If you have ever wondered about this question, Why is my husband semen watery? Then you have come to the right place because, in this post, we are going to show you why your husband’s sperm is watery. The reason it is watery. The implications of having a watery sperm and what to do about it.

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why is my husband semen watery

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Why is my husband semen watery?

Having watery semen isn’t too serious, and it shouldn’t get you so worked up. Watery semen is healthy, and for certain men, it doesn’t act like an ailment. Be that as it may, some ailments can bring about watery semen because of changes in the consistency of the sperm.

Health conditions that may cause the question ‘why is my husband semen watery’

1. Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count, otherwise called oligospermia, is a condition wherein your husband produces under 15 million sperm for every milliliter of semen. Having low sperm count makes it hard for you and your husband to imagine, yet it doesn’t totally preclude the chance, in this manner making you barren.

There is no characterized explanation behind oligospermia, yet hereditary conditions, for example, Klinefelter disorder can unfavorably influence your husband’s sperm count.

Other related reasons for low sperm count include:


Varicocele is a swelling that influences the veins that run from the testicles to the scrotum. It may not show any obvious/observable indications, however, it can diminish the creation and nature of sperm and semen in certain individuals.

It can develop on one side and, sometimes, the two sides.

As per the Urology Care Foundation, varicoceles are extremely normal, and they influence 15% of guys, and about 40% of guys who have fertility issues are determined to have this condition. That aside, about 80% of individuals who have varicocele don’t have fertility issues.


Malignant and benign tumors in the balls may meddle with sperm creation, which can influence the nature of your husband’s semen.

Hormone Imbalance

All hormones delivered in the balls, nerve center, and pituitary organ are important to create a healthy sperm count. Any variation from the norm or changes in these hormones would influence the creation of sperm.


Sexually transmitted diseases, for example, gonorrhea, or different diseases that influence regenerative organs, for example, epididymitis can prompt your man to have a low sperm count.

Different reasons for low sperm count include:
  1. Wounds influencing the cylinders that transport sperm
  2. Excessive consumption of alcohol
  3. Drug abuse
  4. Obesity
  5. Retrograde discharge is ordinarily brought about by a failing bladder sphincter.
  6. Male hormone irregular characteristics
  7. Ecological poisons

2. Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is an imperative supplement that wards off diseases and aids in wound recuperation. It likewise helps in various bodily functions, which include fertility, DNA analysis, and immunity.

Zinc additionally assumes an impressive part in sperm creation, and zinc insufficiency can prompt fruitlessness and poor sperm quality.

In any case, an excess of zinc can likewise diminish your husband’s semen quality, so remember that moderation is imperative.

The body is unequipped for putting away or in any event, creating zinc, so the measure of zinc you have is subject to what you eat. Some dietary wellspring of zinc incorporates:

  1. Nuts and whole grains
  2. Beans
  3. Yogurt and dairy items
  4. Shellfish
  5. You can likewise pick supplements that contain zinc in the event that you believe your husband is not getting the ideal degree of zinc from the food he eats.

why is my husband semen watery?

If your husband is deficient in zinc, his sperm can become more watery and unhealthy than it should be.

Therefore, you should always try to make sure that your husband consumes the appropriate amount of zinc for healthy and thick sperm.

3. Retrograde Ejaculation and Injuries

During discharge, the semen passes through the urethra and emerges from the penis. In any case, when you have a faulty bladder sphincter, the semen ventures “in reverse” into the bladder, and this condition is named retrograde discharge.

Individuals who have this condition may create semen that shows up clear and watery. Which could be one of the reasons for the question, why is my husband semen watery?

In the same way wounds gotten at various parts of the genital system because of an operation or disease can cause an unfavorable impact on sperm creation, making it watery.

4. Frequent Ejaculation

In some cases, the reason for low sperm count and watery sperm might be something as minute as having such a large number of discharges in a brief period.

why is my husband semen watery?

For certain men, taking part in masturbation or sexual exercises an excessive amount of time, would not give your body an opportunity to recover and create high, thick semen.

So the answer for this is direct, tell your husband to reduce the rate at which he discharges, it very well may be very troublesome, however, the outcome is justified, despite all the trouble.

If you engage in intercourse all day, then it may be a reason your husband’s sperm is watery. Slow it down and see the improvement.


Does Watery Sperm mean that your husband is Infertile?

watery semen

Sperm is a normally thick and whitish fluid, however, a few conditions can change this and have various ramifications for your husband.

At the point when your husband’s semen is reliably watery, it can show a low sperm count or fertility issue. Whenever such is seen, it is an essential motivation to complete a few assessments and decide the reason and level of seriousness.

At the point when a slim, watery sperm is discharged, it is generally an impermanent condition and can be completely reversible.

When Should You Be Worried?

watery sperm

In the event that your husband’s semen is discolored, at that point, it may be a sign of an issue.

Having pinkish or reddish-brown colored semen could imply that your husband’s prostate is inflamed or there is seeping in the seminal vesicles. The seminal vesicles are the glands that are responsible for producing a significant liquid part of semen.

Be that as it may, the condition isn’t permanent.

On most occasions, when your husband discharges yellowish-green semen, it could mean he has a contamination of the urethra, seminal vesicles, or prostate.

Yellow semen could imply that he has a curiously significant level of white platelets in his semen, or it can show small measures of pee.

What are the Treatment Options Available?

why is my husband semen watery

Low sperm count generally causes watery sperm, and it doesn’t really imply that your husband needs any form of treatment. You can even now conceive with a low sperm count; it may very well take extra endeavors.

Sometimes it must be contamination that has brought about low sperm count, and treating the disease would increase your man’s sperm count back to ordinary.

Treatment for contamination incorporates anti-infection treatment, and hormone medicines are suggested if your man’s sperm count is low because of hormonal irregularity. Medical procedures can be completed securely if a varicocele is found on time.

Lifestyle changes

Some of the time everything you require to support your husband’s sperm count is simply to change his way of life. Certain propensities can bring down your husband’s sperm count, and getting rid of them would improve the nature of his semen.

Positive changes you should make sure your husband embrace include:

  1. Exercise and practice good eating habits
  2. Lose the additional pounds in the event that you are stout
  3. Stop smoking
  4. Cutoff your liquor admission
  5. Downplay your anxiety
  6. Increment your zinc level if necessary

Sometimes, your husband’s doctor may advise the two of you against taking part in sexual exercises as often as possible to help your husband discharge less much of the time. This will assist with knowing whether there is any adjustment in the consistency of his sperm.


Why Is My Husband Semen Watery?

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These are the reason your husband semen is watery

  • Low Sperm Count ( Use Spermboost to cure low sperm count)
  • Zinc deficiency
  • Frequent ejaculation ( Randyfoods corrects erectile dysfunction)
  • Varicocele
  • Retrograde Ejaculation



A way to cure your husband’s watery semen is to use spermboost.

Spermboost will increase the sperm quality of your husband by 300%. This means that his watery sperm will become thick again and remain healthy.

This is a natural dietary supplement your husband can take to make sure his sperm is thick again. Many women have bought this supplement for their husbands and have told us what happened.


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In order for you to avoid such questions like why is my husband semen watery, you should consider the tips in this article. Know the reasons for watery sperm and know how you can cure it permanently. Most of which include changing his lifestyle. Also, you can also use a spermboost supplement to help your husband regain the health of his sperm. This way you too can benefit from him having healthy sperm.

Why is my husband semen watery is something you should never worry about when you use the supplement mentioned above.


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