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What is the reason for zero sperm count?

What is the reason for zero sperm count? However, In this post, you are going to discover the answer to this question. Firstly, there are many reasons for zero sperm count and some of them are:

  • Smoking tobacco.
  • Drinking alcohol.
  • Using certain illicit drugs.
  • Being overweight.
  • Being severely depressed or stressed.
  • Having certain past or present infections.
  • Overheating the testicles.
  • … among others.


Understand that fruitlessness influences men similarly as it influences ladies. The odds of barrenness in fruitless couples are 50-50 in both the partners. According to a study,5 % of barren well-endowed individuals have zero sperm or missing sperm.


Obstructive Azoospermia

Obstructive azoospermia is a condition where the sperm is created yet impeded in arriving at the discharge. This blockage may happen in:

The epididymis – A zone of the balls where sperm develop

The vas deferens-The cylinder that ships the sperm into the discharge

The ejaculatory channels at the openings of each side of the cylinder

The blockage may happen because of contamination, injury, or a hereditary anomaly.

Non-Obstructive Azoospermia

Causing elements may remember diseases for gonads, hormonal causes, undescended or missing balls, injury or bending of the balls, intrinsic & genetic anomalies, or a varicocele (an augmented vein in the scrotum).

What are the treatment options for azoospermia?

Prior it was expected that men with no sperm tally or zero sperm tally had no choice for the treatment aside from receiving the giver for sperm which can be utilized in IVF treatment further.

Be that as it may, with late progressions in clinical science, presently Men with zero sperm tally can turn into a dad to their own natural youngster.

But we urge such men not to lose trust.

Microsurgical Reconstruction For Obstructive Azoospermia

Also, in instances of obstructive azoospermia, most hindrances are treated with microsurgical or endoscopic remaking. Likewise, it is the abilities of the Andrologist who can focus on the specific site of the blockage and right it to reestablish the typical progression of sperm into the discharge.

Treatment For Non-Obstructive Azoospermia

By the way, on the off chance that sperm isn’t being delivered normally, it is prescribed to counsel the Andrologist to help create discharged sperm. Also, such couples have another alternative of utilizing sperm recovered from the testis for helped proliferation treatment like IVF. FNA (fine needle yearning) planning and microdissection testicular sperm recovery have been extremely effective methodologies.

Microsurgical Testicular Sperm Extraction

Miniature TESE is a high-level strategy that requires the ability and comprehension of a specialist miniature specialist exceptionally acquainted with testicular tissue. Also, miniature TESE is done all in all sedation utilizing a working microscope (Carl Zeiss magnifying instrument) with a high goal. Understand that the mix of utilizing a decent goal working the magnifying lens and talented microsurgeon can have the effect among progress and disappointment for some couples.

Aso, the achievement rate is high if the talented Andrologist who continues overseeing such cases regularly does the method.

Subsequently, we urge such men to choose their Male fruitlessness specialist wisely.

In this way, the best odds of pregnancy are to utilize new sperm acquired only before IVF. This means that the odds of discovering quality sperm with Micro-TESE is over 60% and more believable when contrasted with different strategies for discovering sperm with the unaided eye. This is double the odds of discovering sperm by non-microsurgical or needle biopsies taken by the Urologists.

Miniature TESE is an incredible development in male conceptive medical procedures yet is just performed by few Male Reproductive Surgeons. But a few specialists make superfluously enormous cuts & incisions in the scrotum and the gonad with no decent result.

You are not alone

Understand, almost one out of six men live with this condition.

Also, no sperm count implies that when a man discharges, the liquid (semen) contains less sperm than ordinary. A typical sum is 15 million sperm or more, per milliliter of semen. Sperm motility refers to how productively the sperm can swim and travel; this is essential for male fruitfulness, since, supposing that the sperm can’t swim viably, they will most likely be unable to make the long excursion through the lady’s reproductive organ to reach and fertilize her egg.

The condition can be baffling and troubling and can put a huge weight on a relationship. However, having a no sperm count or issues with sperm motility can fundamentally diminish the odds of conceiving. Yet, numerous men who have this condition can in any case father a youngster normally or with the assistance of fertility medicines.

For what reason Would a Man Have Infertility Issues?

