What Edible Oils Are Bad For Your Libido?

Edible oils are fantastic but there are some oils and foods that are bad for your libido

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Affection, Kiss, Lady, Lips, Love

Your partner is in the mood for sex but you are not just ready to go down the sheet ‘oh it could be because i had a hectic day’ you blamed it on stress but do you know it might not be stress,  it might be what you are ingesting. You are not only what you eat, your sex life is a reflection of your diet.

Ever wonder, why some men in their old age are still up to the task? Many factors could be considered but i bet what they eat has an impact on their libido.

What Edible Oils Are Bad For Your Libido?

  1.  Processed Foods

Do you want to reduce your libido? Take processed foods. Researchers observed that processing strips the whole food of its essential nutrients, not excluding your libido or desire for sex. 

When a whole wheat, is processed into white flour, it loses three-quarters of its zinc, which is a mineral important for the sexual and reproductive health of men. 

Also, much of the Processed cheese we consume is gotten from cow’s milk, but unfortunately, majority of these cheese are loaded with synthetic hormones, which interfere with your body’s natural order, libido inclusive.

  1.  Trans Fat
Fried Chicken, Spicy, Dish, Chicken

Fries, chips can decrease libido. They are made of trans fat that can cause infertility and low sperm count

  1. Canned Foods

Canned foods are easily accessible but they have high levels of dietary sodium which leads to an increase in blood pressure causing a decreased blood flow to some parts of the body, not excluding the genitals. 

An advice, when you are having a crave for a hot tomato soup, steer clear of the canned one and make one yourself.

4. Spicy foods

Your vagina smell and taste can be affected with spicy foods, Spicy foods don’t give a nice smell and a yummy taste to your vagina. This could be a turn off to your partner libido not excluding yours too.

   Example of spicy foods include chillies, pepper, cummins, 

Other Edibles Bad For Your Libido

  • Sugar
  • Having high level of sugar  in your bloodstream can negatively affect the gene that controls your sex hormones. 
  • Alcohol


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It is no news that excessive intake of alcohol causes low libido and Erectile dysfunction. It could also cause a liver damage.

  • Coffee
coffee cup picture id1126871442?b=1&k=20&m=1126871442&s=170667a&w=0&h=nvyb jfNi2mFxg2uereLgsUz6krh9
  • Coffee makes you feel alert and all rev up to face the day, but it often comes with a side effects especially to people who feel edgy after drinking. caffeine has a direct impact on your libido and how long you last in bed.
  • Energy Drinks
refreshments outdoors refrigerator background soft drinks street picture id1302639859?b=1&k=20&m=1302639859&s=170667a&w=0&h=p6dfw6Rji2DsU2yTW4Du6 3yApU4pllNFyTpgD8XJZg=

Energy drinks are highly marketed to men, assuring an energy boost, great physical strength a high sex drive plus increased libido. Sugar in Energy drinks can only temporarily help libido. Expert advised against consuming sugar as a stimulant for sex


There you have it, edible oils that are bad for your libido. Tread cautiously or a total abstinence will be good for your sexual life. Take Randyfoods and Passionplus to take a quantum leap in your sexual life

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