Nature Detox Tea: Super Cleanser Tea


Nature Detox Tea: Super Cleanser Tea

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Welcome to Super Cleanser Tea,  the ultimate detox tea solution for a healthier and happier you. Our delicious blend of all-natural herbs and spices is specifically formulated to cleanse and rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

Brand     Thenaturehill

Item Form   Powder

100% Pure Herbal Blend

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Nigerian naira (₦) - NGN
  • Nigerian naira (₦) - NGN
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  • THE BEST NATURE DETOX TEA:  Super Cleanser Tea, the best natural detox tea gives a full body cleanse and it effectively cleanses unhealthy toxins and impurities from your body system promptly. It cleanses any threat to your healthy lifestyle and you can achieve a happy toxin-free life.
  • NATURAL DETOXIFICATION: Our unique blend of ingredients is designed to support your body’s natural detoxification process, This natural detox tea helps to flush out toxins and impurities that may be hindering your health and wellness. With regular use, Super Cleanser Tea can help you feel more energized, refreshed, and balanced.
  • HIGH TOXICITY CLEANSE: As we go about our daily lives, it’s easy to accumulate toxins in our bodies from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the products we use. These toxins can build up over time and contribute to a range of health issues, including fatigue, bloating, diseases, and digestion problems. That’s where Super Cleanser Tea, the natural detox tea comes in.
  • FULL SYSTEM CLEANSING: Supports factors of full system cleansing which include circulatory, digestive, urinary systems, and restorative health processes.
  • SUPERIOR INGREDIENTS: So what’s in our special blend in this natural detox tea? We’ve carefully selected each ingredient for its specific detoxifying properties which include Dandelion root, a natural diuretic that helps support healthy liver function and promote the elimination of toxins. Milk thistle, another ingredient, is known for its ability to support liver health and protect against harmful toxins.
  • FAST DETOX CLEANSE: With Super Cleanser Tea, you can enjoy the benefits of a gentle detox in the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever you are. Sit back, and let the natural ingredients work their magic. You can enjoy our tea hot or iced, making it the perfect refreshing pick-me-up any time of the day.
  • OUR DETOX TEA FOR KIDNEY AND  LIVER is a natural blend of herbs carefully selected to support healthy liver and kidney function,
  • A NIGHT DETOX TEA: Super cleanser tea is a type of herbal tea that is designed to be consumed both in the mornings and before bedtime. It is intended to support the body’s natural detoxification processes while you sleep. Our detox tea is caffeine-free to avoid disrupting your sleep patterns.

    Super Cleanser Tea Made with natural ingredients:
  • Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that improve your overall health
  • 28 Day Detox Tea/28 Day Tea Detox: Flushes out toxins thereby reducing belly fats while also supporting healthy weight
  • It brings a reduction in the amount of glucose in your blood lowering your blood sugar level
  • Maintains heart and vascular system
  • Reduces high blood pressure, It is a hypertensive agent
  • It gives you a vibrant and healthy skin
  • Comprises of antioxidant that repairs and protect your body cells
  • Consists of antifungal, antibiotic, and antibacterial properties which assist your body  in fighting off infections (Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, and Parasitic infections)
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Colon Detox Tea: Cleanses the colon, kidney, blood, and liver
  • Detox Tea For Kidney And Liver: Promotes healthy liver and kidney function
  • Lowers the risk of developing kidney stones, bladder problems, uterus problems
  • Contains an adaptogen that reduces stress  levels
  • Supports a healthy digestive system
  • Natural means of getting rid of the feeling of exhaustion and tiredness
  • Maintains healthy vision and heart
  • Contributes to the maintenance of bones, eradicates joint pain, waist pain……
  • Treats gastrointestinal conditions including ulcerative colitis, gastritis, constipation
  • Supports  healthy digestion and boosts the immune system

So why wait? Start your journey to better health and wellness today with Super Cleanse Tea, your best natural detox tea. We’re confident you’ll love the results!




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24 reviews for Nature Detox Tea: Super Cleanser Tea

  1. Olaolu (verified owner)

    This tea is great, I was pre-diabetes with a 120 reading after using this tea, but it dropped to 83,

  2. Ikechukwu

    This tea is wonderful. It boosted my energy. improved my gym workout. My level of alertness during the day has also increased

  3. Nanbam

    Your product is very effective, I noticed a lot of changes in my body when I started taking the cleanser tea.

  4. Nnenna

    I bought this tea based on recommendation from a lady I met in my gym class, It worked as she claimed, but my review is not only based on that, It is about my 5 year old. During school session, it’s always one sickness to the other varying from cold, cough, cartarr, fever. He was placed on daily intake of Vitamin C but I was not seeing any changes. It just occurred to me i could give him this tea in a smaller dose , I did and the result was amazing, I waited for weeks so as to be sure before writing this review, The Super Cleanser tea boosted his immune system, my son is now the most healthy, agile, active, lively 5 year old. I have introduced it to my 10 year old daughter. I RECOMMEND THIS TEA FOR ALL CHILDREN ABOVE 1 YEAR OLD ( JUST GIVE A SMALLER DOSE)

  5. Johnson

    I am happy and grateful to God I found this product. Good value for my money, flavour is okay.

    There is one wonderful thing about internal healing, you don’t know it is happening until it has happened.