Sperm creation is a mind-boggling cycle, and sperm count and motility can be influenced by various causes including the way of life, hereditary, and clinical elements.

Way of life Factors

Smoking: There are solid connections between smoking and male barrenness. But the explanations behind this are as yet not totally clear. However, it is accepted that tar and the synthetic fixings in cigarettes can adversely affect the sperm. And studies have shown that smoking can diminish sperm tally by 23% and sperm motility by 13%.

Liquor: Drinking liquor, particularly routinely and exorbitantly, can essentially bring down a man’s testosterone levels. Also, this can influence the nature of the sperm and can cause diminished sperm creation.

Stress: If a man has drawn out or extreme episodes of enthusiastic pressure, it can meddle with the chemicals expected to deliver sperm. And can prompt issues with ripeness and conception.

Obesity: A sound eating regimen and getting the perfect measure of nutrients and supplements is vital for your general wellbeing, including ripeness. Also, obesity can subsequently straightforwardly affect sperm and can cause hormonal changes that lessen male fruitfulness. Know that eating less greasy food sources and adding greater action to your day can assist with improving the nature of sperm.

Medication use: Of course, using sporting medications, including marijuana and cocaine, can decrease sperm count and the nature of sperm. Also, anabolic steroids (engineered testosterone) can make the balls therapist and cause a decrease in sperm creation.

Overheating of balls: Firstly, if a man’s gonads are presented with a lot of warmth, it can disable and decrease sperm creation and capacity. Moreover, this can be because of saunas, hot tubs, heat from a PC, wearing tight clothing, or sitting for significant stretches of time.

Hereditary Factors

Undescended balls: This is a condition during fetal improvement were one of the two gonads neglect to slide from the mid-region into the scrotum appropriately, which can prompt diminished richness.

Varicocele: This is an ailment comprising of extended veins in the scrotum, which has been related to low sperm motility.

Hormonal imbalance: If there is a lopsidedness or condition influencing the chemicals that are vital for sperm creation, it might prompt impeded sperm creation and fruitfulness issues.

Clinical Factors

Drug: Some prescriptions – including testosterone substitution treatment, chemotherapy, antifungal meds, anti-toxins, and ulcer meds – can impede sperm creation, decline male fruitfulness, and cause results that can bring down sperm motility.

Infection: Certain diseases can obstruct the general strength of sperm, influence sperm creation, and cause scarring that can impede the course wherein the sperm need to travel. Also, contaminations incorporate aggravation of the gonads or the epididymis (the cylinder at the rear of the balls which stores and conveys sperm) and some sexually sent infections (STDs), including gonorrhea or HIV.

Openness to radiation or X-beams: This can briefly decrease sperm creation, yet it can cause a lasting decrease if there have been high portions of radiation.

Treatment for Low Sperm Count or Motility

While male ripeness is frequently straightforwardly connected with sperm tally, sperm motility is of equivalent significance. Also, way of life changes might be sufficient to improve sperm check and motility; yet there are additionally various treatment choices accessible which include:

IUI (intrauterine insemination): This is a type of planned impregnation. Again, the method includes gathering and washing sperm in a research center setting; and afterward infusing the best sperm straightforwardly into the lady’s uterus.

What if a man has a zero sperm count? Does that completely rule out a man’s chances of being a biological father?

The appropriate response is that for those men with exceptionally low or zero sperm count it can in any case be conceivable to recover solid sperm from the testicles utilizing expert sperm recovery methods.

Advisor Urologists Oliver Wiseman and Nimish Shah are two of just a few urologists to have practical experience in male fruitfulness treatment.

Other reasons behind zero sperm count

The two fundamental reasons why Mr. Wiseman, Mr. Shah, and their group perform sperm recovery are in men with a low or zero sperm tally brought about by:

Non-obstructive male fruitlessness: causes can incorporate hereditary conditions, testicular issues, poisons (a few medications incorporating steroids utilized in weight preparing and chemotherapy, may harm the balls’ capacity to produce sperm), a past sickness (like measles), or a hormonal issue;

Obstructive male fruitlessness (blockage to the cylinders which transport the sperm): reasons can incorporate patients with cystic fibrosis, contaminations (like mumps, chlamydia, or gonorrhea); a past vasectomy, or a bombed vasectomy inversion and cysts hindering the progression of sperm.

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