If you have asked this question before, can a man with zero sperm count can get a woman pregnant, this post is for you. And the answer will shock you.

Men who don’t have sperm in their semen have a condition called azoospermia. It happens to about 1% of all men and 15% of infertile men. There aren’t actually any side effects that you’d notice, however on the off chance that you’ve been attempting to get your partner pregnant without progress, this condition could be the reason.

What Causes It?

You may have a problem that holds your balls back from making sperm or that prevents sperm from escaping your body. There are three fundamental sorts of azoospermia:

Pretesticular azoospermia: Your balls are normal, however your body can’t get them to make sperm. It may happen due to low chemical levels or after you’ve had chemotherapy. This sort is quite uncommon.

Testicular azoospermia: Damage to your testicles holds them back from making sperm regularly. It can happen as a result of:

  • A contamination in your regenerative plot, for example, epididymitis and urethritis
  • A childhood disease, for example, viral orchitis, which causes swelling of one or the two balls
  • A groin injury
  • Cancer or its therapies, similar to radiation
  • Hereditary conditions, for example, Klinefelter’s disorder

Post-testicular azoospermia: Your gonads make normal sperm, however something holds them back from getting out, as:

  • A blockage in the cylinders that convey sperm from your gonads to your penis. This is called obstructive azoospermia.
  • A vasectomy
  • Retrograde discharge, when semen goes into your bladder rather than out of your penis during a climax

About 40% of men with azoospermia have the post-testicular sort.

How Do You Know whether You Have Azoospermia?

On the off chance that you’ve been attempting without luck to get your partner pregnant, your doctor may check you for this condition.

In the first place, you’ll give tests of your semen, and a lab will analyze them with a powerful magnifying instrument. In the event that the outcomes show no sperm in your semen on two separate events, at that point you have azoospermia.

Your primary care physician will at that point attempt to sort out what’s causing the issue. They’ll give you a total actual test, get some information about your clinical history, and test your blood to quantify your hormone levels.

On the off chance that your chemical levels are ormal, your doctor may arrange a scrotal or transrectal ultrasound to search for a block. A MRI may affirm the analysis. Now and then, medical procedure is the best way to discover the impediment.

On the off chance that you don’t have a blockage, hereditary tests can see whether you have an issue in your qualities.

Sperm Production

To comprehend azoospermia, having in any event a fundamental comprehension of how sperm are delivered and get into the discharge can help.

Sperm cells start their excursion in the balls, which are held marginally outside of the body in the scrotum. The balls are somewhat outside of the body since sperm are delicate to warm. A man’s internal heat level is excessively high for sperm cells to endure.

The sperm cells don’t simply skim around in a pool of liquids in the gonads. All things being equal, they form inside an arrangement of little cylinders known as the seminiferous tubules.

Sperm cells additionally don’t begin in their fledgling like structure, with a head and a tail, all things considered. They start as small round cells. Just when presented to regenerative chemicals like testosterone, FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), and LH (luteinizing hormone) do they develop a lot into the sperm cells you’re more acquainted with. These hormones are controlled and created by the pituitary organ and the gonads.

Sperm Maturation

After the sperm cells get to a specific degree of development in the seminiferous tubules, they move into the epididymis, a long, coiled tubal area. They keep on growing further here for half a month.

After the epididymis, the sperm cells move into the vas deferens. (The vas deferens is what is cut during a vasectomy.)

After the vas deferens, the sperm travel in the seminal vesicle, otherwise called the seminal organ. Here, most of the liquid that makes up semen is delivered. This liquid sustains the sperm cells. The following stop is the prostate organ, where prostate liquids are added to the general semen blend.

The prostate organ is the last stop sperm make on their excursion before they move into the urethra during discharge. The urethra goes from the bladder, through the prostate organ, and at last through the penis.

Just beneath the prostate organ sit two pea-sized organs known as the bulbourethral organ or Cowper’s Gland. While sperm don’t straightforwardly go through these organs, before discharge, the organs discharge a liquid that kills any acridity in the urethra left from past pee.

