Can watery semen get a woman pregnant? This is one of the questions many men are concerned with finding an answer to. And in this article, you are going to discover the answer to this question.

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Can watery semen get a woman pregnant?

It depends. The tendency of a man to get a woman pregnant does not solely depend on how thick his semen is.

To get a woman pregnant, various parts must be moving. Parts like motility, morphology, concentration, and sperm count.

If all of the mentioned factors above are good, then the probability to impregnate a woman with watery semen is high.

Therefore, it is important you go for semen analysis first when you notice your semen is watery and you cannot impregnate your woman. Chances are your semen is faulty in some other areas.

That being said, if you are unable to impregnate your woman with or without watery semen, use the spermboost supplement that improves the potency of your semen. You’ll know how to get one later.

Now, let me first assume that if you are reading this you have watery semen.

The first step here is to find a cure for watery semen.

At the point when a man produces watery semen, it is viewed as an indication of sexual shortcoming. A thick sperm can be an indication of a turn-on for most ladies and there is no man who wouldn’t have any desire to intrigue his lady through his sexual performance and capacity.

So how might you produce thick semen?


This can be effortlessly accomplished with some basic and simple tips, making your semen thick just expects you to ensure you are getting all the nutrients and minerals that your body system needs to create thick and healthy semen: Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamins, and Selenium are critical as far as healthy semen is concerned.

Did you realize that just about 70 Percent of Zinc in a body is really contained in the Semen?

Here are 6 Super Foods that assist with increasing Semen Thickness:

1. Bananas

Bananas are over-burden with Vitamin A, B1, and C, all of which helps in improving the male richness, these supplements assist with increasing male semen while increasing sperm creation and general strength of the sperm cells. They likewise support and lift the body with essential endurance to improve sexual execution in a man. Bananas likewise contain Bromelain chemicals that assist with starting up a man’s libido and semen thickness.

2. Sun Flower Seeds

As it is basic for men to focus on their reproductive wellbeing, eating sunflower seeds is an ideal method to keep up legitimate sperm levels without rolling out any significant changes in your diet. Unsalted roasted sunflower seeds are plentiful in Vitamins and basic supplements that build semen thickness and sperm motility.

Sunflower seeds offer a significant measure of Zinc, folic acid, and Selenium, which are all strong fertility supplements with remarkable advantages.

3. Oysters

Oysters are generally known for their inexplicable properties, as they have been projected as substantial testosterone delivering foods for quite a while. This food is a major source of Zinc, a significant supplement that is important for conception, increasing zinc level have been demonstrated to support sperm levels while improving the structure, capacity, and thickness of male semen.

4. Eggs

Eggs aren’t only plentiful in protein, but also in Vitamin E which helps shield testicular tissues from declining. Remembering egg for your eating routine will help support sperm thickness and fruitfulness.

5. Berries

Berries are one of the best foods that help with improving sperm count, strawberries, cranberries, and blackberries contains a high measure of calming substances, enemies of oxidants, and vitamin C that are known to increase semen thickness and quality. Goji berries are the best as it keeps up the temperature of the scrotum for semen creation.

6. Garlic

Garlic is a magical, powerful, and amazing spice with huge loads of medical advantages. It has purifying and anti-infection properties. It improves blood flow to the testis that adds to fruitfulness. Also, It contains Zinc that assists with increasing testosterone, sperm motility, and semen thickness.

Normal Home Remedies To Cure Watery Semen You Could Try

(1) Fructose

This is one of the primary parts of semen, therefore, a diet poor in fructose may bring about diminishing of sperm. Fruits are rich sources of fructose. So attempt to use fresh fruits in your eating plan. Anyway, don’t take a lot of these fruits since when individuals eat foods that are high in calories and high in fructose, the liver gets over-burden and starts transforming the fructose into fat.

(2) Soak 5-7 dry dates(chuhara) in milk for 2-3 hours or until they become soft.

Eat them with milk day by day to fix the diminishing of semen. Dates are a magnificent source of fructose, glucose, and dietary fibers. They additionally contain a decent measure of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, and a modest quantity of Vitamin A1. Dates(khajur) not only improve overall energy level but also increases sexual endurance and help to make your semen thick.

(3) Zinc

Sometimes zinc inadequacy additionally causes diminishing of semen. Shellfish, lamb(mutton), almonds, peanuts, pine nuts(chilgoza), cashews, and sunflower seeds are acceptable wellsprings of Zinc.

(4) Selenium

Selenium is likewise essential for the legitimate thickening of semen. Sunflower seeds, fish(salmon, sardines, and fish), clam, Lamb(mutton), chicken, eggs, wheat germ, grain, brown rice, oats, and onion are superb sources of selenium.

(5) Nutrient deficiency

Deficiency of specific nutrients may likewise prompt the diminishing of semen. Increase your admission of Vitamins C, E, B12 in your eating plan.

(6) Reduce your anxiety

Stress is responsible for hormonal lopsidedness and causes the diminishing of semen. You can lessen your anxiety by going for a stroll, staying nearby friends, and doing those relaxation exercises that unwind and satisfy you.

(7) Exercise

This is essential to reinforce the body muscles and furthermore help to lessen your general anxiety. Standard exercise and appropriate and continuous rest of 6-8 hours are basic for a solid mind on the grounds that only a sound mind can deliver a fair measure of sex hormones for legitimate thickening of semen.

(8) Use spermboost supplement


Spermboost supplement is a dietary supplement that increases your sperm’s thickness by 300 percent. And yes, it works exceptionally well. Just take a look at these testimonials by some happy clients:


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A few Precautions and Useful Tips

(I) Diabetic?

If you are a diabetic patient fructose-rich foods are dangerous to you so abstain from burning-through them prior to counseling a doctor.

(ii)Avoid Masturbation

Because the men who indulge in over masturbation start producing poor quality semen due to weakness of muscles and overstressing of the testes. Testes require 48-72 hours to replenish sperms that is why daily masturbation or ejaculation not only reduces the amount of semen available for each ejaculation but also reduces sperm count in semen and hence results in thinning of semen.

(iii) Maintain a space of 3 days between two sequential discharges

The more occasions you discharge, the less thick your semen will be on the grounds that day by day discharge diminishes the measure of semen accessible during every discharge. So for thick semen and healthy sperms, have intercourse with your partner in any event following 2 or 3 days.

(iv) Avoid Smoking

This is because it harms veins as well as limits the oxygen supply to the blood and diminish sperm creation and furthermore declines their life expectancy, in this way spermatozoa bite the dust prior to arriving at their objective eggs.

(v)Avoid liquor

Alcohol influences liver capacity, which, thus upset hormonal levels. Indeed, even two beverages daily will have long term consequences for sperm creation. So carefully dodge alcohol consumption.

(vi)Avoid hot showers

This is because spermatogenesis occurs at temperatures 1-8 degrees lower than ordinary internal heat levels. Overheating the balls establish an unfriendly climate for spermatogenesis to happen.

(vii) Get a doctor’s opinion only if…

If you don’t get rid of the thinning of semen by using the above remedies then don`t rely only on these home remedies and consult your problems with a doctor because sometimes the thinning of semen may be a cause of another underlying sexual disease such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. But when you use spermboost, you won’t have this problem.


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