ignore. Amongst them are:

1. Drug, smoking and alcohol abuse

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Some of these substances e.g. marijuana, tobacco and alcohol can interfere with testosterone production and ultimately lead to impaired sperm production. In extreme cases, it may lead to azoospermia, a condition of no sperm cells in the semen.

2. Overheating of testicles

Temperature is one important factor for sperm production such that the scrotum that houses the testes is strategically positioned away from the body to maintain its own optimal temperature. During cold seasons, it shrinks to allow the testes to move closer to the body and when it gets hotter the scrotum relaxes.

Wearing tight briefs instead of boxers does not allow the heat generated by your body to escape which causes your testicles to overheat. Also, placing heat-generating objects such as your laptop on your reproductive organ increases its temperature. Thirdly, when there is an enlargement of the veins that drains blood from the scrotum, it can disrupt the blood flow to the testes and cause a temperature increase. Any temperature increase negatively affects sperm production.

3. Exposure to chemicals

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Chemicals from certain insecticides and pesticides can cause low sperm count as they tend to compete with some of the natural components of your sperm. These components are essential for optimal production. Some of these chemicals can also be gotten from cigarette smoke and fumes from exhaust pipes. An example is lead.

4. Hormonal imbalances

The brain and the testicles produce hormones that are responsible for ejaculation and sperm production. Testosterone secreted by the testes ensures the production and nourishment of healthy sperm cells. When there is an imbalance of its secretion due to stress and substance abuse, it can lead to low sperm count.

5. Infections

Keeping multiple sexual partners exposes you to the risk of sexually transmitted agents such as viruses and bacteria, whose signs or symptoms take longer to manifest. When it eventually does, it might have already caused a lot of damages or made the man sterile. Examples include gonorrhoea, syphilis, and staphylococcus infections. Infection is one of the causes of Oligospermia

6. Ejaculation problems

Ejaculation for some people with oligospermia may be normal. For others, their low sperm count is due to the semen emptying into the bladder instead of leaving through the tip of the penis. This is called retrograde ejaculation and can be caused by injuries, tumours or past surgeries. Medications such as antibiotics and antihypertensive drugs can also cause this

7. Nutrition

Nutrition is not only meant to provide the body with what it needs to produce energy for physical activity but all-round functioning of the body system. The body suffers a lot from junk food, sweets and too much consumption of processed food.

As many do not take it into consideration, your consumption is as important as your outward performance. You can still get all the vitamins, minerals, dietary and nutritional supplements in quality products like Spermboost.



If you are having issues with oligospermia due to one of these aforementioned causes and you have been searching for a solution. I want you to search no further as I present to you a dietary and nutritional supplement called Spermboost.

It is made from natural and traditional herbs, researched, and proven scientifically to increase sperm count and sperm motility. As a dietary supplement, it supplies your body the necessary nutrients to combat other associated conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes such that you won’t find the need for antihypertensives.

It increases blood flow to the testes such that there will not be heating of the testicles due to varicocele and you can have a normal and uninhibited sperm production. It also works wonders on the hormonal imbalances that you might be having as this tends to have an adverse effect on sperm release and production.

Spermboost works on the brain and boosts neurotransmitters responsible for ejaculation and sperm synthesis, making sure that you have a painless and fruitful sexual life. There have been testimonies from our customers about the efficiency and efficacy of Spermboost.

As a supplement that is derived from carefully researched natural ingredients, it has no side effects. It revitalizes your tissues and gives them the power to self-regenerate such that cells that have been damaged due to medications, hard drugs and infections can be replaced.

Think about your sexual and reproductive health and get all the benefits you can get from this special product formulated for you.

After I did Sperm Analysis, the results were frightening and my sperm volume was  1ml, all the drugs i used didn’t work until a friend introduced me to this product, skeptically, I gave it a trial and believe me, it worked beyond my wildest dream. THANK YOU


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