How to flush out Sperm with Ampiclox (See The Video)

A consexual sex between a man and a woman without prevention happens but after the deed is done, the question of how to flush out sperm with ampiclox comes to mind.

Have you ever used Ampiclox after having sex, hoping that it will flush out the sperm to prevent you from getting pregnant or even having a sexually transmitted disease (STD)? 

Many people actually take this antibiotic, ampiclox, believing it will not make them pregnant. 


Let’s talk about sex for a while

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What is Ampiclox?

The question, how to  flush out sperm with ampiclox will be answered shortly after knowing what Ampiclox is.  Ampiclox is an antibiotic, a broad spectrum penicillin-based antibiotic that contains Ampicillin and Cloxacillin. It was developed to treat bacterial infections, to prevent bacterial infections from spreading and it kills bacteria that are  susceptible to the bacteria. It is to be known that not all bacteria can be killed by Ampiclox.

Different ways people flush out sperm

There are various ways people flush out sperm from the body apart from Ampiclox, there has not been any prove if they are effective but some of the ways are:



c)urination after sex



How to flush out sperm with Ampiclox
How do ladies flush out sperm with ampiclox? simply orally

Many believe Ampiclox flush out sperm before it can fertilize their eggs,  The belief might be because they or someone they know have used it and it worked but that might be because they were not in their fertile period. As a lady it is important to know your ovulation period.



Flushing out sperm with ampiclox is a MISCONCEPTION, it doesn’t work. Unnecessary use of antibiotics like ampiclox can make your body develop a resistance and when you have an infection to be treated with the same antibiotics, it won’t work.

 A lady that doesn’t want to get pregnant should use a female condom or her partner a male condom


How Sperm Is Flushed From The Body To Prevent Pregnancy(Video)

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