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Having a low sperm count can be as threatening to intimate relationships as guns are life threatening. The good news is that there are home remedies to improve sperm count. Regular intake of these home remedies helps to constantly increase sperm count. Nature is filled with home remedies to improve sperm count

Infertility in men which is a big result of low sperm count can leave a man wifeless in form of divorce or separation, it could also lead to insult among his pair owing to the fact that he is incapable of performing his sexual duties especially as it pertains to reproduction. When a man is perceived infertile, he feels less of himself and watch himself remain childless until he takes quick action to solve the problem. However, it is needful to note the fact that SpermBoost, a supplement from the stables of thenaturehill plays a huge role in improving low sperm count, this is because it contains combinations of home remedies to improve sperm count. Before delving into how effective this supplement can be, lets talk about some easily accessible home remedies to this problem.

Home Remedies To Improve Sperm Count


Consume Diets That Will Boost Fertility

Consuming sperm-friend foods is a great way to improving your sperm count level, an home remedies recipe to increasing sperm count. What is meant by sperm-friendly foods is eating foods rich in nutrients that boost sperm in the male sexual organs. Fried foods like soy and soda are not encouraged, they are damaging to the sperm cells. Diets rich in nutrients like zinc, co-enzyme Q-10, and selenium are advisable for men searching for home remedies to low sperm count.

Foods like oysters, red meat, yoghurt among others are rich in zinc and should be consumed in great quantity to help boost fertility in male. Others include, avocado, olive oil, seafood, tomatoes, greens, salmon, sweet potatoes, oats, poultry, beef and more. These foods mentioned are home remedies great for the sperm level in the body, you can consume them to see results.

Supplements are equally not a bad idea for males seeking to improve their sperm count level. Most fertility supplements are made up of healthy nutrients backed by clinical research and proven to be effective. Thus, it is expected that when you consume these supplements, you will not be left short of positive outcome.

You never know, little changes to your daily diet can have a huge impact on your sperm level. For instance, you can choose to consume salmon instead of tuna, prefer olive oil to vegetable oil, and sweet potatoes over potatoes. This is all in a bid to remain disciplined and live up to your partner’s sexual needs. It is equally necessary to note that as you consume foods meant to improve your sperm level, ensure the consumption level is minimal. Do not go over as the outcome will backlash and the effect will turn out negative and reduce your sperm count instead of increasing it, do not go over the limit.

Exercise Your Body

Another great home remedy for sperm count which is often neglected is exercise.You do your body greater harm by refusing to wake up at that early hour of the morning to exercise or fail to hit the gym at your own designated time. Exercising your body, not only keeps you physically fit, it also leaves your sperm level high. When you think that it is tiring working out your muscles, remember it is more tiring having to explain to your partner that you are infertile or weak sexually.

Try to avoid being overweight, being consistent with your fitness routines is not a bad idea. Some individuals are not certain about the kind of exercise that they can fit into. To solve this, get yourself a personal fitness trainer who will help you work on your body, your trainer will design programs meant to bring your fitness level and weight loss to the required range.

Also, you should know what your body can take, when you water the flower excessively, it is bound to loose its freshness or beauty. Know the level of exercise you can do, when you go over the limit, you stand a risk of amenorrhea which is absence of menstruation in females and low sperm count in men. You just make sure you do the required level.

Avoid Unnecessary Toxin

In our world of today, where industrialization thrives greatly, we are all exposed to harmful chemical and toxins which hamper our sperm level. Most chemicals men inhale in industries that they work end up affecting their sperm count negatively. Chemicals and environmental pollutants play a huge role globally in low sperm count. Men are advised not to live in areas where industries are located to be on the safer side. For people that work where they cannot avoid inhaling these products, they can always cover their nose which is not guarantee, but frequent medical checks are advisable so that quick action is taken when low sperm count is perceived.

In a bid to keep your sperm level okay, identifying unwanted chemicals and toxins in your life that leaves you at the risk of suffering from low sperm count is the best option for you. Imagine inhaling free and fresh air on a daily, take that step of leaving or packing out from areas that are rich in harmful toxin. Staying out of a toxic environments is a remedy to improve your count

Regular Ejaculation

Research have proven that regular ejaculation of at least 2 to 3 days on a weekly basis helps keep everything down there healthy and very fresh. This is one remedy to sperm count you should be delighted to carry out. Less ejaculation for men could lead to dead sperm cells and also poor quality of sperm. It is equally needful to note that frequent ejaculation more than the level stated can lead to low sperm count as the body might find it difficult to reproduce the amount of sperm lost during ejaculation.

Needless to say, regular ejaculation is not just good for your sperm level, it is equally good for the general health of your body as it helps to avoid certain health challenges like prostate cancer. It helps rid the male body of harmful toxins and leave the sexual organs effective.


Known to improve and raise the level of several parameters associated with sperm count, sperm viability, and motility by about 300%, SpermBoost is formed from traditional herbs which has been researched and proven to be scientifically effective with empirical evidences for centuries. Specially made for men confronted with the medical challenge of low sperm count, SpermBoost also helps to reduce morphological damages in males. Evidence from testimonies show that you are assured of results within 30-45 days and your problem of infertility or inability to impregnate your partner becomes history.
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Highlighted above are home remedies to improve low sperm count. Use Spermboost to improve your low count