Is there a connection between masturbation and erectile dysfunction? If you want to know if the cause of your erectile dysfunction is tied to your frequent masturbation, then continue reading.

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Masturbation – touching yourself or your partner’s privates for sexual pleasure – is a typical practice and normally it is harmless.

Truth be told, masturbation can have its benefits. Both men and women can appreciate the sexual discharge it gives.

It can assist individuals with getting increasingly acquainted with their bodies and investigate the manners in which they like being touched. 

Masturbation may likewise bring pleasure to couples who can’t perform sex, temporarily or permanently.

Men use different processes of masturbation, which may interfere with their sexual capacity (e.g., masturbation in an inclined position, using hard strokes, squeezing, folding, or touching their penis in a specific way).

These masturbatory habits in some cases bring about sexual dysfunction (e.g., erectile dysfunction, deferred discharge, decreased desire, and sexual satisfaction).

Along these lines, it is significant for you to take supplements that will help you cure any sexual dysfunction you may be experiencing.

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Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

The answer is ‘No’, masturbation does not cause erectile dysfunction — that kind of talk is a myth and is not based on facts. 

Masturbation is a natural thing and doesn’t influence the quality of your erections. 

Studies show that masturbation is regular over all ages. Around 74 percent of guys reported masturbating, compared to 48.1 percent of females. 

Masturbation even has some medical advantages. According to Planned Parenthood, masturbation can help reduce pressure, decrease stress, and help you sleep better. 

An individual will most likely be unable to get an erection soon after masturbating.

This is known as the male refractory period and isn’t the same as erectile dysfunction.

A male refractory period is the recuperation time before a man will have the option to get an erection again soon after ejaculating.

Know that masturbation isn’t directly connected to erectile dysfunction. Masturbating won’t harm your penis (as long as you use appropriate strategy) and it won’t prevent you from having the option to perform. 

The possibility that masturbation causes erectile dysfunction gives off the impression of being an old wife’s story.

Masturbating additionally won’t cause you to go blind, cause you to develop hair on the palms of your hands, or any of the other “100% certain” symptoms that you may have heard of.

What really causes erectile dysfunction in men? 

Erectile dysfunction can have different physical and mental causes. At times, it tends to be brought about by both. 

Physical causes can include: 

  • Extreme alcohol or tobacco use 
  • High or low blood pressure 
  • Elevated cholesterol 
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes 
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Conditions, for example, multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease

Mental causes can include: 

  • Stress or trouble with closeness in romantic relationships
  • Stress or nervousness from circumstances in your personal or professional life 
  • Depression or other related emotional wellness conditions

How to prevent erectile dysfunction 

You can make some lifestyle changes that can help with your erectile dysfunction, including: 

  • Exercising at least 30 minutes every day 
  • Maintaining a strategic distance from cigarettes or other tobacco items 
  • Maintaining a strategic distance from or lessening the measure of liquor you drink 
  • Meditating or participating in exercises that decrease pressure 

In case you have a condition that is causing your erectile dysfunction, talk with your doctor about it.

Get physical tests at least once every year and take the right medicines to ensure you’re as healthy as could be expected under the circumstances.

What are the connections between masturbation and erectile dysfunction?

The connection between masturbation and erectile dysfunction does not come from the myth that masturbation causes erectile dysfunction because we have already established that it doesn’t.

But the connection comes from the very way a man masturbates like the way he holds and strokes the penis.

If he holds it real tight and strokes it hard, or turns and squeezes it in unnatural ways, this can harm his penis and thereby causing some sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, masturbation does not cause erectile dysfunction but…

Incorrect masturbation has been linked to sexual dysfunction

A few of us may have built up a habit for hurrying through masturbation – we took in this when we were shameful youths, anxious about being seen or caught by our parents.

Rushing the procedure prepares our bodies to do the same during sex; and this can cause a type of sexual dysfunction called premature ejaculation, which can be incredibly upsetting and sincerely incapacitating for men who experience the ill effects of it. 

Moreover, do you use pornography to enable you to masturbate?

Provided that this is true, you’re not the only one; yet research shows to us that pornography really changes the structure of our brains, desensitizing us to sexual stimuli and making it difficult that we’ll be excited by something besides pornography.

This can put you in danger of genuine sexual health concerns, for example, erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety.

