Are Cotton Pads Better For Your Period? 5 Reasons They Are

 Are Cotton Pads Better For Your Period?

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Cotton Pads

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Cotton pads are pads made of cotton which are used for medical or cosmetic purposes. For medical purposes, cotton pads are used to stop or prevent bleeding from minor punctures such as injections or venipuncture. They may be secured in place with tape. Cotton pads are also used in the application and the removal of makeup. Cotton pads are soft enough that they can be used to clean babies. Cotton balls have much of the same applications as cotton pads, and can be used interchangeable

Are Cotton Pads Better For Your Period?

When it comes to your period, does it matter to you whether a pad is organic, or made with natural materials like cotton? Or is your choice influenced more by other factors: what’s cheapest, what’s on the drugstore shelf in front of you, or because it’s the brand you’ve always worn?

No matter where you pitch your tent, the ingredients in your period pads should matter, and it’s not enough to simply buy pads with an “organic cotton top sheet” printed on the label.  Such pads do contain a top layer made with 100% organic cotton, but often the materials underneath that top sheet are still synthetic. To make sure you’re using products made of natural ingredients from the top to the bottom, we recommend choosing pads made with only 100% organic cotton.

5 Reason Cotton Pads Are Better For Your Period

Cotton Pad Is Comfortable

Briefly, think of the softest, most luxurious bed sheets you’ve ever slept in, or your favorite cotton t-shirt. Yup, organic cotton pads feel like that. It makes sense if you think about it: a product made with the finest materials is always going to feel the best against your skin. 

Cotton Pad Makes You Feel Dry

Synthetic materials such as foam, wood pulp or super absorbents polymers (SAPs) are used in pads because they absorb and retain liquid well, thereby keeping you drier. But properly designed, a cotton pad can also absorb fluid quickly, disperse it effectively, and keep it from resurfacing. And since cotton is a breathable material, you won’t have to deal with the swampy, plasticky diaper feeling that typical pads can cause.

Cotton Pads Are Good For Sensitive Skin

The skin surrounding your vagina can be especially sensitive, as anyone who’s ever experienced “pad rash” will attest. These rashes can lead to swelling, redness, itching, and general discomfort. Pads made with 100% organic cotton are hypoallergenic and free from harsh irritants like chemicals and perfumes

Cotton Pads Are Breathable

100% cotton = 100% breathable. This is an area where the fine print matters. Unfortunately, many brands that sell pads with cotton top sheets actually have plastics and synthetics hidden underneath. The next time you’re shopping for period products, look for pads labeled as “made with 100% organic cotton” for total breathability.

Cotton Pads Are Chemical-Free

Pads made with things other than 100% organic cotton can contain all sorts of dubious synthetic materials. What’s worse, most brands don’t even list their product ingredients on the label! Items commonly used to too manufacture non-organic pads are 

· Wood fluff or pulp

· Superabsorbent polymers like polyolefins and polyacrylamide copolymer

· Fragrance which can contain dozens of chemicals (like styrene and chloroform) that brands aren’t required to disclose 

· Polypropylene (also known as plastic) 

· Dyes 

· Polyester 

· Rayon

· Rayon

Your skin is a living, permeable organ, capable of absorbing and transporting chemicals into the body. The products you use in and near your vagina should matter. 


Are Cotton Pads Better For Your Period?

Other options you can use for your periods are: Tampon, Menstrual cup, Reusable pads, Period under wears, You might want to explore your options for alternatives and stick with the one that suits you. 

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