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Why is it that young men in their 20’s and 30’s are having problems with erectile dysfunction? Are there causes of erectile dysfunction in men in their 20’s and 30’s? 

There are lots of causes of erectile dysfunction in 20’s and 30’s and this article is going to show you what these causes are and how you can make sure as a 20 or 30-something year old, you never have a problem with erectile dysfunction again.

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At what age does a man start to have erectile dysfunction?


From age 65 to 85, the figure is approximately 44 percent. While erectile dysfunction becomes increasingly common in older men, half of them or more never develops it. Most older men suffer not erectile dysfunction but erection dissatisfaction. Starting around age 50 (often earlier among smokers and, or, diabetics), erections change.(1)

Is it normal for young men in their 20’s and 30’s to have erectile dysfunction?

It’s possible to experience mild, occasional, or complete male erectile dysfunction at any age. And while tons of research has been done on the subject, estimates of what percentage of men experience male erectile dysfunction vary. A 2004 study of about 27,000 men found that 11 percent of men in their 30’s had male erectile dysfunction .

So yes, it is possible for young men in their 20’s and 30’s to experience dysfunction and the causes vary, hence the reason for this article.

Does erectile dysfunction go away?

In many cases, yes, male erectile dysfunction is often reversed. A study published within the Journal of Sexual Medicine found a remission rate of 29 percent after 5 years.(2

It’s important to notice that even when erectile dysfunction can’t be cured, the proper treatment can reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in 20’s and 30’s

The common causes of erectile dysfunction in 20’s and 30’s are listed below and how you can cure each of them



1. Stress related to jobs, money or relationship

Stress has always been a major issue when it comes to the health of many people. Too much stress is not good for anybody and when it comes to the issue of your sexual life, stress can make it a major bummer.

For men in their 20’s and 30’s, stress is one of the major reasons they have erectile dysfunction.

The stress can come from their jobs, their relationships or about money.

Whatever the reason you are stressed out, it is a major cause of erectile dysfunction to young men in their 20’s and 30’s.

Reduce your stress levels and you will have no problems with erectile dysfunction.

But if you are finding it hard to manage your stress level and you can’t quit your job or end that relationship, there’s something you can do to help your erectile dysfunction…

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I’ll come back to randyfoods later and how it can completely cure your erectile dysfunction. But for now, let’s continue with the causes of erectile dysfunction in young men like yourself.

2. Alcohol addiction

Most people believe that alcohol can help you get into a romantic mood and instigate some intimate moments with your partner, but an overdose of alcohol can ruin the fun completely. 

Excessive consumption of alcohol can hamper performance and may contribute to erectile dysfunction in many young men.

3. Drug abuse

If you’re into abusing drugs and couldn’t care less about your lungs and kidneys, it’s time you hand over for the sake of your sexual life. Studies have shown that drug abuse in men can cause male erectile dysfunction.

4. Performance anxiety

Not just women, even men bother with how they’re being judged in bed by their partners. This usually causes performance anxiety and eventually a failed erection. 

In young men, especially, first timers this is often a standard reason for male erectile dysfunction. It is nothing to be worried about, relax and get the job done.

Lack of sexual experience including the shortage of sexual awareness can make you lose erection right in the middle of intercourse.

5. Depression

Depression is a psychological reason you are unable to maintain an erection and this is a real problem in young men.

If you notice you are depressed, see a psychiatrist and if your erectile dysfunction persists after meeting with the psychiatrist, use randyfoods and become a beast in bed once again.

6. Injuries

Any injuries gotten in your nether region can cause you to have erectile dysfunction, no matter how young you are.

All you have to do in this moment is to wait and treat the injury until it is completely gone, then you can go on about your business.

7. Poor diet

Poor diet is also a major cause of erectile dysfunction in men. I mean, if you don’t eat well, your body won’t have the energy first of all to maintain an erection and it will also not have enough blood to send to your penis. 

If you can, try to eat well so there can be sufficient blood flowing to your penis during intercourse to maintain a healthy erection.

8. Smoking

Excess smoking is one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction in young men today.

Erectile dysfunction in young men is majorly a function of the kind of lifestyle the person lives. Smoking like a chimney is not a sure way to have a good sex life.

If you keep smoking, as a young man, you will not be able to maintain an erection therefore causing you to suffer erectile dysfunction.

9. Heart problem

This is pretty straightforward. If you have a heart condition, where your blood flows from, if the heart is producing insufficient blood or is not strong enough to pump blood to your penis, you will definitely suffer from erectile dysfunction, no matter how young you are.

10. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is also an effect of heart problems. And this too can cause you to have erectile dysfunction.

But mostly men above the age of fifty are the ones who suffer from high blood pressure unless you have gotten yourself into something that makes you think a lot and worry, then you should stop it immediately.

A young man like you is not supposed to have high blood pressure and if you do, do something about it immediately.

11. Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by taking excess sugar and where your body cannot produce enough insulin. This can cause you to suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

12. Obesity

Being overweight can kill the fun in bed in many ways, and one among the things that can kill the fun in bed is male erectile dysfunction, especially in young men. A study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2008 acknowledged that for men aged 20 to 45 whose BMI (body mass index) was greater than 30kg/m2 suffered from male erectile dysfunction even though they didn’t smoke or drink. (2)

There we go,

These are the 12 causes of erectile dysfunction for young men in their 20’s and 30’s

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