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Have you ever wondered about your low sperm count and morphology? If you are reading this I can safely assume that the answer to my question is yes.

Low sperm count and morphology contribute immensely to the quality of sperm a man produces and if any of these factors is lacking in quality, the probability of a man being fertile is lower than usual.

So, how can you know if your sperm count is low and if your morphology is poor?

That is the aim of this post.

Today we are going to talk about low sperm count and morphology and how they contribute to low sperm quality and also what you can do to treat it immediately.

Low sperm count

For the most part a “low sperm count” diagnosis for a man is a staggering blow. The supposed proportion of one’s “maleness” has some way or another been tipped off course. This measure can imply that a man feels feeble. The indicative correspondence itself can even be the reason for erectile dysfunction (ED). 


An ordinary sperm count for the most part runs from 20 to 150 million sperm for each milliliter. Also known as oligospermia, low sperm count for the most part depicts the condition when the volume is under 15 million sperm/ml. At the point when no sperm at all are available in the semen test, the condition is called azoospermia. 

How low sperm check impacts fertility

At the point when a man has a lower than typical sperm count, the chances of conceiving essentially decrease. Way of life decisions, weight, certain ailments and sexual wellbeing can meddle with ordinary sperm creation. For example, long term exposure to heat can drop sperm levels to just about zero. Frequent intercourse can prevent sperm production; also, unnecessary smoking and additionally drinking may cause a decline in sperm levels.

Some causes of low sperm count includes:

  • An illness in earlier life (i.e. mumps)
  • Having had a vasectomy (male sterilisation)
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Some of the foods you eat
  • Extended exposure of the testicles to heat and high temperatures
  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • An injury to the groin
  • A genetic disorder
  • Obstruction

Can a man with low sperm count get a lady pregnant? 

Having a low sperm count can make it increasingly hard to imagine normally, albeit effective pregnancies can even now happen. 

What time of day is sperm count most elevated? 

For healthy semen tests gathered somewhere in the range of 5:00am and 7:30am were found to show a factually higher sperm fixation, all out sperm count and a higher level of regularly formed sperm, contrasted with tests created later in the day. Sperm motility was not impacted as of the time of sperm creation.

Sperm morphology

Morphology refers to the shape of your sperm, or what it resembles under a magnifying lens. In particular, it takes a gander at the shape of the sperm head and the size of the sperm. The head shape is significant on the grounds that it influences the sperm’s capacity to break down the external surface of an egg and prepare it. 

What is sperm morphology’s typical range? 

The exact range can differ, yet ordinarily an ordinary or sound sperm morphology run is somewhere in the range of 4 and 14 percent NF. A score under 4 percent may mean it takes longer than typical to accomplish pregnancy. A result of 0 percent NF typically implies in vitro treatment (IVF) might be fundamental for origination. 


Would you be able to fix sperm morphology? 

Since a considerable lot of the elements that can hinder male fertility are fixable, sperm morphology can be improved without drugs. Obesity has likewise been related to issues with sperm creation, so it is imperative to keep up a sound eating regimen and ordinary body weight while attempting to conceive. 

What causes irregular sperm morphology? 

Poor sperm morphology might be brought about by an assortment of hereditary causes. In uncommon cases, some particular hereditary causes will prompt all the sperm to be the equivalent strange shape. Likewise, a significant number of the things that cause poor sperm morphology can likewise cause poor sperm motility or low sperm count. 

What if my sperm morphology is low? 

Variations from the norm in sperm size and shape can happen in the head, midpiece, or tail. Specialists ordinarily evaluate sperm morphology during a general semen examination or fertility test. All alone, an anomalous or low sperm morphology score is normally not a sign of infertility. 

Would you be able to get pregnant if sperm has low motility? 

On the off chance that the sperm is in any case healthy, pregnancy with low sperm motility can happen. Utilizing a conceptive innovation, for example, in vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination (IUI) can help increase the possibility of pregnancy. This is on the grounds that they sidestep the requirement for the sperm to swim all alone. 

What are the causes of low sperm motility?

  • Genetic trait.
  • Chemical exposure.
  • Increased testicular temperature.
  • DNA abnormalities
  • Smoking.
  • Alcohol use.
  • Certain medications.

How does low sperm count and morphology affect a man?

A combination of low sperm count and morphology affects a man negatively in the sense that he may not be able to impregnate a woman because his sperm quality and the overall health is low.

Low sperm count on its own may not be able to stop a man from impregnating his woman if the other factors like morphology and size are in great shape.

In the same way, poor sperm morphology is not enough to stop a man from impregnating his woman, especially if the rest are in top shape.

It is the combination of the low sperm count and morphology that can become a major factor in determining whether a man will be fertile enough to father a child or not.

How can you cure low sperm count and morphology?

Low sperm count and morphology can be cured with a dietary supplement you can take called Spermboost.

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Some of the benefits of using Spermboost:

Spermboost helps;

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