Sex Drive In Menopause (10 Ways To Improve Low Sex Drive)

Are you experiencing low sex drive in menopause? You are not alone, Read on to discover how to improve the low sex driv


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 Causes Of Low Sex Drive In Menopause

Low Sex Drive In Menopause

From the late 40s, women start to experience a reduction in their sex drive. This is mostly related to changes in the blood estrogen level causing menopause.

Sudden Menopause

Some women could experience sudden menopause as a result of chemotherapy or ovariectomy. These set of women tend to show more reduction in libido than those who have natural menopause. An abrupt fall in estrogen’s blood level and testosterone due to sudden menopause may be the cause of this. This can cause a low sex drive in menopause

Natural Menopause

In natural menopause, a drop in estrogen and testosterone levels most times causes a thinning of the vagina lining, and loss of vagina elasticity, muscle tone, and lubrication. There is also a reduction in the clitoris and vagina sensation.

All these scenarios cause discomfort in the vagina, pelvic pain, and painful penetration which leads to a low sex drive in menopause

Psychological Factors

Social perception about age, especially as it relates to physical changes in women’s bodies could have an impact on her libido.
Women who are positive about the aging process, and maintaining self-confidence wouldn’t have an issue with low sex drive in menopause. Women who see aging signs as unattractive, and self-demeaning often have a low sex drive.

Emotional Factor

A woman’s sex drive could be affected by emotional factors. A partner with erection problems, the absence of a spouse, or a lack of good communication between partners could cause low sex drive in menopause

A recent study on low sex drive in menopause concluded that it can be affected mostly due to poor mental and physical health, lack of communication with partners, and an absence of emotional closeness.

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Health Factors

Health factors can also affect older women’s sex drive. Women with heart problems do have a shortened blood supply to their vagina causing lack of lubrication and arousal


Certain Medication

Medications for the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and incontinence, can cause low sex drive in menopause

Researches On Older Women’s Libido

A study conducted on older women over 60 years old found that about 55% of married women are sexually active compared to 5% of unmarried women. 

Interestingly, it was found out that sexual gratification increases with age in older women.

In spite of having a low sex drive in menopause, older women usually experience arousal and reach orgasm.

Also,  a recent study on sex drive in older women concluded that it can be affected mostly due to poor mental and physical health, lack of communication with partners, and an absence of emotional closeness.

At What Age Does A Woman Stop Getting Wet? (Low Sex Drive In Menopause)

A woman can experience vagina dryness at any age but most common during menopause which is often between ages 51 and 60. These women could experience vagina dryness Low sex drive in menopause is a common in older women


Mother breastfeeding her baby boy at home  a white woman breastfeeding stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Vaginal dryness occurs in premenopausal women with low levels of estrogen, Pre menopausal women such as breastfeeding moms, those who have had a hysterectomy, those who have received chemotherapy, and those who have their ovaries removed during a hysterectomy are likely to experience dryness during sex which is as a result of a loss of hormones.


From age 51, women can experience menopause, which is often accompanied by body changes. At the menopausal age, the ovaries end the production of the female hormone estrogen and the levels begin to decline. 

Vagina dryness is one of the signs of reduced estrogen in the vagina.

When estrogen is not produced, the skin, the tissues of the lips (vulva), and the vagina become thinner and less elastic and the vagina becomes dry. 

Almost half of post-menopausal women experience vaginal dryness

How To Improve Sex Drive In Menopause

It is possible for an older woman to improve her sex drive in menopause but before I get to it, below are some quotes to get you fired up about life

Timeless beauty  sexy old woman stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
  • “So many women I’ve talked to see menopause as an ending. But I’ve discovered this is your moment to reinvent yourself after years of focusing on the needs of everyone else. It’s your opportunity to get clear about what matters to you and then to pursue that with all of your energy, time and talent.” — Oprah Winfrey
  • “I see menopause as the start of the next fabulous phase of life as a woman. Now is a time to ‘tune in’ to our bodies and embrace this new chapter. If anything, I feel more myself and love my body more now, at 58 years old, than ever before.” – Kim Cattrall, actress
  • “I believe whole-heartedly that age is a mindset. Biological age is what it is, but I truly believe it’s more about how you feel—how you feel in your body and how you feel about your body.” – Jennifer Grey
  • “If you deal with it in a healthy fashion then I think you come out the other side a better person. I’ve got so much more energy now than I ever had in my early 50s before the menopause.”— Julie Walters, actress
  •  “You have to sit down and take a good look at yourself, particularly as you grow older and your face changes. People are afraid of changing; that they’re losing something. They don’t understand that they are also gaining something.” — Sharon Stone

  How To Improve Sex Drive In Menopause

1. Use PassionPlus 

  How To Improve Sex Drive In Menopause

Made from natural ingredients  known to improve mood and desire, increase natural lubrication, increase sexual pleasure, enhance libido and feeling of intimacy

2. Exercise

Senior woman doing standing mermaid stretch training at home.  sexy old  woman exercising stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

A daily workout can help you feel good about your body, boost your mood, and increase your levels of happiness hormones which in turn can improve your sex drive in menopause. A 2018 study published in a journal reveal that after a strenuous workout, subjects appeared to be more aroused and get sexually satisfied when they get down.

3. Healthy eating

Adding citrus fruits, watermelon, apple, pomegranate juice, and asparagus can improve your sex drive in menopause

4. Quit Smoking

Are you still smoking as an older woman,  it’s time to stop! not just for your health and overall well-being, but also for your Libido.  Bad habits like smoking can cause your low libido. Once you ditch the cigarettes for good, you’ll experience a nice boost in the bedroom

5. Abstain From Alcohol

A little wine(red wine) can improve your sex drive in menopause but having it in excess can have the exact opposite effect making it harder for you to have arousal or have an orgasm during sex, Reduce your alcohol consumption to a minimum.

6. Stop The Stress

Stress causes havoc. You need to keep your cortisol levels to a minimum which will keep your well-being in check not excluding your sexual well-being. Find a way to cope with stress and you have your sex drive increased.

7. Get A Good Sleep

When it comes to improving your sex drive in menopause, good sleep can help.  A 2015 study found that older women who sleep well had an increase in sex drive and libido. For every extra hour of sleep, a woman gets chances of engaging in sexual activity popped by 14 percent.

8. Discuss Sex With Your Partner

  How To Improve Sex Drive In Menopause

This helps you to both decide what can work and new ways to rev up your sexual lives. Be creative with your sexuality, try new styles, and experiment together.  

9. Do Kegels

Older women doing Kegel exercises on a regular basis helps their sex drive in menopause. Giving your pelvic muscles a workout, can increase your sexual energy and stimulate your sex drive, and helps in tightening things up

10)Check your medications.

Some medications can cause low libido and sex drive in menopause. If you’re concerned that your medications are the root cause of your low libido,  talk to your doctor,  reevaluating your medications to see if something can be done to help out your sexual function could be an option.

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