Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction? Are you sick and tired of never being fully hard when trying to have sex and do you want to do something about this immediately? Would you like to know the simple trick to cure erectile dysfunction fast? This post will show you how you can do that.

But before that let’s talk about erectile dysfunction for a minute.

Randyfoods Is The Simple Trick To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Randy Foods

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What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a process whereby you find it difficult to have an erection and when you eventually do, you find it very hard to maintain the erection.

This is usually seen in many men and has caused much dissatisfaction in many relationships. 

But you can make sure it does not affect your own life and relationship by knowing exactly what to do about it to make sure you destroy this demon before it starts to grow wings in your sex life, which will invariably lead to other parts of your life being a mess.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

There are many reasons you may suffer from erectile dysfunction and they range from psychological to physical.

But know that you can and are able to treat erectile dysfunction without having to see a doctor.

Imagine you have to sit in a doctor’s office with all your fellow men who suffer from the same illness and the doctor comes out and announces your name.

It’s kind of embarrassing.

Anyways, you can treat this illness at home and with ease so you should not have to worry so much about it.

But, if you have done what I will show you in this post and the erectile dysfunction still persists, then I recommend you should see a doctor but the probability of that happening is very low.

Why? Because the simple trick to cure erectile dysfunction is so easy to use that until you are ninety years old, you will NEVER AGAIN have a problem with erectile dysfunction.

Anyways, we were talking about the causes of erectile dysfunction and I mentioned they could be physical or psychological causes.

Let’s begin with the physical reason for erectile dysfunction.

The first reason is drinking too much beer and alcohol.

Yes, a cold beer after a long day at work will invariably relax you but at what cost? At the cost of you performing adequately in bed?

I wouldn’t take that cost for anything.

But I am not saying you should quit cold-turkey from beer and alcohol. 

Reduce the amount you drink on a daily basis or you could even switch to a cold glass of wine.

But if you would prefer alcohol and beer, a glass or two should do so that it doesn’t affect your performance.

If you are drinking beer, I would only recommend at most, two bottles daily. Even that to me is still on the high side.

So, if you think you can do better and reduce it only a bottle every day, that would be better.

Another reason for erectile dysfunction is an injury

If you have any form of injury on your nether region, or on any part of your body for that matter, you won’t be able to think about sex or get aroused enough to get or maintain an erection.

If all that is on your mind is your injury, chances are that you will not be able to maintain an erection.

What you will have to do in this instance is to wait for the injury to heal so that you can perform well again.

If the injury is pretty serious, then you should go see a doctor quickly.

A third physical reason for erectile dysfunction is high blood pressure

High blood pressure has been linked to erectile dysfunction. (1

So, if you would like to cure yourself of erectile dysfunction, then try to lower your blood pressure.

How can you reduce your blood pressure? Use these tips below to do that:

  • Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline. 
  • Exercise regularly. 
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Reduce sodium in your diet. 
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. 
  • Quit smoking. 
  • Cut back on caffeine. 
  • Reduce your stress.

These are some of the ways you can reduce your blood pressure. All in all, try to live a healthy life to lower your blood pressure.

Okay, so the psychological reason for erectile dysfunction

Three psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction are:

  • Stress
  • Sexual trauma and childhood abuse
  • Performance anxietyimage2 1



Stress from your job, about relationships, and other sources of your stress can make it extremely difficult to have or maintain an erection because your mind will not be on the activity at hand.

Because many men experience stress in their jobs, this is why many men come home to relax with 2 to 5 bottles of beer and this also adds to their erectile dysfunction.

How can you reduce the stress in your life?

What you should do is try to streamline and delegate things in your life. I mean, you can’t do everything.

Get a regular massage and try to really take the weekends off, because some of you don’t.

But the fact that you are not stressed out at your place of work does not mean you cannot be stressed out at home.

Relationship problems and issues with your spouse can also cause you to have stress and suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Childhood abuse and sexual trauma

Many things that happened to us when we were kids still follow us into adulthood and a sexual problem is not an exemption.

If you were sexually abused as a child then the probability that this is the reason you cannot successfully maintain an erection is high.

Now, since this is a psychological reason for erectile dysfunction, I would suggest you see a psychiatrist. 

Even though the simple trick to cure erectile dysfunction I am going to show you will work perfectly on you, I still think you should first see a mind doctor help you through this trauma so you can perform well in bed both physically and mentally.

Because let’s face it, when someone is just going through the motion in bed, we know. And this can affect the way you feel about that person in the long run.

Performance anxiety

If you feel anxious about how you are going to perform in bed, this can be a major reason you are struggling with erectile dysfunction.

The cure to this is to just relax.

Especially if you are about having sex with this person for the first time. Performance anxiety is normal.

But if you use this simple trick to cure erectile dysfunction I am about to show you, you will not have a problem whatsoever about how you will perform in bed as you will be a stud she can’t get enough of.

Okay, so enough of the lectures.

What is this simple trick to cure erectile dysfunction?

Before I tell you, I want to tell you the difference between a performance enhancement ‘drug’ and a ‘supplement’.

A performance enhancement drug was created in a lab and as with many other drugs like it, it comes with side effects, some of which include death.

So when taking a performance enhancement drug, you have to be extra careful so as not to have any of the side effects.

But with a supplement, you never have to worry about this because most supplements are made from natural products.

Which is what this particular supplement is made of.

Randyfoods is a natural dietary supplement, made from 100% natural herbs, plants, and roots to enhance your performance in bed.

Randy Foods

The ingredients in Randyfoods are known to be natural aphrodisiacs and they have been packaged for you to make sure you perform at the highest possible level in bed.


But before you take my word for it, read some of the testimonials happy men, and women are saying about Randyfoods.

I was a sexually frustrated wife and I love my husband a lot, cheating on him is not to be considered. We have tried almost everything out here before I personally looked towards Nigeria. I opened up to my brother who immediately mentioned randyfoods. He paid for the product and have the seller delivered to my address in Liverpool. I received it before telling my husband about it. He grudgingly used it and we avoided sex for 2 weeks as advised. The results were amazing. I felt like a teenager again while he felt like a hunk. The 3 packs are supposed to be enough but we have already ordered another set just to keep around. so this is good, it works great.” – ADETAYO

“I am not a fan of giving reviews but I will create an exception for this product. I am 52 and a father of 3 teenagers. A diabetic and that means I/m on medication, the side effects of this affected my performance. And, I have some other drugs I use to get it up but again, it’s leaving its toll on my heart. A friend recommended Randyfoods to me and I called the seller who explained in detail how it works. I ordered the 3 cups as advised and it was promptly delivered. I was advised to abstain from sex until I finish the first pack. The result shocked me. I now wake up with morning erection, something I lost long ago. I am easily aroused and can have prolonged sex. The best part for me is that it doesn’t fall back on my health. The heartbeat is okay. No headache. I know our body systems operate differently but I can ask anybody suffering from ED to give this a trial.” – DEACON LAFENWA

See? A wife and a deacon singing the praises of Randyfoods.

It works!

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This one simple trick to cure erectile dysfunction is completely safe and will completely cure your erectile dysfunction immediately.

Use it now and be glad you did.

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