    Suddenly, your joints stop aching, your head stop hurting, your energy level during the day is boosted, normal blood sugar level, less heartburn, you sleep better and many more incredible changes. The small, daily dose of the tea makes a big difference sooner. I ENDORSE SUPER CLEANSER TEA AND ALL OF THENATUREHILL’S SUPPLEMENTS

  6. Chibuzor

    I am in my late 30s, I conducted a blood sugar test, It read 115, The doctor said It means I am prediabetes, gave me some advice. I know my lifestyle had not been perfect, I decided to turn a new leaf, While I was browsing online, I came across this detox tea, I didn’t hesitate to make an order. The first and second time I took it, used the restroom at both times. I also noticed, I didn’t pee often as before, the fatigue was no more there, I felt good, Before, I couldn’t walk for long without getting tired but there is an increased energy now. I went for another test yesterday and it read 81, I was surprised, all I did differently was this detox tea, I am buying more. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life managing diabetes.

  7. Enoche

    Of recent, I cut out caffeine entirely from my daily routine.I wanted to start drinking non caffeinated drinks that will detox and cleanse my body. I came across Super cleanser tea and decided to try it out.
    It is important to state my before: I was used to eating fatty and junks foods, the results I got were sluggish feeling, constipation, high bp, joint pain, Infact, I felt my life was going slowly, I had a talk with myself, that was how super tea came in.
    The after: feeling more awake and energetic, normal blood pressure and cholesterol level, healthy bowel movements, my joint feel lighter, I can squat now.

    Excellent product.

  8. Tony

    One blessed evening, while I was watching the news, my wife exclaimed, ‘honey, there’s something a junior colleague in my office gifted me’ oh what was that? I questioned, she came out of the bedroom with a black pouch and a white sticker on it, looks nice but what is it? I asked, my wife narrated how the tea has helped her colleague who decided to gifted her one. Reluctantly, I took the tea that night, although I must confess, I wasn’t interested but I didn’t want to offend my wife(You know women now, try as much as you can not to be on their bad side). In the middle of the night, I went to the restroom to poop. Shortly after, I had an erection, this had been an issue between my wife and I for a long time, I woke my wife and we did the do. My wife was also surprised. It didn’t occur to us it was the tea, we took it in the morning again, during the day I felt alive and boom I knew it was the tea at work. To cut the story short, my wife and I are enjoying the tea.

  9. Roseline

    After buying this tea for reduction of belly fats and general body cleansing, I bought 2 packs and send to my aged parents, days after, I called them and they rolled out changes they experienced from taking the tea.

  10. Dele

    I love this tea, told my wife we will never run out of it.

  11. Jaiye

    works great for a detox. I will buy again.

  12. Chimezie

    I had gastric ulcer and I did experience burning stomach pain but of recent, I have not be experiencing the symptoms, Could it be the tea?

  13. Gabriel

    Maybe it’s the lovely package that made me chose this tea among others I saw online, but it worked great. I had this big stomach and I used to eat a lot, This tea has reduced my appetite, I find it difficult now to eat half of my former heavy portion. My wife was surprised but at least she is happy my belly is going down and I feel energized

  14. Aisha

    In my early 50s, Recently, my husband and children told me I have been looking younger since I started this cleanser tea, They confirmed what I have been noticing, my face is now firmed up making me look younger and prettier, the wrinkles on my back palm is gone and no I didn’t use a hand cream. All i did differently is drinking this tea. My husband wants to order too.

  15. kemi

    I brought it along with me to Texas, bought it when I came to Nigeria for the holiday, I like the fact that It has liver’s benefit, Sometimes, i just lick it since it taste good and sometimes, I add it to my green tea.

  16. Mr Aladejoye

    This is really good, just took it yesterday’s night and I slept like I have never done for a long time. I woke up refreshed, I went to the rest room and I felt light after. No stomach pain, maybe it’s the dirt in me that it flushes out. But I hope I won’t go again, though I don’t feel like that now, I feel good honestly.

  17. Dave

    This tea cured my dad waist pain, made him feel younger(according to him, Lol), my mum said she can now climb the stairs comfortably(she had arthritis) and there is a reduction in her blood sugar level.

  18. Dami

    I had this joint pain for two years, nothing cured it, I even used omega 3 supplements which gave a little relief sometimes, I came across this tea and bought it. It is hard to believe but the joint pain disappeared by the third day, also, the nagging headache is no more. This tea is good

  19. Biyi

    I ordered this detox tea because i wanted to detox my body and feel lighter and healthier, I feel great with it! I took extra dosage anytime I ate too much or took carbonated drinks, I am so confident it washed away toxins accumulated. I am ordering more

  20. Jessica

    Thenaturehill has awesome products, I was using the cleanser tea and ovul8plus(female fertility product) but I couldn’t take it for long because I got pregnant in the process(after 3 years)My husband is still using it and he rates it high.

  21. Abiodun

    I don’t normally write reviews but I had to for this Super Cleanser tea, my mom and I used it and we have been loving it, My mom jokingly sent a message to the company never to ever run out of stock because Super cleanser Tea is going to be her companion till her last breathe.

  22. Christopher

    It taste good, I do lick it, i don’t like tea, The price of the products seems a little high for me but I am willing to pay that price for a healthy me.

  23. Halimah

    This cleanser tea works. My weight loss journey was all about this tea and healthy eating.

  24. Ife

    I have never be a tea drinker but decided to start incorporating tea into my weight loss regime,
    This brand caught my attention and decides to give it a go. So far it’s been 12 days and I’ve lost 3 pounds. It doesn’t taste bad but I do add honey which made it tastes really good.
    It doesn’t have any negative effect on me, It’s giving me what I crave for and so I will be buying again.

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