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In this article, we will be diving into various colors of sperm, causes and if you can change the color of your sperm.

While semen is typically a whitish-gray color, there are some instances when semen may appear as a different color, which is commonly yellow. 


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What Is Semen/Sperm?

Semen and Sperm are different. Sperm is part of semen but semen is not part of sperm. Semen is made up of sperm cells. When you have sex and ejaculate, you release semen. When you go for a semen analysis, you release semen but the main reason for the semen is to check your sperm health through a microscope. The checking shows your sperm concentration, motility and morphology. 

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The 5 Colors Of Sperm

Various colors of sperm are

1) Red/Brown Semen

 At times a man can experience a leak, or a blood vessel may burst around the seminal vesicles. The release of blood can cause semen to take on a red or brown appearance. If the semen continues to be red after 1 to 2 days, it is advisable you seek medical treatment.

2) Black Semen

 Black blood is usually old blood that’s been in your body for a long time. Seeing blood in your semen can be scary even though It’s uncommon and it rarely signals a serious problem especially in men under the age of 40. Blood in the semen (hematospermia) often doesn’t last long, as it’s usually a self-resolving problem.

3)Green Semen

semen can indicate an infection of the prostate or surrounding tissues. Please see your doctor if you have green semen.

4) Yellow Semen

Yellow sperm color does not necessarily indicate a health disorder. It could be because your sperm fluid is mixed with urine in the urethral tract.

5) White/Grey Semen  

White, Clear or grayish sperm indicates a healthy sperm. This color of sperm has a thick texture and a high number of sperm

What Causes Different Shades Of Sperm?

1)Red/Brown semen is caused by

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Other causes of red/brown semen are:

  • Procedure ostate biopsy involves cutting the tissue that can enter blood into your urinary tract or ejaculatory tract. The blood may leak, causing the sperm to turn red or brown 
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)  when not treated causes blood to get mixed with sperm, 

2) Black Semen is caused by hematospermia disorder. which basically is an inflammatory condition of the seminal vesicles. Blood from this seminal vesicles that gets mixed together with sperm has been exposed to oxygen and causes the color of sperm to be black.

3) Green Semen: Infection or a sexually transmitted disease (STD) could cause the color of sperm to be green.

4) Yellow Sperm: Causes of Yellow sperm include

  • Abnormally high white blood cells: Excess white blood cells can be produced by inflammation, Which is released via the semen, a condition known as pyospermia or leukocytospermia. Also, excess white blood cells can cause semen to appear yellow. 
  • Jaundice: This occurs when the liver has difficulty breaking down bilirubin, a by-product of red blood cell destruction. Jaundice most often causes yellowing of the eyes and  can also cause the skin and the semen to appear yellow too.
  • Urine in the semen: Urine and semen travels through the urethra. It is possible that some yellow-tinted urine can mix with semen, which would give semen a yellow tint color.

5) White/Grey Semen: A white/grey semen is caused by a healthy lifestyle and die

Can Color Of Sperm Change? 

Having gone through the 5 colors of sperm and their causes, It is of utmost importance that if a man notices something out of the normal, or his semen remains discolored for a long period of time, he should contact his doctor who can diagnose the cause and give treatment to the discolored sperm.



It is to be noted that it is completely normal for a man to produce semen that differs in color, texture, and even smell. A man’s ejaculate  can vary based on a man’s diet, activities, and the amount of time since he last ejaculated.



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Colors Of Sperm (Video)