What Is Semen Made Of? (Read The 4 Things)

What is semen made of ? This is an interesting article, trust me. You are either releasing semen or getting semen so it’s important you know the components of semen.

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Sperm And Semen 

 Sperm is a motile reproductive cell that is not visible to the naked eye. but sperm is transferred to the female reproductive system during sexual intercourse.

Semen, also called ejaculate or cum, is the whitish fluid that comes out of the penis when a person comes during sex or masturbation, Semen is the seminal fluid that contains the sperm cells along with other plasma liquid.


What Is Semen Made Of?

what is semen made of?

Below are the 4 things semen is made of

1) Epididymis

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Epididymis are ducts behind the testes.
Semen is produced first by the production of sperm in the testes. After the production of sperm, it’s stored in the epididymis and matures there for 24 hours.  From the epididymis, the sperm travels to the seminal vesicles which lead us to the next components

2) Seminal Vesicles



These are glands just after the bladder. What is semen made of? Seminal vesicles produce fluids that are made of nutrients that keep the sperm healthy,  The nutrients are ascorbic acid or vitamin C, phosphorus, glucose, potassium, and amino acids, The fluids are mostly made up of fructose, a form of sugar.  Fructose helps sperm with the strength they need to move through the body

3) The prostate gland 

image 1

what is semen made of? The prostate gland produces fluid that is made of one-quarter of semen. Just like the seminal vesicles, the fluid in the prostate gland comprises nutrients, like zinc, citric acid, calcium, magnesium, and acid phosphate.
Zinc is the most nutrient in this fluid, as its sole aim is to stabilize the sperm’s DNA. Zinc also determines a man’s semen’s color and taste.


The prostate gland also produces a protein in semen known as PSA. The protein breaks down semen into a thinner liquid after ejaculation. Naturally, semen is thick so as to adhere to the cervix when a man ejaculates in the vagina. After the semen is released, PSA helps to liquefy the seminal fluid which releases the sperm.

4) Bulbourethral glands

image 2

what is semen made of? Bulbourethral glands are made up of 1% of semen. Bulbourethral glands produce fluids that are found near the tip of the penis. These glands produce a fluid known as pre-cum. During sexual arousal, Pre cum is produced.  Pre cum lubricates the penis head and also eliminates leftover urine in the urethra in preparation for ejaculation.

How To Make A Good Semen

what is semen made of?

Below are some foods to make a good and healthy semen


Benefits of taking Spermboost

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  • Helps boost your sperm production
  • Makes you fertile if you have a low sperm count.
  • Reduces morphological damage – making your sperm maintain their shape
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Asparagus is a plant packed with nutrients and a decent backup for your food. By including 3-4 spears of asparagus on your plate you can guarantee that you are getting a decent measure of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B9, copper, iron, and selenium. 


Avocado is a natural product known for its rich flavor and high nutrient value. It is an incredible wellspring of sound unsaturated fats, vitamin K, B6, B9, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium. 

Bell peppers

Bell peppers come in an assortment of glossy colors and are a top wellspring of vitamin C and carotenoids. It is best when used raw. You can likewise remember them for an assortment of cooking plans to get some nourishing advantages. 


Beef refers to cow’s meat. Lean beef is an extraordinary wellspring of supplements and particularly of zinc, selenium, vitamin B12, and B3. Generally, a limited quantity of beef (120-150 g) can convey the Recommended Daily Amounts (RDA) of these supplements.  


There are different types of berries, for example, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries. Every one of them is a rich wellspring of cancer prevention agents, vitamin C, folate, vitamin K, magnesium, iron, and potassium. Berries are organic products with the most reduced sugar content, which makes them a healthy alternative. 

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are stuffed with selenium and are additionally plentiful in zinc and vitamin E. Only 3-4 nuts can cover your everyday need for selenium. You can devour them as a snack or include them in a smoothie. So you will get the advantages whichever way. 


This is a nutritious vegetable and a great wellspring of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, and different minerals. Broccoli contains other bioactive compounds that have cell reinforcement and mitigating properties. 

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate that contains over 70% cocoa can convey a great measure of minerals including zinc and selenium. It likewise contains a high measure of cell reinforcement polyphenols and flavonoids. 

You can consume these chocolates as a snack and once a day it is great to give you the necessary nutrients and vitamins for healthy sperm.

What Is Semen Made Of? Conclusion

There you have the answer to what is semen made of. Use Spermboost and Ovul8plus (female infertility cure) to solve any fertility challenges you are having

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