By | May 8, 2020

Let us talk on fertility in women.


After the euphoria of the wedding day, the couples are often left alone to do ‘the work’ which is conceiving but the fact is that it doesn’t come easy and fast for all couples.
After months of expecting, friends and family begin to come with various options for the couple especially the woman who is often expected to do the magic. Then the issue of fertility pops up. These are vital ways women can increase their fertility but most important, if you want to improve your fertility you have to get rid of depression and the feeling of unworthiness.

How To Conceive Faster


Its saddening that this generation is used to eating junks which in the long run often cause infertility in women. A fertile woman is a woman that eats healthy. Fertility can be achieved in a woman that eats healthy. Remember, you are what you eat. Are you trying to conceive? include these in your diet.
-Leafy green vegetables. Examples are Spinach, broccoli, Swiss chard and kale are
-Fortified cereals. Look for breakfast cereals that contain 100 percent of the recommended daily value.
-Oranges and strawberries. …
-Beans and nuts. …


Another option women can use to boost their fertility is ruling out infection. Infection decreases chance of conceiving and increases the chance of miscarriages. Infection can be corrected by an antibiotics which is prescribed after under going test. Do you want to increase your chance of fertility? get rid of infection from your system. This infection is often Staphylococcus. The signs of Staphylococcus in women include painful sex, abnormal discharge, irregular menstrual cycle, anovulation and so on.


There is this conception out there that this staphylococcus infection are stubborn and difficult to get rid of which is perfectly true but thankfully the producer of ovul8plus (will talk about this later) gives FREE information to their customers on how to totally eradicate this from their body


Do you want to cure infertility? Hit the gym and shed some weight. Weight are not gotten suddenly,   so it is vital to watch what you consume and if you think you have gained weight overtime, you can shed it off to boost your fertility. Studies have shown that ‘Weight loss among overweight and obese women has been shown to improve reproductive outcomes, including fertility’. You sure want to give this a trial.


It is quite disheartening that many women do not understand their cycle as it relates to fertility. A teenage girl should know what menstrual cycle and ovulation is all about. Knowing this prior to marriage will cure unnecessary delay in getting pregnant.  Majority of women ovulate 14 days after their menstrual cycle.

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It regulates menstrual cycle,treats hormonal imbalance
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enhanced fertility
eliminates the effects of anti-sperm antibodies
relieves menopausal symptoms.

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