What holds pee back from catapulting through the urethra during discharge? The muscles around the “neck” of the bladder fix when a man has an erection. This holds the pee back from leaving the bladder during male arousal.


Azoospermia itself—an absence of sperm in the semen—doesn’t have a particular side effects.

Couples attempting to conceive will encounter barrenness if the male partner has a zero sperm count. A couple is supposed to manage fruitlessness on the off chance that they don’t get pregnant following one year of unprotected intercourse. Barrenness is much of the time the solitary sign that something isn’t right.

All things considered, a few reasons for azoospermia can prompt observable signs and manifestations.

Signs or side effects that may demonstrate you’re in danger for azoospermia include:

  1. Low discharge volume or “dry” climax (no or little semen)
  2. Shady pee after sex
  3. Agonizing pee
  4. Pelvic agony
  5. Swollen gonads
  6. Little or undescended gonads
  7. Smaller than normal penis
  8. Postponed or irregular pubescence
  9. Trouble with erections or discharge
  10. Low sex drive
  11. Decreased male hair development
  12. Extended bosoms
  13. Muscle misfortune

It is conceivable to have none of these indications, be that as it may, and still have azoospermia.


Richness treatment will rely upon the particular sort of azoospermia and the reason for the issue. Likewise, the female partner’s richness circumstance will likewise decide treatment decisions.

Treatment of Any Lingering Infections

On the off chance that contamination is available, this ought to be treated before some other medicines are thought of.

While a few men will be experiencing side effects of a disease (like excruciating pee), up to one of every four men have no indications of an infection. Still, even without observable manifestations, the contamination can be contrarily influencing their fertility and making lasting harm the regenerative tract.

Surgical Repair

Now and again of obstructive azoospermia, blockages and cut off (or missed) associations can be fixed with microsurgical treatment. Surgical treatment may likewise be utilized to eliminate or treat a varicocele, and may likewise be utilized to treat retrograde discharge.

At the point when medical procedure can address obstructive azoospermia, regular conception might be conceivable. Surgical treatments don’t right the issue for the time being, notwithstanding. A semen investigation will be requested three to a half year post-medical procedure.

In the event that sperm levels are normal, and there are no ripeness issues in the female partner, the couple might have the option to attempt to conceive normally.

Medication or Hormonal Support

Now and again, azoospermia can be treated with drug. For instance, retrograde discharge can now and then be treated with meds, which would then be able to empower regular conception.

Chemicals or hormonal medications used to treat male fertility may incorporate Clomid, Letrozole, FSH infusions, or hCG infusions.

Chemical treatment can be utilized to invigorate sperm improvement in some azoospermic men. Sometimes, the hormonal help will get sperm cells back into the semen. In different cases, it will permit sufficient sperm advancement so solid sperm cells can be removed from the testicular through a testicular biopsy.

Sperm Extraction From Post-Ejaculate Urine

In instances of retrograde discharge, if treating the retrograde discharge itself is absurd, your primary care physician can recover sperm from post-discharge pee. At that point, contingent upon the measure of sperm accessible and any female fruitfulness issues, either continue with intrauterine insemination (IUI) or IVF treatment.16

Way of life Change or Discontinuation of Medications

On the off chance that a specific prescription is connected to azoospermia, cessation of that medicine or holding up until treatment finishes is the principal strategy.

For instance, chemotherapy may cause azoospermia, however after cancer treatment, sperm may restore months (or years) after the fact.

Never suspend any drugs or enhancements without conversing with your primary care physician first.

On the off chance that openness to poisonous chemicals or exorbitant warmth at work is associated as a reason with azoospermia, changing your work might be suggested (if conceivable.) Sometimes, long haul openness to poisons will cause perpetual harm. In different cases, sperm advancement may return or if nothing else improve and along these lines improve the chances of achievement in blend with other richness medicines.



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