Antisperm Antibodies

What are antisperm antibodies, how common is it, what are the causes, can they prevent pregnancy and can antisperm antibodies be cured?

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Antibodies are immunoglobulin which is a big, Y-shaped protein. It is used by the human immune system to discover and destroy strange things such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses. 

What Are Antisperm Antibodies?

Antisperm Antibodies see sperm as a stranger, thereby tampering with, destroying, and killing it.

Infertility has been a common challenge in couples, It affects one out of every six couples, and in infertile couples, 10-20% have no specific reason but in 9-36% of these infertile couples, anti-sperm antibodies have been identified as the cause of infertility.

In 1922, Samuel R. Meaker was the first to diagnose the presence of antisperm antibodies in women

How Common Are Antisperm Antibodies?

Antisperm antibodies, even though not common, are seen in both males and females. It is seen in 9–12% of patients who are infertile. For an unexplainable cause, it is also present in fertile males and females, this shows that antisperm antibodies do not directly affect fertility. More research is still needed on this. 

Antisperm Antibodies In Males

It is present in 4% of infertile males. 

When a male testicle that keeps the sperm from the other parts of the body and immune system is damaged, or has a prostate gland infection or a vasectomy. The sperm moves about without restriction and when it comes in contact with the immune system, it is seen as a stranger and destroyed. 


Antibodies In Females

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Some females do have an allergic reaction to their partner’s semen, This will make her immune system develop anti-sperm antibodies which attack the semen. This is a non-common cause of infertility in female

Can Antisperm Antibodies Cause Infertility

According to this 2015 study, there was a significant negative effect of antisperm antibodies on sperm concentration, and sperm motility.

A study was performed to determine anti-sperm antibodies in cervicovaginal secretions and serum of infertile women and also measured serum levels of immunoglobulins. The result showed that anti-sperm antibodies in females do play a significant role in reproduction.

Causes Of Antisperm Antibodies

Let’s examine the causes in male and female

Causes of Antisperm Antibodies In Male

  • Varicocele
  • The breakdown of the blood-testis barrier
  • Testicular cancer
  • Vasectomy
  • Epididymitis
  • Prostatitis
  • Anal sex

Causes of Antisperm Antibodies In Female

  • A female whose partner tend to have too and it is likely this happens only to their partner’s semen
  • cross-reactivity with microbial antigens
  • Anal Sex

Symptoms Of Antisperm Antibodies

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Can chronic inflammation be a symptom of antisperm antibodies?
This research evaluates the formation of antisperm antibodies in chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases of the male reproductive tract but found no relationship between the two.

There is also no link between genital secretion and anti-sperm antibodies

Diagnosis Of Antisperm Antibodies

The two tests presently recommended by WHO to diagnose are
1. Mixed Antiglobulin Reaction (MAR)
2. Immunobead Test (IBT) 

Treatment of Antisperm Antibodies

A clinical way to treat is:

  • intrauterine insemination
  • In vitro fertilization
  • intracytoplasmic sperm injection


Analyzed above are all you need to know about anti-sperm antibodies. 

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