Infertility is a major problem that has confronted a lot of marriages, the inability to impregnate a woman to bear a child could serve as big hindrance to a happy home. A lot of marriages which started on the premises of love had been cut short due to inability to have offspring. In the past, infertility in most cases was considered a woman’s fault, but that is not  the case today as improved scientific researches and medical tests have created awareness concerning this problem. Men are equally responsible for infertility in form of low sperm count, gone are the days when women took the blame solely.

Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count entails weak ejaculation during orgasm, when the fluid (semen) you release into your female partner during sex is less compared to normal, you can be said to be suffering from low sperm count. Another name for low sperm count is Oligospermia, while total absence of sperm in a man’s sex organs is called Azoospermia. One can only be considered to be suffering from low sperm when his organs contain fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. A lot of people are confronted with this challenge and are willing to go extra mile just to fix it and have their organs functioning effectively.

The odds that a man can fertilize his partner’s egg decreases greatly when he is suffering from low sperm count. Needless to say, having a low sperm count does not mean you will never father a child, it will shock you to note that most men with this problem go on to impregnate a woman or their partner and have children later on in their lives. The fact that you have been diagnosed of low sperm count should not discourage you from keeping the hope of being a father someday. You can beat the challenge and become a happy dad to your kids.

Before, discussing low sperm count is usually secretive as people did not want to be subject of discussion among people but today, sex education have paved way for people to understand health challenges and speak out when necessary. Examining the underlying cause of your infertility is a necessary step to be taken by your doctor when you visit him/her concerning your low sperm count challenge. Evaluating the result if it is low is important to rule out potential contributing factors and figure out if assisted reproductive techniques may be required. Metabolic alterations, cardiovascular risk and low bone mass are some of the illnesses associated with low sperm count. Evaluating your fertility as a man gives you an edge because you are guaranteed an opportunity for health assessment and disease prevention.

Symptoms of low sperm count

Generally, the inability to impregnate a woman is the major symptom of low sperm count, others include:

After production of sperm in the testicles, they are transported by delicate tubes prior mixing up with semen and ejaculated out of the penis. Though humans have managed to overpopulate the world, when compared to animals, humans have poor fertility; we all exist because our parents were fertile enough to bare us. Sperm production which requires a complex process of hypothalamus and pituitary glands proper functioning could be adversely affected. There are numerous factors responsible for causing low sperm count in men.

Causes of low sperm count

Excessive alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol uncontrollably can lead to lower testosterone level and negatively affect the production of sperm.


as is the normal habit of humans, stress in form of emotions or physically could affect certain hormones needed to produce sperm.


There are certain jobs that could increase the risk of an individual experiencing low sperm count. Constant use of technological devices like computers at work place could affect sperm production.

Use of drugs illegally

Supplements or steroids taken by men especially athletes to improve muscular strength can shrink testicles and lead to decrease in sperm production. For men that use drugs such as marijuana or cocaine could temporarily disrupt sperm production.


Aside the negative effective of smoking to respiratory organs, men who smoke tobacco are not only liable to die young but could equally encounter low sperm count.

Body weight

Getting overweight and not watching accumulation of fat in your body could reduce the possibility of fertility in men.



For people suffering from low sperm count, NatureHill presents the solution to this problem in form of its product SpermBoost. The drug is a formulation of traditional herbs which has had empirical evidences for centuries but is now proven scientifically. Also, these herbs help in reducing morphological damage and is widely known to boost various parameters of sperm count, sperm viability and motility by 300%.


Owing to the fact that it is a dietary supplement, you are recommended to take a teaspoon with milk twice daily. It is best you take the divided doses with meals. To achieve maximum effects, you may be required to do your regular dosage for a period of 4-6 weeks. This is because the more you take the drugs, the better chances of getting desired result.

Duration of dosage

Recommendation for SpermBoost dosage stands at regular dosage for a month or as long as the individual is willing to ensure improved sperm quality and increased reproductive health. It is equally essential to note that supplements that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants play extremely important role in our healthy living conditions generally.


It takes at least one month for one to start seeing the effects of SpermBoost, due to this; you are advised to purchase at least two cups to achieve maximum results.

How SpermBoost works

Composed of all natural and traditional herbs which bring together essential ingredients, SpermBoost is fashioned to foster male reproductive wellbeing as part of a general health and diet regimen, aiding fertility and boosting your odds to conceive. It is made to help the formation of sperm as well as improving sperm motility and count with an effective formula that combines herbs. It does not have any side effect, but it is serious to note that you are not supposed to use it alongside antibiotics. The period for development and maturation of sperm for users of SpermBoost must be accounted for. Sperm maturity could take up to 60 days (two months) before being capable to fertilize a woman’s egg.

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Testimonials On Spermboost

Here are some of the things some people are saying about Spermboost


I went for a test some days back and got the result today. I have been dancing all evening, the test came out great. All the parameters have risen to normal. Every single parameter is well within a healthy range. Although I couldn’t believe it, I really thank God and I testify that your product worked for me” – PETER

I had a child before I got married, so when we didn’t conceive after 2 years in marriage, I allegedly nursed the feeling it was my wife that had issues. This innocent lady went all out to make herself fit. After conducting several tests, she was certified fit. The last medical practitioner she met insisted I must come for a test too. It was preposterous to me, I have proof already. With her constant pleading, I went for a test and I had a low sperm count. I had to conduct a personal test that confirmed it. To cut the story short, I used Spermboost and we have a child now. My advice to men out there never thinks you are okay until you conduct a test.” – EMMA

These testimonials should increase your faith in this product.

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