There has been some concerns that links low sperm count to miscarriages and people are still pondering the issue, can a low sperm count cause miscarriage?

In this post, we are going to address the issue and tackle it once and for all.

Can a low sperm count cause miscarriage?

According to some research done, multiple miscarriages can be linked to low sperm count.(1)

The sperm of 50 men were investigated at the Imperial college London whose wives have suffered from three or more miscarriages.

The conclusive result showed that the sperm of those whose wives had three or more miscarriages had more damaged cells as compared to those whose wives had not had any miscarriage.
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Many people think miscarriage is caused by things like caffeine intake, stress or poor sleep. But that is far from the case, especially when these things are not in excess.

Since the mother is the one whose body carries the pregnancy, many suspected causes of a miscarriage have to do with factors present in the mother. The dad’s job, or all the more explicitly his sperm, has frequently been ignored before. Be that as it may, there might be situations where sperm quality can influence a pregnancy and even be answerable for an unsuccessful labor. 

It’s imperative to remember that regularly there is no obvious clarification for a miscarriage.

Sperm Quality and Miscarriages 

Before, the greater part of the consideration has concentrated on ladies. Recently people have taken a gander at men and the affiliation that sperm quality has on a fruitful pregnancy. 

Fertility specialists concur that more research is required, yet more is known today than any other time in recent history. From abnormal chromosomes to sperm DNA fragmentation, even way of life decisions, there are numerous ways that sperm can influence the result of a pregnancy. It is suggested that when unsuccessful labors happen, particularly on numerous occasions, that testing should center around the dad just as the mother.

Can a damaged sperm fertilize an egg?

Indeed, even with harmed DNA, sperm can fertilize eggs. The oocyte’s DNA fix hardware can fix most single-strand breaks in the fatherly DNA. In any case, specialists have seen that there are a remarkable number of twofold strand breaks in the sperm DNA.

Can someone with a low sperm count impregnate a woman?

Having a low sperm count can make it progressively hard to conceive normally, albeit fruitful pregnancies can at present happen. Issues with sperm, including a low sperm count and issues with sperm quality, are very normal. They’re a factor in around 1 out of 3 couples who are attempting to get pregnant.

To know how can a low sperm count cause miscarriage, it is important to know about some of the issues below like staying and being healthy, sperm DNA fragmentation and problems with chromosome.

A healthy man makes a healthy sperm

Prior to getting pregnant, many ladies will survey and adjust their present way of life decisions, for instance drinking or smoking less, so as to guarantee a sound pregnancy. However, the strength of the dad at the hour of conception is one factor that is regularly neglected. It has been presently realized that the nature of a man’s sperm is legitimately connected to his well being. 

Unreasonable liquor utilization, smoking, stress – and even the kind of undies he wears – would all be able to influence the nature of a man’s sperm. Perhaps the greatest factor influencing sperm quality is obesity. In numerous nations, while the rate of obesity has been expanding, male fertility has been declining. Studies have shown that sperm from overweight guys are less motile, are less likely to fertilize an egg and are less likely to result in a healthy childbirth..

Sperm DNA fragmentation

The objective of the sperm is to fertilize the egg and pass the dad’s qualities to the people to come (next generation). It is significant that the DNA contained inside the sperm stays neither harmed nor divided. Harmed or divided DNA predicts a high danger of unsuccessful labor. A few investigations have had the option to connect overweight, less than stellar eating routine, smoking, contamination and disease, sickness or fever to divided DNA inside the sperm.

Problems with chromosome

Chromosomes are squares of DNA that encode all data required during improvement. At the point when a sperm fuses with an egg, half of a building up child’s chromosomes originate from the dad while the other half originates from the mother (23 from the mother and 23 from the dad, so the absolute 46 chromosomes brings about the fetus). In the case of during conception, the undeveloped organism gets the strange number of chromosomes (can be an excessive number of or excessively few), this can cause a miscarriage to happen.

The unhealthy lifestyle of a man can also be a reason for miscarriage. Some of those unhealthy lifestyle include:

1. Eating too much junk food

An amazing purpose behind low sperm count is normal admission of lousy nourishment that is high in trans fats. Sperm quality, even in more youthful men, has been seen as influenced by this. Horrible eating routines prompting obesity and high BMI, more than 25, is another reason for increasingly slow motility of sperm in men, as are weight loss crash diets. The impact of obesity on male infertility could cause changes in hormone levels and expanded scrotal temperature. Men who have a higher BMI are probably going to have low quality ‘divided’ sperm, which causes an increased danger of a miscarriage taking place.

2. Infrequent sex

At the point when men swear off sex and have inconsistent discharge, there is low semen turnover, which can prompt oxidative pressure. This implies the sperms remain in the body longer and, subsequently, are presented to receptive oxygen species, leukocytes or other poisonous substances, which can harm them. Men, who discharge frequently, are believed to have preferable quality sperm over the individuals who go without sex.

How can you cure low sperm count?

First of all – as a man – you should start by changing your daily habit. Take less of these unhealthy foods like junk, alcohol and any foods that are loaded with trans fat.

Also, try to reduce the amount of stress in your life, have more sex and make sure you take care of your nether region by keeping it cool instead of warm.

SpermBoostAnother best way you can cure a low sperm count in order to discourage a miscarriage is to take this supplements that have been known to cure low sperm count. This supplement called Spermboost will help you do just that and fast too.

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Read some of the testimonials by people who have used this supplement before and who are still using it;

I got your products some months back, my wife unfortunately had a miscarriage which was her doing. She drank alcohol when we went to a party. Somehow, we were delighted because this had never happened in our 6 years of marriage. Gratefully, we confirmed another pregnancy just last week. This is definitely here to stay(Amen)” – OGBONNA

I had a child before i got married, so when we didn’t conceive after 2 years in marriage, i allegedly nursed the feeling it was my wife that had issues. This innocent lady went all out to make herself fit. After conducting several tests, she was certified fit. The last medical practitioner she met insisted I must come for a test too. It was preposterous to me, I have proof already. With her constant pleading, I went for a test and I had a low sperm count. I had to conduct a personal test which confirmed it. To cut the story short, I used Spermboost and we have a child now. My advice to men out there is never think you are okay until you conduct a test.” – EMMA

Another benefit you get from Spermboost, apart from the fact that it will help increase the quality of your sperm by 300% is that is that It increases your sex drive. This makes you want to have sex more often and when you do, the quality of sperm your body produces increases as has been mentioned above.

Where you can get this supplement

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Finally, now that you have gotten your question to can a low sperm count cause miscarriage? Few variables can increase the danger of a miscarriage with low sperm count as a reasonable justification. 

On the off chance that unsuccessful labors happen every now and again, it is fundamental the lady does an appropriate pelvic test to survey her regenerative organs, She can therefore use this supplement, OVUL8PLUS to help conceive faster and eradicate what could cause miscarriage from her side. Ovul8 Plus

The man takes tests for sperm investigation which takes a gander at the motility, shape and count. Sperm quality can be improved by carrying on with a sound way of life and taking fertility supplements like Spermboost for men which will help sperm count, quality, motility and bolster sperm shape, size and morphology and generally improve the man’s reproductive system.





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