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If you would like to know what causes watery semen and quick release, you are in the right place. Here, you will discover the causes of watery semen and premature ejaculation. You will also discover the cures for both watery semen and quick release.

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Testimonies about the rapid improvement of  sperm level after taking SpermBoost abound.

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Using SpermBoost, I have found that I don’t need any other supplements. This product works great, even if you are not using it for boosting motility, the ingredients are very beneficial.


I went for a test some days back and got the result today. I have been dancing all evening, the test came out great. All the parameters have risen to normal. Every single parameter is well within healthy range. I couldn’t believe it. I really thank God and i testify that your product worked for me


I was diagnosed with low motility, the doctors gave us several very expensive options on how to help us conceive. I couldn’t go through that route because of the expenses involved. So I did what I always do! Find a low cost solution. I did online research to find natural products that boost sperm. I saw so many options but my mind was fixed on this, i guess the reviews helped too. I was diligent in my usage and i was patient, Now what I need everyone who has watery semen, low sperm count or low motility to know is that technically it takes some days for healthy sperm to be created. So it won’t happen overnight but at the end, it worked!


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what causes watery semen and quick release

Today we bring to you our dear readers, a subject that most individuals avoid talking about in public …. watery semen.

Watery semen is a term used to describe semen that is diluted and thin below the normal and required texture and consistency needed for conception. This condition is a genuine one that regularly affects the rate at which a couple can get pregnant. It is exceptionally normal and it is currently increasing among young men in their prime.

Not long before we get to the causes and how it very well may be dealt with, let me use this occasion to reveal insight into some genuine realities about semen:

Sperm and semen

To begin with, a few people use “Semen” and “Sperm” interchangeably. This is done out of a poor understanding of the two terms. For clarity purposes, semen is comprised of sperms and different liquids which get added to from the other surrounding male reproductive organs. To clarify it better, you can have semen without sperms, yet you can’t have sperms without semen. Each discharge is semen however only one out of every odd discharge has sperms in it.

Furthermore, I need to admonish all of you to give close consideration to your sexual wellbeing even in your childhood. This is too essential to even consider ignoring. Some of you have not had an early morning erection for as long as about a month but then you don’t think it is abnormal. Some of you discharge during sex and similarly as you are standing up or turning over, the semen begins slobbering out of the vagina of your woman. You have been witnessing this severally however you haven’t figured it insightful to research the reason for it.

Reasons for watery semen

1. Excessive sex/masturbation

This is a pretty basic reason for it. Fortunately, it isn’t because of illness. On the off chance that you have intercourse day by day, or suppose you jerk off every day, your semen quality drops since it takes various days for new semen to shape and develop and become viable. Tryr deferring sex for like 2-3 days before your spouses begin ovulating. This postponement is to guarantee that more sperms are created and have sufficient opportunity to develop.

  • Color: Normal color of semen is white to smooth like pap. In the event that your semen is dirty brown or has blood in it, you ought to be frightened and get investigated.‬
  • Texture/Consistency: Normal healthy semen is sticky and stretches fairly when contacted.
  • Smell: Semen has an unconventional scent that is crude. A woman once complained that her man’s semen smelled extremely offensive. The partner had obviously discharged in her mouth during sex and she had no choice except to taste and smell it. It was after that upsetting experience that they looked for clinical assistance. Look for clinical assistance if your semen has a foul or hostile smell.
  • Volume: Normal volume of discharge is between 2 to 5mls (half to one full teaspoon). At the point when the volume is under 2mls, it is known as hypospermia and when it is in abundance of 5.6mls it is known as hyperspermia. At the point when the sperm is in overabundance, it can likewise present genuine fruitfulness issues to a couple.

Having lots of ejaculations

Have you seen that on the off chance that you engage in sexual relations habitually, it gets hard to climax?‬ truth be told, with each round of sex, discharge gets more troublesome. Also, when and if in the long run, you discharge, the volume of semen is minuscule while its color changes from its standard white to one that is practically clear.

Presently, in the event that you are married and trying to conceive, this is a significant truth to note and work with. In the event that you are an unmarried young man, realizing this reality will mitigate your feelings of trepidation when you find that after a series of sex or masturbation, your semen gets watery.

In any case, there is another contamination, in spite of the fact that it tends to be sent through sex, it’s anything but an STD. This disease is known as Staphylococcus auerus contamination. It is frequently a silent infection that can be gotten from a man’s partner during sex and can head out to the testicles where sperms are created. The disease destroys sperms and makes semen watery. Except if you do a semen culture, you will never realize that staph aureus is destroying sperms.

