Are you curious as to the effect of watery sperm? In this post, you are going to learn the effect of watery sperm and how it affects your fertility.

Semen is the liquid delivered through the male urethra during discharge. It conveys sperm and liquids from the prostate organ and other male conceptive organs. Regularly, semen is a thick, whitish fluid. Nonetheless, a few conditions can change the shading and consistency of semen.

What is the effect of watery sperm? Watery semen can be an indication of low sperm count, demonstrating conceivable fertility issues. Discharging thin, clear sperm may likewise be a brief condition with no genuine well-being concerns.

Before we talk about the effect of watery sperm. It is important we ask why your sperm is watery in the first place.

Why is your sperm watery?

The main thing to note in case you’re stressed over watery sperm is that it isn’t really a reason to stress. Watery semen is regularly typical for certain men and ought not to be a reason for concern. In any case, some ailments can likewise change the consistency to cause watery semen.

What does watery sperm mean?

Sperm or penis discharge is commonly a smooth, white, thick liquid. Sperm tone, thickness, and consistency can differ, however, and be influenced by lifestyle factors, nutrient inadequacies, and low sperm count. On the off chance that you are encountering watery or in any case irregular discharge, we’re here to address your inquiries. We’ll likewise address any conceivable effect of watery sperm on fertility.‍

Potential reasons for watery semen

Before I write on the effect of watery sperm, let me point out reasons your sperm is watery


1. Incessant ejaculation‍

The appropriate response could be as straightforward as regular discharge. In the event that you jerk off or engage in sexual relations to climax with discharge a few times each day, it’s absolutely normal (and average) for discharge to become more slender and more watery.

A recent report found that over a time of 14 days of everyday discharge, semen volume and sperm concentration altogether diminished as the days advanced. ‍

2. Low sperm count‍

having a low sperm count (oligospermia) can regularly make semen have a watery consistency. Low sperm count, which is classified as having under 15 million sperm for each milliliter of semen (discharge), may affect the capacity to effectively fertilize an egg, It might be an indication of a basic health concern.

Some reasons for low sperm count include:


Various sexually communicated diseases, for example, gonorrhea or HIV, can obstruct healthy sperm creation or cause scarring that could impede the entry of sperm. Contaminations that cause aggravation of the epididymis (epididymitis) or balls (orchitis), can likewise affect sperm count.


This is an expansion of the veins that drain the testicles. This is a typical, treatable, reason for infertility.

Hormone irregular characteristics

Any adjustments in the hormones or hormone creation in the testicles, nerve center, and pituitary organ may add to an adjustment in sperm count.


Both mild and threatening tumors can influence sperm count and semen volume.

Hereditary causes

Abnormalities can be innate or created and can influence sperm count.

3. Zinc deficiency

Another normal clarification for low sperm count or lower sperm volume is a lack of the fundamental mineral, Zinc. Zinc is answerable for assaulting sperm antibodies, which botch sperm for unfamiliar items to the body. For those with low zinc, zinc, and zinc sulfate supplements, are easily accessible to the public. ‍

4. Retrograde ejaculation‍

Retrograde discharge happens when sperm enters the bladder during the climax rather than out of the tip of the penis. This condition can cause a low volume of discharge that shows up as slim or watery.

Medical issues, for example, diabetes, spinal wounds, and medical procedure of the bladder, urethra, or prostate can cause retrograde discharge. It is likewise conceivable that some blood pressure prescriptions, known as alpha-blockers, may provoke issues with discharge. ‍

effect of watery sperm


Looking for treatment for watery semen‍

In the event that your sperm is consistently watery or colored, you should use spermboost, which is a natural dietary supplement that increases the quality of your sperm in no time.