Some questions about masturbation

Here are some questions about masturbation and their answers

Does everybody masturbate the same way? 

No, and in the protection of your own space, there’s no correct method to stroke off.

For the most part, when we talk about masturbation we mean touching, squeezing, or rubbing a person’s genital region, or different erogenous zones with the fingers or against an item, for example, a pillow.

It can also include putting fingers into the vagina or butt; or stimulating the private parts with toys, for example, an electric vibrator.

It’s alright to use toys or stimulate any piece of your body that feels good — there are different ways to masturbate as there are people.

As long as what you are doing isn’t dangerous to you or others then you can masturbate any way you like. 

Can masturbation cause diseases? 

No. Except if you’re using unwashed hands or unsanitary objects, masturbation can’t cause sicknesses or diseases.

Also, in contrast to sex with a partner, masturbation won’t cause accidental pregnancy or sexually transmitted illnesses (given that the environment and objects are clean).

Also, it’s a safe method to make sense of what you are and aren’t happy with.

In case you notice any scraping or skin aggravation, you should use an appropriate lubricant – — avoid saliva, Vaseline, or oils.

Irritations or diseases can come up if your body is sensitive to the things you masturbate with. 

Would masturbation help you learn how to orgasm? 

Yes. Masturbation can be one of the most satisfying approaches to be sexual, and for individuals of each sex, it’s a chance to become more acquainted with your body and investigate your wants.

It very well may be an approach to find new real sensations and responses. 

Would masturbation be able to make you infertile, cause hair to develop on your palms, cause skin inflammation, or make you blind? In short: is masturbation BAD for you? 

No. Masturbation can’t make you infertile, cause skin inflammation, or cause hair to develop on your palms.

A lot of these myths can be found in a book anonymously distributed in 1756, Onania, or, the sin of self-pollution and all its bad outcomes (in both genders), which appears to be intended to terrify individuals from self-pleasuring themselves.

The hair on the palms can be brought about by an uncommon genetic condition, while skin inflammation is regularly connected with hormonal changes which are a typical indication of adolescence.

There is additionally a connection among shortsightedness and puberty, but masturbation won’t harm your sight. 

Masturbation isn’t bad for you physically, sexually, or emotionally — unless it is something you just would prefer not to do.

Truth be told, masturbation can really be beneficial for you. 

Pleasure and climax (from sex or masturbation) can help keep up your circulatory, neural, and muscular systems, and prevent dysmenorrhoea.

Masturbation has even been related to improved body image. 

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Why are there such huge numbers of myths about masturbation? 

Myths about masturbation being bad or destructive come from fear and ignorance about health and human sexuality.

The vast majority stroke off, and from the beginning of time, a great many people have consistently jerked off.

Masturbation isn’t awful or dangerous — it’s a typical and sound way that numerous individuals find out about their sexuality and arrive at climax for the first time. 

It’s alright to stroke off as often as possible, rarely or not at all — there’s nothing amiss with not jerking off, on the off chance that you would prefer not to.

Settle on whatever decisions you do around masturbation dependent on what feels better and ideal for you, as opposed to dependent on fears of what others may think or fantasies about what masturbation can do to your body. 

With regards to adorning yourself and your body, pleasure isn’t only for fun – — it’s a type of self-care. Why not treat yourself?

Assuming you are already experiencing erectile dysfunction, how can you treat it?

If you are already experiencing erectile dysfunction, don’t panic. It’s easy to cure.

There are many cures for erectile dysfunction but the recommended cure that comes with no side effects will be to use a supplement called Randyfoods.

Randy Foods

Randyfoods helps men cure their erectile dysfunction permanently and you will never have a problem with getting erections again.

Check out what some people have said about this supplement:

This is a good product I used sometimes ago. My libido was quite low then as nothing turned me on again. My wife felt resented as she didn’t turn me on. I know she’s not the problem because it’s the same scenario with my lady friend. It was randy foods that increased my libido. What I love most is the intensity of my ejaculation. So good.” – TOM

I have to tell you guys are doing great work. I really enjoyed it. However, I feel you should turn this into a tablet or capsules.” – UCHE B.

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Therefore, now that you have seen the connection between masturbation and erectile dysfunction and noticed that masturbation does not directly cause erectile dysfunction.

But, in case you may already be experiencing erectile dysfunction, use Randyfoods and tell that problem “bye”.


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