Everything You Need To Know About Sperm Disorders

What are Sperm disorders, causes, symptoms and treatment? Below is everything you need to know about Sperm disorders

A Cure To Low Sperm Count: Spermboost

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SpermBoost is a formulation of traditional herbs with empirical evidence for centuries but now scientifically proven. The formulation is known to improve several parameters of sperm count, sperm viability and motility by 300%; these herbs also reduce morphological damage.

Benefits of taking Spermboost

  • It increases the motility of your sperm
  • Helps boost your sperm production
  • Makes you fertile if you have a low sperm count.
  • Reduces morphological damage – making your sperm maintain their shape
  • And many more…

Testimonials On Spermboost

Testimonies about the rapid improvement of  sperm level after taking SpermBoost abound.

After 2 years of trying to conceive, we had pretty much given up. My husband sperm was watery, I found this and had thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. After 2 1/2 months of my husband using this, I am 4.5 weeks pregnant! Wonderful supplement. My husband said he felt very healthy taking it and it didn’t upset his stomach. Thanks SpermBoost!!


Using SpermBoost, I have found that I don’t need any other supplements. This product works great, even if you are not using it for boosting motility, the ingredients are very beneficial.


I went for a test some days back and got the result today. I have been dancing all evening, the test came out great. All the parameters have risen to normal. Every single parameter is well within healthy range. I couldn’t believe it. I really thank God and i testify that your product worked for me


I was diagnosed with low motility, the doctors gave us several very expensive options on how to help us conceive. I couldn’t go through that route because of the expenses involved. So I did what I always do! Find a low cost solution. I did online research to find natural products that boost sperm. I saw so many options but my mind was fixed on this, i guess the reviews helped too. I was diligent in my usage and i was patient, Now what I need everyone who has watery semen, low sperm count or low motility to know is that technically it takes some days for healthy sperm to be created. So it won’t happen overnight but at the end, it worked!


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    Reviews On Randyfoods

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What Are Sperm Disorders?

Sperm disorders means defects in the quality or quantity of sperm produced. These disorders could occur in: 

-sperm badly shaped (morphology)

– sperm not moving the right way (motility

– sperm be made in low numbers (oligospermia)

– sperm not made at all (Azoospermia)

Causes Of Sperm Disorders

a) Lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle factors such as the age at which to start a family, nutrition, weight, exercise, psychological stress, environmental and occupational exposures, and others can have substantial effects on fertility; lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking, illicit drug use, and alcohol and caffeine consumption can negatively influences sperm  while others such as preventative care may be beneficial.

b) Certain Medication

Cancer medications (chemotherapy), Testosterone replacement therapy, long-term anabolic steroid use,certain antifungal and antibiotic medications, some ulcer medications, and other medications can impair sperm production and cause sperm disorders

c)Health Problems

Health problems or illnesses  can interfere with sperm production causing sperm disorder. The infection that can affect the sperm count and production include sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as gonorrhea or HIV. Also, inflammation of the epididymis or testicles can also affect sperm count causing sperm disorders.

d)Childhood Infection

Klinefelter's Syndrome - What Causes It? - By Dr. Sharath Kumar C Sharath |  Lybrate

Some childhood infection like mumps, chicken pox, Turner’s Syndrome(If a child is born with chromosomal disorders) Klinefelter’s Syndrome (Klinefelter’s syndrome is a chromosomal disorder in boys) Sperm disorders can occur as a result of childhood infection

e) Hormonal Problems

 Hormone imbalances. The hypothalamus, pituitary and testicles produce hormones that are necessary to create sperm. Alterations in these hormones, as well as from other systems such as the thyroid and adrenal gland, may cause sperm disorders

Symptoms Of Sperm Disorders

  • Low sex drive
  • difficulty maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle area
  • Decreased facial or body hair 

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Diagnosis Of Sperm Disorders

Sperm disorders are diagnosed by semen analysis. Semen analysis tests the man’s sperm and semen. Semen analysis is also known as a sperm count or male fertility test, its results show how many sperm are released, as well as how they’re shaped and how well they move.

Semen samples can be obtained in a couple of different ways. You can provide a sample by masturbating and ejaculating into a special container at the doctor’s office. Because of religious or cultural beliefs, some men prefer an alternative method of semen collection. In such cases, semen can be collected by using a special condom during intercourse.

Treat Sperm Disorders With Spermboost

A significant treatment for sperm disorders is using Spermboost supplement.

Sperm disorders are usually because there’s one problem or the other with your sperm 

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  • Quit smoking
  • Have enough exercise
  • Have a good time sleeping
  • Avoid excessive alcohol and drug use.
  • Get enough vitamin D
  • Eat more antioxidant-rich foods.

Everything You Need To Know About Sperm Disorders

Health problems or illnesses  can interfere with sperm production causing sperm disorder.

-Sperm disorders means defects in the quality or quantity of sperm produced

– Low sex drive could be a symptom of Sperm disorders

-Sperm disorders is detected by semen analysis

Spermboost cures sperm disorders


That’s everything you need to know about sperm disorders and never forget Spermboost cures sperm disorder

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