Does Sperm Increase A Woman’s Hip?

Does sperm increase a woman’s hip? A fact or a myth? Let’s get to it


There is a difference between Sperm and semen,  sperm is a motile reproductive cell which is not visible with the naked eyes? but sperm is transferred to the female reproductive system during sexual intercourse.

Semen is responsible for transmission of the motile sperm cells into the reproductive organ of the female. After some time of ejaculation, the semen changes into a jelly-like or sticky materia

Woman’s Hip

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According to Hopkin Medicine, ‘The hip is the area on each side of the pelvis. The pelvis bone is made up of 3 sections:

  • Ilium. The broad, flaring portion of the pelvis.
  • Pubis. The lower, rear part of the pelvis.
  • Ischium. One of the bones that helps form the hip.

The hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint that allows motion and gives stability needed to bear body weight.

The hip is one of the most stable joints in the body. But because it bears your body weight, it is more likely to develop arthritis because of the extra pressure. Pain in the hip may be caused by injury to muscles, tendons, or the small fluid-filled sacs (bursae) that cushion and lubricate joints.”

Does Sperm Increase A Woman’s Hip? What Some Females Said

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  • ‘I swallow “undiluted” sperm everyday which helps make my hips bigger.’ 
  • ‘It can for a fact increase the size of a woman’s ass. But only during certain positions in which the thighs and hips and glutes are engaged. It’s actually a great butt building exercise. It doesn’t get fatter, just muscle build. My ass is a hell of a lot nicer since I have been having sex every day!’
  • ‘Yes. Yes it can. Having sex can result in pregnancy. Pregnancy tends to bring with it weight gain. When you gain weight, guess what? Your ass gets bigger (as does the rest of you.) Hell, I’m still trying to lose baby weight from 4 1/2 years ago — I would call that long term results. Therefore, fucking (as you so eloquently put it) can cause a girl’s ass to get bigger’.

Does Sperm Increase A Woman’s Hip? What Scientists Said

  • Some studies do suggest that people gain weight after marriage. But even these unconfirmed reports say that this is true for both women as well as men. And the weight gain has nothing to do with sex for either gender. It is often the comfort of being in a relationship and the associated sense of security that make people gain weight.
  • Some Studies also show that people in relationships are likely to eat more than single people. If you want to avoid gaining weight after marriage, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Lead scientist Professor Tracey Chapman, from the University of East Anglia, said: “We tested the effects of one enigmatic seminal fluid protein, known as the ‘sex peptide’, and found it to change the expression of a remarkable array of many genes in females – both across time and in different parts of the body. “There were significant alterations to genes linked to egg development, early embryogenesis, immunity, nutrient sensing, behavior and, unexpectedly, phototransduction – or the pathways by which they see. “It showed that the semen protein is a ‘master regulator’ – which ultimately means that males effectively have a direct and global influence on the behavior and reproductive system of the female. Such effects may well occur across many species.

Benefits of Sperm

Does sperm increase a woman’s hip?  There has not been scientific claims to back  but below are the benefits of sperm

It Improves Mood

 When women have an orgasm, then the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin is released and this helps to improve their mood. Sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari says, “Orgasm for men could work as an antidepressant because the moment a man ejaculates he gets tremendous pleasure that gets rid of all worries and issues he might have.”

It Controls Insomnia

After a good time between the sheets, the doers get worn out and that is the reason for the undisturbed sleep that follows. Studies say that whether one ingests semen or it enters your bloodstream vaginally, it helps you doze off better because it contains the chemical melatonin. This relaxes a person and helps to induce sleep. 

Dr Kothari states that, “Benefits like sleeping better etc is not as a result of swallowing semen but rather when a female reaches orgasm, she gets a feeling of ‘enough and nothing more’ — oxytocin is released and that leads to a feeling of intense well-being. The pain stimulus is less and you feel better in every way. But all this happens only provided she reaches an orgasm and climax.”

It Cures Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

A lady going through morning sickness could try to expose herself to getting the sperm internally which could either be through oral sex or vagina sex. This  according to Gordon would help the body to tolerate the paternal DNA thus reducing the nausea and vomiting while carrying your bundle of joy.  

Sperm inside the pregnant mom either through oral sex or vagina sex is said to be one of the benefits of sperm during pregnancy.


It Could Lower Depression

Researchers GG Gallup, RL Burch, and psychologist Steven M Platek of the State University of New York, conducted a survey and compared sex lives of 293 females to their mental health. They hypothesized that women who are exposed to semen showed fewer signs of depression.

It’s Good For Facials

The American actress Heather Deen Locklear was quoted saying that semen on the face can work as an anti-ageing product. Researchers have found that human semen has spermine which is a powerful antioxidant. It has been found to diminish wrinkles and smoothen skin. Now, the substance is synthesised in laboratories and sold by international companies.

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Does Sperm increase a woman’s hip? There has not been any scientific to back it up but irrespective, some incredible benefits of sperm have been listed.

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