An erection is caused by increased blood flow into the penis as a result of sexual thoughts or direct contact with the penis. When a man is aroused, there is increased blood flow through the penile arteries which fills the chambers in the penis causing it to become rigid. The process also come to an end as the blood returns to circulation. We are going to discuss how to correct Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Erectile dysfunction is an embarrassing situation for men as most men find it difficult to talk about it because it makes them feel less. Erectile dysfunction is the inability for men to have or sustain an erection during sex. This can greatly affect their sexual performance and ability to father a child. However, it becomes a cause of concern when it happens in multiple occasions of sexual intercourse.

Some cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by underlying health, psychological or medical conditions affecting the nerves and blood supply to the penis. Other causes include substance abuse such as alcohol, smoking, prescription and recreational drugs. Below are detailed explanations of different causes of erectile dysfunction.

1. Physical causes

This is due to underlying medical conditions that can be addressed through diagnosis by a physician such as:

  • Atherosclerosis or narrowing of the blood vessels which can cause heart disease and low blood flow to the penis
  • Diabetes
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Thyroid disorders and testosterone deficiency
  • Surgical complications
  • Anatomical disorder of the penis

Whether it’s a simple case or a serious issue, it can greatly affect your sexual health, but you can find yourself returning to normal once you resolve it with the appropriate measures.

Drugs used to treat some conditions can also cause erectile dysfunction such as antidiuretics, antidepressants, and chemotherapeutic drugs.

2. Psychological causes

While you may not have a problem having an erection, there are cases that you cannot maintain it for long.  Psychological cases account for the secondary causes of erectile dysfunction in some men. Such factors may include

  • Guilt
  • Worry
  • Severe anxiety
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Stress

However, some physical causes like obesity can lead to low esteem which can psychologically lead to erectile dysfunction in some men

How to  Erectile Dysfunction in men

1. Appropriate medications

If you are having difficulty in sustaining an erection, your doctor may prescribe some medications for you. However, he must check you for conditions such as heart disease. An example is Viagra. This medication works but it comes with some side effects such as indigestion, hearing loss, headache and visual abnormalities.

2. Vacuum pumps

Men who do not want to use drugs or whose drugs do not work for them can use a device that helps to stimulate and sustain an erection.

It contains a tube which is placed on the penis, a pump which works to create a vacuum by drawing air out of the tube and an elastic ring placed at the base of the penis to restrict blood from flowing back into the body’s circulation. This device allows blood to flow into the penis to maintain an erection.

3. Talk to a therapist

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Some causes may be psychological and can be resolved by talking to a counsellor or a sex therapist. They can evaluate you psychologically and help you deal with conditions that may be affecting your erection such as stress, anxiety or depression.

As most men do not really like talking about their conditions, cases related to their relationships could be discussed with a relationship counsellor.

4. Exercises

This is very important if you want to correct this condition. Some forms of exercise have been proven to help correct erectile dysfunction.

The pelvic floor muscles are vital for penile function. This exercise is done to first identify these muscles and secondly, to strengthen them. When it is done on a routine basis, your penile erection can return to normal.

  • Aerobic exercise

Moderate to vigorous exercise can increase blood flow and circulation in the body. Not only does this benefit you physically, but the oxygenated blood that exercise produces also enables you to break down fat easily for energy, thereby, boosting your testosterone levels.

As some causes are due to psychological factors, yoga helps to relieve the stress and help you relax your mind and body so that it can function optimally.

5. Diet

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As your diet affects your health, it can also cause you or prevent you from developing erectile dysfunction. Hence, the choice is yours to make. To correct erectile dysfunction, you need to include the following in your diet:

  • Stop eating red meat
  • Reduce your intake of sugary and processed food
  • Eat fruits such as watermelon, tiger-nut, date and banana
  • Eat whole grains and vegetables.
  • Stop consuming alcohol


6. Massage

There is a form of massage which can be combined with other forms of treatment for erectile dysfunction. This is called the prostatic massage.

In this method, the practitioner will massage the areas around the groin to increase blood flow to the penis. However, it may have to be done several times a week as the duration and length of the massage is dependent on the severity of symptoms.

7. Surgery

This is usually the last resort when other methods have failed. There are several surgical options to choose from which include vascular surgery which serves to correct the problems with the blood vessels that supplies blood to the penis. Penile implants are also reserved for men who has had no success with drugs and other methods of treatment.

8. Use Randyfood

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