Most men discovered they have staphylococcus commonly called staph after being infertile for some time which is often detected after undergoing fertility tests. Not all male infertility case is related to staphylococcus but often staphylococcus when not treated early leads to male infertility. Is there a link between Staphylococcus and male fertility ?

There is no doubting the fact that there are certain infections that can affect the male sexual organ and lead to infertility. Staphylococcus is a great example of such a type of infection. Infertility in men which is generally known as low sperm count or Oligospermia presents a huge challenge to the masculine gender of today’s world. A lot of men find themselves suffering from the inability to impregnate their partners which does not augur well for intimate relationships or marriages. SpermBoost, a scientifically proven supplement is a real solution to the problem of infertility from Naturehill. They also give some vital information on how you can personally cure staphylococcus without stress. However, it is vital to understand and establish a link between Staphylococcus and infertility before explaining the huge role SpermBoost plays in combating them.


Staphylococcus and male fertility

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Popularly referred to as Staph, the infection is caused by staphylococcus bacteria commonly found on our skin or nose, not even healthy individuals are free of germs that cause staphylococcus. Most times, these germs responsible for causing staphylococcus are just there, they hardly cause problems and can only result in minor skin problems at times. Despite this, one has to be very careful because once it penetrates and invades deeper into your skin, it would cause serious health damage to your body and turn deadly. The number of healthy individuals that end up developing staph infections increases on a daily. It is best you take proper care of your skin to avoid these infections that are life-threatening and equally affect your sperm level as a man of reproductive age.

Having noted the fact that one is capable of contracting staph-related infections due to carelessness related to the skin, it is very important to note that oftentimes, over 30 staphylococcus infections cause life-threatening infections that require immediate response to save the life of the individual involved. Of all the numerous staph bacteria, staphylococcus aureus is notable for causing the most common type of staphylococcus infection.

When staphylococcus aureus gains access to one’s skin through wounds or the respiratory tract, it can cause serious health damage leading to infections. No wonder, health workers strongly encourage good care of the skin to avoid such scenarios. Some of the infections associated with staphylococcus bacteria are explained below.

Impetigo is a great example of an infection caused by staphylococcus. It is a superficial skin infection that is notable for skin crusting. This is not good for an individual that wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, Cellulitis, which affects the skin layers is a common infection which is caused by staph bacteria, it is equally dangerous. Localized inflammations which are also known as Abscesses and other pocket infections are equally caused by Staphylococcus.

Mastitis, a staph infection that can be caught by breastfeeding women cannot be neglected in this discourse, it is capable of releasing bacteria into the mother’s breast milk consumed by the baby, which is not good for both the mother and the child. In the lungs, staph bacteria are capable of causing pneumonia, when it gets into the bone, Osteomyelitis is the resultant effect. When allowed into the blood, it can infect the heart with Endocarditis as an outcome. If allowed into one’s bloodstream, it can spread to other body organs and result in life-threatening and severe infections such as Bacteremia or Sepsis. The effect of Sepsis could be shock or failure of vital organs in the body which can rapidly cause death.

Most times, the treatment for staphylococcus involves antibiotics and complete drainage of the affected body part. Needful to state the fact that some staph infections are so powerful and fail to respond to common antibiotics. This leaves the person suffering from this infection at great risk of death. Staphylococcus and male fertility


Simply defined as a man’s inability to impregnate his sex partner, infertility otherwise known as low sperm count is not good for a man’s overall healthy living.  Factors such as stress, excessive alcohol intake, steroids and intake of excess illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana, fatness, and poor or lack of exercise are some of the common factors responsible for infertility in males. Unlike in the past when women were usually held responsible for infertility in the family, men are increasingly becoming responsible for the lack of offspring in homes.

 Staphylococcus and male fertility

Staphylococcus and male fertility

Staphylococcus which is a contagious infection plays a huge role in infertility among partners. A man who is diagnosed with staphylococcus is advised not to risk sleeping with his partner in order not to transmit the infection to her. It is one of the sexually transmitted infections that can lead to a breakdown in marital relationships if not properly addressed. One might say love conquers all, but it is equally necessary to note that love is caring for your partner and ensuring that harmful infections do not get to them especially when you are a carrier.

Staphylococcus and male fertility, a man with staphylococcus finds it extremely hard to perform in bed. He finds it hard to release sperm and is also confronted with a low sperm count. With this, you are not only facing the health challenge of staphylococcus but you are equally fighting infertility. It would have been a lot easier if you have to fight off staphylococcus alone, but decreasing the sperm level in your body is another challenge that comes with it.

As earlier noted, once staph bacteria are allowed into the bloodstream, it is capable of affecting other organs of the body. Man’s sex organs are no exception to this problem. You just have to keep up with medical checks so you can avoid the risk attached to your sex organs.

Staphylococcus and male fertility


Staphylococcus and male fertility

From Naturehill, there’s a cure to low sperm count which makes it a lot easier while having to treat it alongside staphylococcus. SpermBoost a treatment specially produced or designed for men experiencing infertility is a drug produced by traditional herbs which through scientific research have been proven satisfactory in combating low sperm count in the male sex organs. Sperm count, sperm viability, and sperm motility are some of the sexual parameters improved by SpermBoost by about 300%.

The fact that SpermBoost helps to reduce morphological damage makes it a drug you cannot afford to ignore in your quest to increase your sperm level. Its results are visible in a short period of 30-45 days. This is a drug that you can surely count on with no disappointment attached.

I usually don’t write reviews but felt compelled to share. My wife and I tried for about 2 1/2 years without any luck. After taking these for a month, my wife got pregnant the 1st time around and we have been blessed with the most amazing baby boy who turns 10 months today. We are starting to try for baby #2 and I am using it again to give us the best opportunity to conceive. Good luck everyone!


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I hope you have learned some lessons on staphylococcus and male fertility

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