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Do you need a medicine or nutritional supplement that will give you a guaranteed boost in your sperm count, motility, production and volume? Are you worried about your low sperm count?

If the answer to that question is a resounding yes, then you need Spermboost. With a lot of testimonies to its credit, Spermboost is the viable option, a medicine, that gives your testicles the much-needed power to generate a healthy sperm count.

It is a natural remedy and medicine for male infertility designed to increase sperm count, motility, sperm volume and morphology, improve sperm texture while also balancing its pH. Worry no more, this product was made for you.

Spermboost is a medicine, a supplement, carefully and scientifically researched traditional herbs with empirical evidence for centuries. It is 100% organic, 101% effective and works optimally. It not only works on your reproductive health but also helps in treating underlying health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension which are known to affect sperm production negatively.

The success of the medicine/ supplement called Spermboost comes from the fact that it is a rich blend of natural ingredients such as:

  • Maca root
  • Ashwangandha
  • Saw palmetto
  • Tribulus
  • Sesamum rediatum

1. Maca Root

maca root

A plant native to southern America, known scientifically as lepidium meyenii and sometimes referred to as Peruvian ginseng. It is a cruciferous vegetable that is related to broccoli and cabbage. It is also popular among the Peruvians for its medicinal and culinary properties.

It has been used traditionally by them to increase sex drive and enhance fertility. The most edible part of this medicinal plant is the root which is one of the constituents of Spermboost. It will interest you to know that it is highly nutritious containing Vitamin C and B6, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, Fiber, Protein, calories, carbohydrates and other bioactive plant components such as polyphenols.

All these functions individually and collectively to:

  • Build enzymes and body proteins (manganese and protein)
  • Prevent oxidative damage to your cells (Vitamin C)
  • Maintain normal body pH and osmolarity (potassium)
  • Give your body energy (calories and carbohydrate)
  • Boost blood production (iron)
  • Help your nerves to work properly (Vitamin B6 and Potassium)
  • Decrease the absorption of fats in your intestines while helping bowel movement (fibre).

From the above analysis, it shows that Spermboost is a medicine and supplement that not only boosts male fertility in relation to sperm count and motility, but also enhances sport performance, male and female libido as well as helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

2. Ashwangandha

Known scientifically as withania somnifera, Ashwangandha is an ancient medicinal herb that helps to boost your body functions, brain functions and also manage your stress levels. Stress in the body tends to increase the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that antagonizes the effect of testosterone in sperm production and causes insulin insensitivity in the muscles thereby causing high blood sugar levels and ultimately diabetes. High blood sugar levels cause advance glycation end products (AGEP) whose receptors (RAGE) is associated with the malignancy of cancer. This plant antagonizes the effect of stress in the body by lowering the secretion of cortisol and boosting the production of testosterone and insulin while increasing its sensitivity in the muscles. Withaferin, a compound in Aswhangandha induces the killing of cancerous cells through its apoptotic abilities. Because of its effect on the body and brain, it can:

  • boost memory, reduce anxiety and suppress p=depression
  • increase muscle mass and strength through its effect on testosterone levels
  • reduce inflammation which tends to cause heart diseases

This means that sperm boost can reduce your stress level, prevent you from developing heart conditions, reduce your blood sugar and also boost your sperm count.

3. Saw palmetto

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Saw palmetto is a component of Spermboost which is known scientifically as seronoa repen. This plant is used as a supplement to balance hormones while also boosting testosterone levels in the body. It also aids the health of the prostate, a gland that secretes the seminal fluid which nourishes the sperm.  Other benefits associated with it are the prevention of hair loss, decreased risk of inflammation and improved urinary function.

In addition to aiding prostate health, it prevents the risk of prostate cancer and benign prostate hyperplasia – a condition of the enlargement of the prostate gland. Its effect on testosterone means that you can have a healthy sperm count, motility,  production and fantastic sexual drive.

4. Tribulus

This constituent of Spermboost is used in treating problems of the urogenital system such as kidney stones, painful urination as well as erectile dysfunction and spermatorrhea – the involuntary release of sperm without orgasm.

The effects of this plant increase sexual desire, increase sperm count and motility and can also be felt in the circulatory system as it prevents anaemia and heart problems. As a mood enhancer, it can be used in enhancing athletic performance and treating inflammation.

5. Sesamum rediatum

This plant has tremendous properties as a medicinal herb. It has a rich source of bioactive components such as lignans, sesamin, episesamin, tocopherols and other antioxidants which have antitumorigenic properties.

Studies have shown that its antioxidant component helps to combat seminal reactive oxygen species which can damage the sperm and seminal vesicles. Its effect on infertility is significant as it increases sperm count and motility in infertile men.

6. Garcina Kola

Garcina Kola is popularly known locally as bitter kola. It belongs to a group of plants known for their adaptogenic properties which helps you to adapt to stress. Its medicinal properties include antidiabetic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory.

This plant is rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, B-Complex (B1, 2 and 3) and minerals such as calcium, potassium, and iron. It has an aphrodisiac property which boosts sexual drive, performance, desire, and pleasure.  As an anti-infective agent, It also helps to fight infections against gonorrhea and boosts your immunity.

Are you searching for a medicine or supplement that increases Sperm Count and Motility? Spermboost is all you need

The wholesome product


Spermboost as a nutritional and dietary supplement/medicine is a proprietory blend that contains Maca root, Ashwangandha, Saw palmeto, Tribulus, Sesamum radiatum, Garcinia kola. Its collective constituents can:

  • treat oligospermia by increasing your sperm count and motility
  • increase your sexual drive and performance
  • supply you with antioxidants
  • help to prevent underlying health conditions
  • balance hormonal levels
  • corrects and balance all sperm parameters which include Sperm Volume, Sperm Texture, Sperm PH, Morphology and so on

It is a medicine designed to benefit you mentally, physically and ultimately reproductively. Here are some of the reviews to let you know that it works optimally.

I had a bad morphology (27%), took these Spermboost and my wife is 4 months pregnant now.
Don’t know if it is thanks to them or to the various fruits taken then – CHRIS

Well, if you are wondering if you should spend any money on this, well spend money on this one. If you want a child, then take it. I started taking the sperm boost. I took two a day. If I missed a day, I would double up… Eventually, I got the motility boost that I needed – USMAN

I have no way of saying with absolute certainty that Spermboost works. All I do know is that I was told by some fertility experts that I could never father a child without IVF, since I don’t have enough money for that, I decided to keep trying various things until I found Spermboost. Just two months buying it, I am amazed to say that my wife is pregnant. Maybe it does really work – ANDREW

How you can get the supplement

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