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Sperm morphology tests species

Do Sperm Morphology Tests Differ Within Species? 

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Sperm Morphology

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Sperm morphology is the shape and size of each sperm, it plays a crucial role in male fertility. A normal sperm should have an oval head, a midpiece and a long tail. An abnormal sperm comes with various types of defect

READ HERE: Images Of Various Abnormal Morphology

Sperm Morphology Test

To determine a normal or an abnormal sperm morphology, a semen analysis has to be carried out.
A normal sperm morphology range is between 4 and 14 percent NF

A lesser percentage means difficulty in achieving pregnancy but not to worry, all you have to do is to order for SpermBoost

Sperm morphology is determined by putting a little portion of the semen on a glass slide and giving it a little time to air dry. Afterwards, a dye is added which makes it easier for each sperm to be seen under the microscope.

The lab technicians there after calculate the percentage of the normal form of sperm out of 200 or more in the glass slide

Types Of Semen Morphology Tests

  • Computer based tests
  • Manual based tests

According to the World Health Organization, computer-based tests  are more accurate than manual tests. With Computer based tests, there is no risk of human error and it is more precise and reliable 

Can Sperm Morphology Affect Fertility?

Sperm morphology is not the only factor to be considered in male fertility. Factors like hormone levels, presence of bacteria could also affect

Having a higher percentage of abnormal sperm may indicate a longer time to conceive.

Sperm morphology can have an impact on fertility, Sperm has to be a certain shape and size to be able to penetrate the egg.

Can Sperm Morphology Cause Miscarriage

According to this study ,Sperm morphology has a potential impact on how sperm function which could significantly impact the reproductive function, 

There has been studies to determine the correlation between sperm morphology and miscarriages but so far, no unanimous conclusion has been reached

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Do Sperm Morphology Tests Differ Within Species?

According to this study, sperm morphology tests differ within species. Their size and shape vary in each species.

Sizes And Shapes (Morphology) Of Different Species

  • The human male sperm has a paddle-shaped heads
  • The bull sperm also have a paddle-shaped heads
  • A cock/rooster are spindle-shaped and could be challenging to differentiate from the mid piece

Below is the image of sperm morphology of these different species


Sperm morphology tests within species could be similar but there is often a difference between the size and shape of various species .