Would you like to know the type of foods that arouse a man? These foods help increase a man’s sex drive and libido.

If you are suffering from, or you think you might be suffering from a low sex drive, where you don’t seem to want to have sex as often as you would like to, it means that you are suffering from a low sex drive.

Now, these can be cured by doing some things and eating some type of foods that arouse a man, foods that will make you want sex more.

Firstly, let’s talk a little bit about why you may be having these feelings of not wanting to have sex as much as you would like to.

Reasons for a low sex drive in men?

Why do you have a low sex drive? Is it about the woman? Or is it something else?

Well, it could be about the woman because in most cases, if you are not attracted to a woman sexually, there will be no inclination to want to sleep with her.

So, the woman in question may be one of the reasons you have a low sex drive.

But if you notice that you also don’t want to sleep with any other person, even if you find them sexually attractive, then this may not be the issue and there is something else keeping you from having the normal sex drive you are meant to have.

Other reasons for a low sex drive include:

  1. Unhealthy eating habits
  2. Lots of alcohol and smoking
  3. Low testosterone level
  4. High levels of estrogen
  5. Hormonal imbalance
  6. Stress
  7. Long term illness
  8. Diabetes
  9. Fatigue, etc.

There are more reasons for you have a low sex drive but for now, these reasons are one of the major reasons you are not aroused.

That is why I have decided to show you these foods that arouse a man. 

This is so that when you eat these foods, some of them will be fruits, you will be able to increase your sex drive almost immediately, and naturally too, so that you can be able to have as much sex with your woman as many times as you want.

Also, I am going to show you a very good supplement you should take if you want to completely destroy any signs of sexual dysfunction in your life and relationships.

In fact, let me get the supplement out of the way so that we can delve into the foods that arouse a man as soon as possible.

Supplement to help arouse a man

Randy Foods

The supplement that will help you improve your life sexually is a dietary, 100 percent all-natural supplement called Randyfoods.

It is in the name. This supplement makes you feel all randy inside to have sex and not be bothered with any problems coming up when you are in the sack.

Randyfoods is made from natural plants and herbs which are also known to be natural aphrodisiacs from the different parts of the planet where they are grown.

That is why this supplement is the best when it comes to increasing your arousal. Even better than the foods that arouse a man.

Get one of these for yourself and see the major difference it will have on your sex life.

To get this supplement

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Take a look at these testimonials below of some of the people who have tried it and swear by its efficiency.

I was a sexually frustrated wife and I love my husband a lot, cheating on him is not to be considered. We have tried almost everything out here before I personally looked towards Nigeria. I opened up to my brother who immediately mentioned randy foods. He paid for the product and had the seller delivered to my address in Liverpool. I received it before telling my husband about it. He grudgingly used it and we avoided sex for 2 weeks as advised. The results were amazing. I felt like a teenager again while he felt like a hunk. The 3 packs are supposed to be enough but we have already ordered another set just to keep around. so this is good, it works great.” – Adetayo B UK

“I would have started my marriage on a wrong foot if not for this supplement, weeks after our wedding, I lost the desire for sex, I didn’t get aroused seeing my wife’s nakedness. Thanks to this supplement, now I have to learn to behave myself, especially when we are in public places.” R A IBADAN – April 30, 2020

Therefore, you have seen that it is important you give this supplement a try and see for yourself that it works well.

Now that we have seen that there is a supplement that can do what these foods will do and more, let’s now take a look at these various foods that arouse a man and also see how you can consume them for optimal efficiency.

Foods that arouse a man

Below are various foods that arouse a man and when you take them every day, consistently, you will also be able to increase your sexual drive and also be able to become aroused at the slightest, although albeit, reasonable provocation.

1. Eggs

You should try to consume more eggs to increase and improve your arousal level. Eggs have the amino acid L-arginine which is known to improve erectile dysfunction.

So, you should try to eat at least two eggs daily to make sure you perform at an optimal level when it comes to increasing and improving your level of arousal.

2. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has been known – by some research done – to release serotonin and endorphins that help to improve your mood.

Even though it does not improve your sexual drive, you will not be a grouch which means that when the mood strikes, you will at least give it a shot.

Try to consume a bar of chocolate daily for optimal efficiency.

3. Peaches

Peaches have vitamin C in them and this is good in order to help you increase the quality of your sperm.

The high quality of vitamin C in peaches also makes it good for improving fertility.

4. Garlic

Garlic enhances the flow of blood and helps to increase your level of arousal because it contains a substance that is known as allicin.

And you may also want to take some sort of breath mint to help counter the bad breath that comes with consuming garlic.

Although, for optimal performance, you could crush some garlic in your foods and that way you can eat as much as you want without the repercussion of that awful breath eating garlic raw gives you.

5. Watermelon

This fruit comes up in any article of video related to the foods that arouse a man. And this is because nobody can deny the sexual benefits of consuming watermelon gives you.

The phytonutrient citrulline found in watermelon converts into arginine, an amino acid that helps your blood vessels to relax.

This means that the improved flow of blood to the penis can help you become more aroused.

6. Meat

Beef and pork have a high level of L-carnitine, which is an amino acid that can help increase your level of arousal, your sexual function, and your testosterone levels, especially in older men.

L-carnitine also helps to improve your energy level by increasing the burning of triglycerides as fuel in the body.

7. Bananas

Bananas are an incredible source of vitamin B, which is needed to increase your production of energy and to also reduce the levels of stress you may have, which is one of the reasons you may not be getting aroused in the first place, as we have mentioned at the beginning of this post about the things that can make you have a lower level of arousal.

They also contain tryptophan, an amino acid that is needed to produce serotonin, which is our feel-good chemical.

Bananas are also jam-packed with lots of potassium which is used to produce sex hormones, and also to improve the health of your heart and to also increase your level or arousal.

8. Cacao

Cacao is a well-known aphrodisiac that is very rich in antioxidants called phenols, which are good for your heart.

And if you have a healthy heart it also means that you have a healthy sex drive. 

Cacao can lower your cholesterol level and blood pressure.

When you eat cacao, you get an increased level of endorphins which are the same chemicals you release when you are in love.

They also contain phenylethylamine, a chemical that boosts your dopamine levels, which increases your feelings of desire.

Add to your smoothie a spoonful of cacao and enjoy it.



These are some of the foods that arouse a man. To get optimum efficiency from these foods, you should consume some of them every day.

Also, you can try out the Randyfoods supplement to make sure that you can permanently get aroused any time you want to.

And, if you would like to know how to last longer in bed with food, I recommend you take a look at this post that will show you the 8 awesome foods that make a man last longer in bed.

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