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Do Men Have Biological Clocks?

Do men have biological clocks? Yeah Yeah, We know women have biological clocks, many ladies have been rushed or pressured into something they did not desire or thought of it well because of this word ’biological clocks’ not knowing there’s a simple…Read More »

5 Lifestyle Habits That Can Impact Male fertility

Did you know there are some lifestyle habits that can impact male fertility. In this article, I am going to address these lifestyles and how your actions can have drastic consequences. Spermboost: A Cure To Low Sperm Count SpermBoost is a formulation…Read More »

Does Your Phone Hurt Your Fertility?

There are causes of male infertility and there are causes of female infertility but does your phone hurt your fertility? Men who use these hands-free devices tend to carry their cell phones in their pants pocket or clipped to their belts at…Read More »

Side Effects Of Masturbation In Male Daily

Masturbation is a sexual stimulation of genitals for sexual pleasure but are there side effects of masturbation in male daily? Individuals of any age  masturbate and it’s regularly the first sexual experience they have.  Not every person appreciates stroking of and there’s…Read More »

Sperm booster

Do you need the best sperm booster? Spermboost is all you need. It is a formulation of traditional herbs with empirical evidence for centuries but now scientifically proven. The formulation is known to improve several parameters of sperm count, sperm viability and…Read More »

Does Sperm Smell? The 4 Smell Of Sperm

Does sperm smell? You might also be interested in THE 5 COLORS OF SPERM Seminal fluid, Semen doesn’t always have the same smell. Semen contains numerous substances that influence its smell, individual diet, hygiene, and sex life all play a part which…Read More »

How Long Does Sperm Live Outside The Body?

Whether you are trying to avoid or achieve pregnancy, it’s important to know how long sperm can live. So, how long does sperm live outside the body? Achieve Pregnancy Fast With Spermboost SpermBoost is a formulation of traditional herbs with empirical evidence…Read More »

Can Lime And Potash Abort Pregnancy?

 Can Lime And Potash Abort Pregnancy? It has been observed that majority of abortions are carried out by young unmarried women, and this group of people mostly opt for an unsafe way to abort which more often than not result to complications..…Read More »