The saying ‘you are what you eat’ also applies to fertility. Boosting your fertility as a male is advisable to be practiced before trying to conceive. It is important to practice good eating habit as it affects your fertility in the long run

For a man to be considered infertile, he is either suffering from low sperm count which is also known as Oligospermia, or he is confronted with the challenge of watery sperm,bad motility, bad morphology or weakness when it is time to sexually satisfy his partner during sex. No man derives joy or happiness when he is told by a doctor that he is infertile and cannot bear children to call his own. A lot of men give up on themselves while some others have the zeal and will to fight off this challenge and live up to their billing as men. Most importantly is that boosting male fertility is possible even after being certified as infertile.

SpermBoost a solution to all infertility related issues is a great supplement to boost fertility Before outlining the numerous advantages of SpermBoost, let us examine some local means of boosting male fertility

How To Boost Male Fertility

Frequent Sex

There is no point abstaining from sex when you want to have a baby and you are certified fertile. You should have sex with your partner especially during ovulation, do not shy away from your love making role especially for married couples. Your semen health as a man is at its best when sex between you and your partner occurred less than two days prior. Have sex all month long is not a bad idea if you and your mate satisfy yourselves sexually for at least twice every week, you keep boosting your fertility through this act. Men’s sperm swim best after one day of abstinence, ensure you engage your partner in sex steadily, and enjoy it, do not engage in sex to conceived alone but because you love your partner, that is the surest way of achieving the result wanted because you attach so much passion to it.

Fusion of Antioxidants into your Diet

One thing that comes to the mind of many when antioxidants are mentioned is the fact that they are used in fighting cancer and heart-related diseases. You need to understand that anti-oxidants also help in boosting male fertility. Men that consume antioxidants-rich supplement have less DNA damaged sperm compared to men who fail to do so. It also improves fertility rate in couples when the man takes additional antioxidant supplement.

There are numerous antioxidants but some such as Vitamin C (gotten from consuming fruits and vegetables, especially in red peppers, grape fruit, oranges, and kiwi), Zinc (sea foods like oysters and crab, beans, poultry, and red meat), Vitamin E (nuts, oils, leafy greens, and seeds), Selenium (beef, turkey, and chicken), Lycopene ( watermelon, tomatoes, apricots, and pink grape fruits), and Folic acid ( Fruits, peas, beans, fruits, and fortified grains) are some of the advised antioxidants to consume for greater productivity and boosting fertility in men. Adding more of these supplements aforementioned will without doubts help your fertility. As with everything in life, being moderate in consumption is advised, do not go over the limit. The fact these supplements can boost your fertility does not mean you should go over, if you fail to be moderate in consumption, the outcome will backlash and instead of positive outcome, it will reduce your sperm count level.

Abstain from Heat

There is a reason for your testicle’s location outside the body. They need to be in cool conditions always to allow for effective sperm production. When it is frequently hot, you might end up facing difficulties in sperm formation. Avoid doing things and staying in environments that will add heat to your body especially the scrotum region. With this, you need to spend less time on hot tubs, putting your testicles in an uncomfortable position like sitting on it or standing at a hot grill. These positions could affect the testicles and reduce your sperm count. We are advised to have hot bath occasionally, but men suffering from low sperm count are advised to totally quit hot bath because it worsens the matter.

Loose Weight

The solution to your poor fertility could lie in your ability to burn some calories and loose a great deal of weight while burning fat in your body. For people that cannot tell whether they are overweight or underweight, checking your body mass index is the best option available. One of the major ways a man can increase his fertility level is by ensuring his/her weight is healthy.

Your hormonal balance could be seriously affected due to being overweight which will surely reduce your sperm count level. Your body mass index (BMI) simply measures your weight without failing to take account of your height in a bid to keep you healthy and in good shape. Men that are obese have lower testosterone level compared to men that are, when your BMI is up, there is great possibility of having a low sperm count. Taking good care of your body and always keeping in shape is your responsibility, constant medical check up, eating healthy foods, exercising your body and engaging in activities to keep your body system functioning well is a gateway to boosting your fertility.



In a bid to promote the campaign against low sperm count and infertility in men, Naturehill produced SpermBoost, a supplement which is notable for curing low sperm count and boosting fertility in males. It is a supplement made of traditional herbs that has been scientifically certified as effective in aiding a man’s fertility level with empirical evidences spanning over centuries. Factors associated with low sperm count such as sperm motility and viability are improved at a percentage level of 300%. Needless to say, morphological damage in men is equally reduced with the use of this supplement which Naturehill produced. It has been solving infertilities in couples and is still solving.  With result sure to be visible within 30-45 days, it will do you great good if you purchase this supplement.


Review On Spermboost

I was skeptical but I ordered this product for my husband and had him take it twice a day every day. We had been trying for over a year to make a baby and nothing worked. After a month of him taking SpermBoost, I missed my period and we took a test and it came back positive!!!! We ran two more tests and those were positive too, the doctor confirmed that I’m indeed pregnant. I’m now fifteen weeks pregnant and seriously think it’s due to this little miracle supplement. I highly recommend it.


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