2. Certain prescriptions

Some medications you take also can destroy sperms and diminish the feasibility of semen and subsequently influence a man’s capacity to conceive. ‬

Medications like steroids (utilized usually by certain men to create muscles), ketoconazole (an antifungal medication), diuretics (for treating hypertension), certain antidepressants like Prozac, chemotherapeutic medications, and some ulcer drugs like cimetidine.

When you stop the medications, your fertility returns back to its typical state. So in the event that you are trying to conceive, you might need to talk with your doctor prior to use NSAIDs to reduce pain.

The same applies to a BP drug known as Aldomet (Methyldopa). It causes erectile dysfunction in certain men. Be cautious of what you take once you are trying to conceive.

3. Varicocele, undescended testicles

These are conditions that influence men, particularly during their adolescence. In spite of the fact that these conditions generally affect young men in their adolescence, the difficulties caused are dependable and follow the young men into the grown-up stage.‬‬

4. Excessive heat on the scrotum

If you are fond of wearing tight jeans, when it is hot outside, you are doing your sperms a great disservice. ‬‬Have you ever asked why the balls are hanging freely in the scrotum outside of the body? One would have expected that they be tucked inside the mid-region simply like the digestive organs, correct? However, that is not the situation.

God, the best scientist, realized that in the event that it was this way, the internal heat level or warmth will cook the balls like bean cakes and destroy the sperms making men permanently infertile!

So He, God, let them hang out of the body in an uncommon pocket call the scrotum.

The testicles have an interior temperature that is 2° not as much as that of the inside internal heat level which is simply ideal for semen creation. In any case, close jeans (pants) make it hard for air to get to the balls. This adds to the warmth given by the body which makes it hellish for the balls. You are incidentally frying your balls.

Men, another fryer of balls is a laptop. At the point when you seat your workstations on your laps for quite a long time, the warmth spreads and arrives at your balls. ‬‬If you function as a driver, particularly of a truck, you might need to play it safe to limit the regenerative danger related to it.

5. Cigarette smoking, cannabis, and cocaine have genuine results on semen suitability

Indeed, maryjane causes vaginal dryness in females (a condition known as cotton vagina) and can make them turn off during sex and this can influence their fertility.

Treatment for watery semen


Use this new supplement called Spermboost. It is a new supplement made from natural herbs and plants that have been known to increase the sperm quality of a man by 300%.

When you start taking this supplement, your semen will become thick and increase your chances of impregnating your woman.

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what causes watery semen and quick release

Like erectile dysfunction, there are a lot of broadly shared however erroneous “speculations” regarding why quick releases happen. You may have heard that it’s a result of stroking off quickly in adolescence, or of not engaging in sexual relations as often as possible enough.

Actually, specialists aren’t yet totally mindful of what causes a quick release in men. More often than not, there’s no positive reason that a doctor or patient can highlight as the essential factor in premature ejaculation.

In any case, scientists accept that few variables can possibly add to the quick release. Performance anxiety – worry about sexual execution and your partner’s pleasure – could play a part in untimely discharge. Sorrow, stress, and relationship issues may likewise assume a role.

From an actual viewpoint, specialists accept that prostate issues, thyroid issues, and utilization of recreational medications can all conceivably play a part in causing premature ejaculation. A few men may likewise basically be more delicate than others to sexual contact, bringing about quicker impacts from sexual incitement.

Most specialists that have some expertise in treating premature ejaculation use an assortment of treatment alternatives, going from exercise based recuperation and mental strategies to medication.

Premature ejaculation can be brought about by mental and biological components, yet mental causes are the most well-known. You may be astounded at exactly how much these kinds of issues can affect sexual execution:

  • Sorrow
  • Uneasiness, particularly nervousness about PE or sexual execution
  • Blame
  • Stress
  • Low confidence or certainty
  • History of sexual maltreatment or suppression

These biological variables can likewise add to premature ejaculation:

  • Low testosterone levels
  • Low serotonin levels
  • Irritation or contamination of the prostate
  • Irritation or contamination of the urethra

Serotonin is a chemical that is responsible for feelings of well-being and happiness. At the point when serotonin levels are high, they can likewise help defer discharge. Then again, low serotonin levels can cause premature ejaculation.

Huge numbers of these mental and biological risk components can cause erectile dysfunction (ED), which can be a basic reason for premature ejaculation.

Treatment for quick release

If you want to permanently treat quick release, use Randyfoods supplement. This supplement will make you last longer in bed. You will not have to apologize to your woman after sex again. Make her feel good and make it last.

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