How to Conceive a Boy

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2 reviews for How to Conceive a Boy

  1. Daniel

    I am one of their customers as I had bought their supplement on erectile dysfunction(Randyfoods) and it worked beyond my wildest dream. I had to contact them again to ask for their other products and they introduced Spermboost to me, ‘I don’t have a problem with low sperm count, I have a girl already’, I told her , She just chip in, I have a tip on how you can have a boy next, ‘go ahead I said’ I promised I will try it and get back. My boy is 4months old now. The tip works!

  2. Tolu

    I first met Crystal in a salon, it was likeness at first sight as I saw myself somehow drawn to her, I rarely do that, I am an introvert, I really can’t say how the conversation led to gender and I told her my husband and I want a boy as we have 2 girls already she said she has a tip to conceive a boy and she shared the tips, I shared the tips with my husband and he said it sounds like it will work but we both concluded if it doesn’t work, we will have to accept our fate. We tried it and 3 months later, I got pregnant, I was very apprehensive, I was counting days to know when I can go for scan to know the sex, the doctor said I am carrying a boy, I still didn’t believe it ‘seeing is believing’ they said. Yippee! I gave birth and it was indeed a boy!

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