Premature ejaculation is a process whereby you release semen shortly after intercourse. It is not a very good thing and this makes it near impossible to pleasure your lady adequately. The treatment of premature ejaculation is simple and you don’t need to break the bank or do anything extraordinary to cure premature ejaculation.

Do you ejaculate prematurely?

And would you like to learn how to treat it?

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Randy Foods

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Causes of premature ejaculation.

There are many physical and psychological causes of premature ejaculation and some of them are:

1. Depression or anxiety

Depression and anxiety can be a major reason so many things go bad in our lives and it can really be a thorn in the flesh.

The combination of depression and anxiety can make us not care about life and all the good things it has to offer and this attitude can seep into our work lives and personal lives.

And when it enters your personal life, it starts to rot everything in it…

Including your sex life.

When you feel depressed and anxious, you will not be able to perform adequately as a man and this causes things like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

If you are feeling depressed and anxious, I suggest you see a doctor immediately who can recommend a good psychiatrist to help cure your depression and anxiety.

2. Thinking/worrying too much

When you are thinking about something, a deal you want to close or something that bothers you, you will be distracted and this won’t make you function well in bed as you will be thinking of that thing that bothers you.

This is also a cause of premature ejaculation, worry.

Everyone worries from time to time…

Try not to make that worry destroy your sex life and your relationships because you know if it destroys your sex life, definitely it will destroy your relationship too.

Unless you do something about it immediately.

There are many ways you can stop worrying too much and one of the surest ways I have found to cure me of worrying too much is meditation.

Meditation has the power to stop you from worrying too much.

You can try meditating for about 10-20 minutes everyday depending on your schedule.

Give it a week of constant meditation and you will start seeing the results.

You can also search for other ways to stop worrying so much so you can have an arsenal of things in your belt to make sure you quit worrying and start doing better in the bedroom. 

3. Stress

Stress is one of the big reasons men ejaculate prematurely and stress at work or stress at home can be a reason for premature ejaculation.

How can you reduce some of that stress because it is near impossible to say that there will be no stress in our lives, especially if you have a demanding job.

But you can manage the stress to make sure it doesn’t have to destroy your personal life and relationship.

One way to manage stress is to learn to relax well. 

And how can you relax well?


Try getting a weekly massage and all your stress and worries will fly away before you know it.

Another way to manage stress is to meditate every day.

This will make your life better and it does not only cure your stress it is also a very good healthy habit you can imbibe in your life that will increase the quality of your life.

Meditation is not just good for your sexual life, it is also good for your overall health.

4. Relationship problems

image2 2

If you are having problems with your relationship, especially with the person you are supposed to please in bed, you will not be able to perform well.

This might be because of two reasons:

  • You are not in that place mentally to please her 
  • You don’t want to because you are not in a good place with her

Either way, it is a sure reason to ejaculate prematurely.

5. Feeling overly excited

When you are too excited that you are about to have sex, the possibility that you will ejaculate prematurely is ninety-nine percent.

Learn to calm down and relax.

Sex is a great stress reliever and when you are stressed out thinking about how you are going to have sex, it can have a counter effect and cause you to ejaculate prematurely.

So relax and take your time.

A little tip: If you really want to please your woman well sexually, increase the time of foreplay. Satisfy her through foreplay first and it would not matter how long you last doing the main thing because you have already satisfied her.

6. Diabetes 

Diabetes can cause premature ejaculation also.

This is caused by too much sugar which makes your semen watery and increases your chances of a premature ejaculation.

If you notice you have a watery semen it is time you start eating healthy because it can lead to premature ejaculation and if you don’t treat it soon, it can lead to something else, like diabetes, which is on another level entirely.

7. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is another major reason for premature ejaculation.

There are many reasons for high blood pressure like overthinking, stress and pressure in your life from different people and angles.

If you suspect you may have a high blood pressure, go see a doctor and get tested and try to calm down and reduce the amount of stress in your life.

Is premature ejaculation curable?

Yes, it is. 

And although many men find it hard to talk about it, it is definitely curable.

with supplement like Randyfoods, premature ejaculation can be 100% cured

You can actually treat this yourself

Treatment of premature ejaculation

Ways you can treat premature ejaculation

Preemptive strike

This means that you should “handle” the problem before it becomes a problem.

Before having intercourse with your significant other, masturbate an hour early.

Of course this is only possible when there is sex on the horizon and you know before hand you are going to engage in sexual intercourse.

But that’s what it is…

Masturbating an hour early before intercourse makes you last longer in bed because your body has not produced more semen that can easily come out during intercourse.

This makes you last longer in bed.

Behavioral therapy

This is the process of training your body through exercises to build tolerance so you can last better in bed and delay ejaculation. 

You can use methods like the squeeze method where you tighten the tip of the penis when you are about to ejaculate to stop you from ejaculation prematurely.

You can also use the stop-start method.

This method is when you stop during intercourse because you are beginning to feel like you will ejaculate soon.

You know when it is about to come out.

When you feel this, you stop, engage in some foreplay till the feeling subsides and then continue.

You will last longer in bed this way.

Psychological therapy

This is a way to deal with the negative feeling that causes you to have problems with sexual relationships.

You can use this as the only treatment or you can use it in combination with other treatments like behavioral therapy and drugs to cure premature ejaculation.

The main goal of this psychological therapy is to learn the source of all your problems and help you find solutions to cure your premature ejaculation.

This can help you become less nervous about your sexual performance and can help you become more confident sexually.


Doctors have noticed that men and women on antidepressants have delayed orgasms. 

Some drugs have been known to affect the production of serotonin and doctors have begun using these drugs to cure premature ejaculation.

But if one drug does not work, the doctor may have you try a different one and if that one also doesn’t help, none will likely help cure your premature ejaculation.

Use supplements called Randyfoods
Randy Foods

Randyfoods is a dietary supplement that helps men become studs in the bedroom by increasing your stamina and it also cures premature ejaculation.

Its job is to help improves men’s sex life like:

  • Helping them last longer in bed
  • Develop rock-hard erections
  • Cures and prevents impotence
  • Improves fertility
  • And many more…

This will help you as it has helped countless number of people treat their premature ejaculation and improve their sex life.

“I would have started my marriage on a wrong foot if not for this supplement, weeks after our wedding, i lost desire for sex, i didn’t get aroused seeing my wife’s nakedness. Thanks to this supplement, now I have to learn to behave myself, especially when we are in public places.” R A 


Treatment of premature ejaculation is very possible as you have seen in this article.

Even if you do all the things that can help you treat premature ejaculation, it is also equally important you stop doing all the things that cause you to suffer from premature ejaculation in the first place.

Living a healthy lifestyle can make you never have this type of problem again.

So, use RANDYFOODS so that you can become a stud in bed and please your woman the way she deserve

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