Can Action Bitter Flush Sperm?

Can Action Bitter flush sperm?

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Action Bitter

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Can Action Bitter Flush Sperm?

A study indicate that the practice of unprotected sex is common among Nigeria university students and awareness of methods of preventing unplanned pregnancy is far from universal. Contrary to the dominant discourse, this study reveals that middle-class youths, specifically university students, are prone to unplanned pregnancy, use of unsafe Emergency Contraceptive(EC) methods and unsafe abortion. Indeed, even though many of the respondents were aware of Emergency Contraceptive, the study found that this awareness did not translate to EC use. Many respondents had poor knowledge of EC methods, lacked accurate knowledge of timing of the use of EC and held erroneous perceptions about the side effects of emergency contraception.

An appropriate educational programme addressing the barriers and dispelling the myths surrounding EC are urgently needed not only among poorly educated youths from low socioeconomic status, but also among young educated middle-class youths.

Can Action bitter flush sperm?
NO Action biter cannot flush out sperm?
Using action bitter as emergency contraception would definitely have some health implications.. Future studies are needed to demonstrate the efficacy and health implications of the use of these medications and concoctions.


If you want to prevent pregnancy so you wouldn’t have to worry about the question, can salt flush out sperm? use Contraceptives. It prevents pregnancy by

  • keeping the egg and sperm apart
  • stopping egg production
  • stopping the combined sperm and egg (fertilized egg) attaching to the lining of the womb

Types Of Contraceptives

The different types of contraceptives are

  • Cap.
  • Combined pill.
  • Condoms.
  • Contraceptive implant.
  • Contraceptive injection.
  • Contraceptive patch.
  • Diaphragm.
  • Female condoms.


Can Action bitter flush sperm?

Using Action Bitter To flush sperm is wrong and it doesn’t work. If it worked for you in the past, it’s basically because you were not ovulating when you used it. 

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