The conception of a child takes a man and a woman to achieve. Though the woman has the responsibility of carrying the child till full term, the man also has an important role for fertilization to occur. The sperm must first reach the ovum which is solely dependent on its quantity and quality. It is right to say that nature has designed the female reproductive system to allow only the fastest sperm to fertilize the egg to produce healthy babies.

Sperm quality and quantity is the responsibility of the man and this can determine how fast your wife can get pregnant. Other factors to also consider in this aspect is the ability to have and sustain an erection because you cannot perform sexually or ejaculate with a flaccid penis.

According to a study done in Northwestern Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, Chicago, the females accounted for 60% of the problems faced by 80% of infertile couples while the males accounted for the remaining 40%. As a man who knows what’s good for his family, you cannot ignore that 40%. As little as our society may think it is, it is a big deal. There are many steps to take if you want to get her pregnant fast which includes:

1. Get your medical conditions under control

This is a way you can father a child. Treating underlying health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension effectively is a way to get your wife pregnant fast. Other conditions that can affect you is a varicocele and certain drugs used to treat high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and pain. You should be able to get appropriate medical advice from a physician about drugs that can hinder your ability to father a child and other alternatives that will not.

2. Shed some weight

Some studies have suggested that obese men who are overweight take longer time to father a child than men with no weight issues. This further suggests that the excessive fat negatively affects testosterone levels in the body leading to low sperm count, quality and motility. Shedding that excessive fat through exercise or a weight loss regime can make your hormone levels and sperm bounce back to normal.

3. Eat right

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You should stick to natural sources of foods such as fruits and vegetables. Also, eat more white meat (chicken) and less red meat (cattle). Fruits and vegetables are known for their high fibre content which decreases the absorption of bad fat in your small and large intestine. They are also the natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can make your sperm healthy and motile.

4. Engage in physical activity

Doing more push-ups or running long distances can make you feel good about yourself. Giving you a positive mindset, it can help you deal with psychological stress which causes an imbalance in your hormonal levels. While it is good to exercise, it should be moderate such that you don’t injure your genitals (e.g. cycling excessively). Physical activities also help you to stay fit which is one way you can be more active in bed with your wife.

5. Be age conscious

Most men think that age does not affect them the way it affects women, but it does. Like women undergo menopause, the men’s quality and quantity of sperm also tend to decrease with age. Other things that deteriorate with age is the genetic mutations that might happen over time which can make a man end up fathering children with abnormalities.

6. Ditch smoking and drinking

Smoking, as well as alcoholism, reduce sperm quality as they have a negative impact on sperm production. People who smoke tend to have slower and deformed sperm than their non-smoking counterpart. Other substances that can also affect sperm health are recreational drugs and steroids for bodybuilding. As a non-smoker who stays away from cigarette smoke, marijuana, and alcoholism, you can have a healthy sperm count and get your wife pregnant when you try.

7. Beware of heat

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If you want to get your wife pregnant quickly, you should stay away from heat as this can raise your testicular temperature. This can also have an overall negative effect on your fertility. Avoid placing your laptop on your lap and frequent visits to hot tubs and sauna. However, expect your sperm production to go back to normal once you start avoiding heat and then, you can impregnate your wife.

8. Take multivitamins

While it is very important to cook your meals in a bid to stay healthy, you should also be aware that some key nutrients are lost in the process of cooking due to heat. Multivitamins tend to contain antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, selenium, and zinc. They help to maintain your cellular integrity and prevent you from accumulating substances that will cause DNA damage in the body. They can also boost your sperm health as part of their protective function.

9. Seek medical help

If you have tried once or twice and you are yet to succeed, do not lose hope. Medical science has now made it simpler that you can detect and treat any conditions associated with conceiving. Whatever the issues you may be having, you wouldn’t know how to treat it if you don’t get tested. There are lots of fertility clinics you can visit, you just have to know when to seek help.

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How To Make Your Wife Pregnant:
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