Is It Bad If My Sperm Is Watery?

“Is it bad if my sperm is watery” is a question some men ask consistently and this post is here to shed some light about that.

Most men worry too much about whether the semen is watery or thick. Curiously, there is no exploration to back the possibility that the thickness or slimness of semen has something to do with fertility or anything. The standard mean discharge volume for testing is 3.7ml, and it’s viewed as normal regardless of whether it’s underneath 1.5ml. It implies that even a teaspoon of semen is okay as a rule.

Is it bad if my sperm is watery

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Understand that you may see a substance emerging from your penis when you’re sexually energized – it’s located at the tip of your penis. This isn’t semen – it’s pre-discharge (or precum) delivered by the Cowper’s organ. The liquid gives oil during sex. Numerous individuals see it as watery semen, however, it doesn’t generally contain sperm.

Which elements impact the consistency of semen?

What you eat will likewise affect the consistency of semen. It implies that you will see watery semen if your eating routine doesn’t contain enough protein or needs other significant supplements, like Spermboost. Protein will help make your semen thick.

Additionally, you may see an adjustment in the thickness of your semen on the off chance that you discharge frequently. It typically takes a couple of months for sperms to develop in the gonads, which implies that your balls won’t have enough sperms in the event that you jerk off and discharge a few times every day. The absence of sperm in this situation may prompt watery semen.

In spite of the fact that it isn’t in every case valid, a low sperm count may likewise be the explanation for your watery semen. You have to see however that a few elements can affect your sperm count.

In the event that your balls are being exposed to high temperatures, it will shield your sperms from growing completely. The ascent in temperature could be because of your tight clothes.

By and large, there’s no genuine need to stress over anything in the event that you notice watery sperm or semen. Be that as it may, you may look for clinical guidance if your semen is watery and you experience pain while discharging. You may think about setting off to a genitourinary medication (GUM) center to discover help.

What Changes in Semen to Worry About?

Is it bad if my sperm is watery

1 . A change in smell may indicate problems too. You will see a chlorine-type smell when you discharge, yet you may have a disease if the semen smells unpleasant.

2. How much semen individual discharges differ extraordinarily, yet you ought to have an idea regarding the volume of semen you typically discharge. On the off chance that you see a decline in its typical volume, this might be because of a blockage in the ejaculatory canal or original vesicle.

3. If you are seeing a low volume of the original liquid, this could be because of a condition called retrograde discharge. In this condition, your semen flows back into the bladder as opposed to emerging from your penis. This may occur because of prostatic contamination, diabetes, and certain medicines.

4. Your semen may turn out to be thick in case you’re feeling dried out. It is just an impermanent condition, however. You may need to stress over the thick original liquid if it’s clumpy also. It as a rule occurs because of anomalous low testosterone levels. On the off chance that the condition endures for a long time, you may think about observing your doctor.

Why color of the semen matters more than thickness?

Is it bad if my sperm is watery?

You have to understand that semen is grayish or white in color. It should turn runny and clear in close to 30 minutes. On the off chance that you notice an adjustment in its tone, there might be something genuine going on here. In the event that your semen is red in shading, it typically occurs because of prostate issues.

In some cases, you will see earthy-colored or brilliant red semen. It is fundamentally because of a blasted vein in your prostate. Your semen tone should get back to normal as usual within several days, yet on the off chance that that is not the situation, you should visit your doctor on the grounds that steady blood in seminal liquid may result from injury, disease, and even malignancy.

Green or yellow-tinged semen generally means diseases. In the event that you notice an articulated green or yellow tone, it very well may be because of an STD called gonorrhea. You may need to take antibiotics to treat this infection, so it is important to see your doctor as soon as you can.

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What Causes Watery Semen?

Is it bad if my sperm is watery? Watery semen isn’t a condition to stress a lot yet it occurs because of a few changes in wellbeing.

Some of them include:

Low sperm count

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), low sperm count is characterized by creating under 15 million sperm for each milliliter of semen. This can hinder your ability to conceive however not always.

Frequent Ejaculation

If you are occupied with masturbation or sexual exercises a few times then it can prompt watery semen. This is on the grounds that your body doesn’t get sufficient opportunity to create semen nature of a similar amount. In a 2016 study, scientists gathered semen tests of 20 men who discharge day by day for 14 days following 3-5 days of break.


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Zinc Deficiency

Zinc insufficiency is one more conceivable reason for watery semen. Indeed, even Research shows, that those men who have enough degrees of zinc or take zinc supplements have the ability to battle against sperm antibodies impact.

Retrograde Ejaculation

While you discharge, semen passes through the urethra and afterward out of the penis. A useless bladder sphincter makes semen return to the bladder which prompts retrograde discharge.


Varicocele is a condition that happens increasing of veins that run from the gonads to the scrotum. Despite the fact that it may not give any indications sperm creation can be diminished and semen quality also. This is a typical condition to happen and as per Urology Care Foundation, varicocele influences 15% of guys. Furthermore, of those men who test for fruitfulness issues, among them 40% experienced the ill effects of this condition.

Not taking Spermboost


Spermboost is a supplement that increases the sperm quality of your semen by 300 percent. It can also cure your watery semen in case you are still worried about watery semen.

This supplement has helped many people and it will surely help you also.

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Your takeaway

Is it bad if my sperm is watery

Watery semen can be an indication of low sperm count, demonstrating conceivable fertility issues. Discharging slim, watery semen or clear semen may likewise be a brief condition with no genuine well-being concerns.

Ordinarily, semen is a thick, whitish fluid. Nonetheless, a few conditions can change the color and consistency of semen.

Is it bad if my sperm is watery

Is it bad if my sperm is watery?

The watery sperm conveys liquids from the prostate organ and some other male conceptive organs. This sort of semen is an indication of a low sperm count that shows fruitfulness issues. Furthermore, on the off chance that you are discharging slender with clear semen, at that point there isn’t anything to stress as it is a brief condition with no genuine medical issue.

Why Is My Sperm Watery And Yellow?

Is it bad if my sperm is watery?

The color of sperm is yellow on the grounds that there might be a likelihood that yellow-touched pee may blend in with semen that gives a yellowish tone. Furthermore, due to white platelets Additionally, there is a likelihood to see yellow semen. This may at times bring about contamination considered STIs or sexually communicated disease that incorporates herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and so forth to make semen yellow.

Could Watery Semen Affect Fertility?

Is it bad if my sperm is watery?

You may realize that watery semen is impermanent and frequently goes all alone. In any case, when watery semen is determined then it can show a low sperm count or a condition that influences fertility. According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the greatest fertility issues come due to those issues that influence how testicles work.


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