By | June 29, 2021
5 benefits of sex during pregnancy

There are a lot of benefits of sperm when you are pregnant. As a lady, I am pretty sure you are curious to know them right? Well, let’s get right in it with the 5 benefits of sperm during pregnancy.

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So, let’s get started.

5 Benefits Of Sperm During Pregnancy

1) Cure morning sickness 

What is morning sickness? Morning sickness is  the feeling of nausea and vomiting that occurs during pregnancy and it often happens during the first trimester. Despite the name ‘morning sickness’ it can occur anytime of the day.

Hormonal changes are said to be the cause of morning sickness that occurs in pregnant women. It is  the woman’s body trying to react or eject the unfamiliar gene.

SUNY-Albany psychologist, Gordon Gallup, opined that ‘increased sperm exposure could cure your debilitating morning sickness’.

He said a lady going through morning sickness could try to expose herself to getting the sperm internally which could either be through oral sex or vagina sex. This  according to Gordon would help the body to tolerate the paternal DNA thus reducing the nausea and vomiting while carrying your bundle of joy.  

Sperm inside the pregnant mom either through oral sex or vagina sex is said to be one of the benefits of sperm during pregnancy. 

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2) Lower blood pressure 

Another benefit of sperm during pregnancy is that it lowers blood pressure immediately after sex.

But there is a down side which is that blood pressure can be low after sex, nevertheless, there is no guarantee the low blood pressure after sex will be permanent. So the best way to lower blood pressure in pregnancy is to visit your doctor.

High blood pressure is a serious case in pregnancy for both you and your baby and a visit to the doctor will help a great deal but also, don’t neglect the sex

3) Preeclampsia Prevention

Preeclampsia is elevated blood pressure and protein in the urine, it is likely to begin after 20weeks of pregnancy. It is said to occur in 5-8 pregnancies. Preeclampsia causes placental abruption, kidney failure, low birth baby weight.

In Denmark, researches released in 2017 linked Sperm and preeclampsia. The benefit of sperm during pregnancy and before pregnancy is that sperm lower the risk of preeclampsia.  This is because sperm contains a protein, HLA-G, that improves the maternal immune system. 

4) It Enhances Bond With Your Partner

Having your partner ejaculate his sperm inside you during pregnancy bond both of you together, at least you both produced the baby you are carrying, the togetherness should continue after. There is the connection before, it is necessary for the connection to continue during the pregnancy because it will be needed after.

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5) Makes labour and recovery easier

Having sex will not put you in labour as  this will not be so pleasant to a pregnant lady in her first or second trimester but during full term, sperm during pregnancy contains prostaglandins which ripens the cervix.


Highlighted above are 5 benefits of Sperm during pregnancy. It is obvious sperm plays an important role during pregnancy, however your doctor advice should not be neglected as the health of you and your baby are of utmost priority.