A semen investigation additionally referred to as a seminogram, can be performed to survey different parts of the semen, for example,

  • Volume of ejaculate
  • Acidity of semen
  • Sperm count
  • Shape and size of sperm
  • Sperm movement and motility
  • Chemical make-up
  • Liquefaction time
  • Fructose levels

This data, just like your way of life and clinical history, can help your medical services supplier decide the base of the issue and refer you to the next steps.‍

What treatment looks like for watery semen‍

On the off chance that watery semen is ascribed to a low sperm count, intrusive treatment may not be vital. Low sperm count doesn’t consequently make somebody incapable to conceive — on the off chance that you and your partner are attempting to conceive, you just may be more deliberate in your endeavors and it may be a smart thought to start using spermboost as a way to increase the quality of your sperm.

In the event that your primary care physician ascribes the low sperm tally or watery semen to the way of life or diet, they will probably encourage you to:

  • Exercise normally if conceivable
  • Stop or lessen your nicotine admission
  • Change your eating routine
  • Decrease liquor utilization

Treatment for infections will probably include anti-microbial or antiviral treatment. In the event that a varicocele is recognized, a little medical procedure is a strategy for therapy. In the event that any hormone uneven characteristics are recognized, they will be dealt with utilizing hormone treatment.

What is the effect of watery sperm on fertility?

The effect of watery sperm on fertility should not be much. Seeing that if the cause of your watery sperm is sperm count, it is still possible to be fertile.

Effect of watery sperm? Having a watery sperm does not really mean that you are unable to conceive. It just means that it may be a little bit difficult to conceive. This is only if the eatery sperm is consistent, even when you have changed your lifestyle for the better.

Effect of watery sperm on fertility?: Does hydration influence sperm?

For men, lack of hydration can prompt diminished sperm quality and less volume of semen. For ladies, dehydration results in poor egg health, and less cervical bodily fluid discharge which is indispensable for transportation of sperm to the fallopian tubes.

What are the odds of considering with low sperm tally?

Having a low sperm count can have an effect on watery sperm making it harder to conceive normally, albeit effective pregnancies can in any case happen. Issues with sperm, including a low sperm count and issues with sperm quality, are very normal. They’re a factor in around 1 out of 3 couples who are attempting to get pregnant.

What does thick sperm mean?

Thick semen as a rule results from a higher than ordinary convergence of sperm in a normal volume of semen, or from having a high number of sperm with a sporadic shape (morphology). High sperm fixation regularly demonstrates that you’re more likely to impregnate a female partner.

But, what if you really wish to cure watery sperm so you can be fertile enough to impregnate your woman.

Use Spermboost


Spermbost is the supplement, as mentioned above, that will increase the quality of your sperm. Including making it thicker.

This dietary supplement is made from natural herbs and spices and is also known to increase your sperm quality by 300 percent.

This means you never have to worry about any inconsistency with your sperm. This will make it way easier to impregnate your woman.


“I was skeptical but I ordered this product for my husband and had him take it twice a day every day. We had been trying for over a year to make a baby and nothing worked. After a month of him taking spermboost, I missed my period and we took a test and it came back positive!!!! We ran two more tests and those were positive too, the doctor confirmed that I’m indeed pregnant. I’m now fifteen weeks pregnant and seriously think it’s due to this little miracle supplement. That being said, I highly recommend it.” – LIZZY

“I was diagnosed with low motility, the doctors gave us several very expensive options on how to help us conceive. And I couldn’t go through that route because of the expenses involved. So I did what I always do! Find a low-cost solution. I did online research to find natural products that boost sperm. There were so many options but my mind was fixed on this, I guess the reviews helped too. I was diligent in my usage and I was patient, Now what I need everyone who has a low sperm count or low motility to know is that technically it takes some days for healthy sperm to be created. So it won’t happen overnight but in the end, it worked!” – SAHEED


The effect of watery sperm could be vaguely minimal. The effect of watery sperm on fertility shouldn’t be underestimated and it is also very important you do what you can to make sure the effect of watery sperm does not become too complicated. In that case, you should really use Spermboost because it will completely clear any issue you may have with your sperm by increasing your sperm power by 300 percent. Now, that’s a lot.

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